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* Not to dogmatize of what's above our 'reach to determine, Whether there be

Nine Orders of Angels; Seraphims, that flame with ardent Love ; Cberubims, that shine with brightest Wisdom ; Thrones, that acquiesce with unspeakable Joy in the Tranquility of Contemplation; Dominions, that, as the Ministers of" the most High, Govern this Lower World; Virtues, who at the Command of the Almighty Lord, work Signs and Wonders; Powers, who Over-. rule the Aerial Powers of unclean Spirits ;" Principalities, who Preside over the Kings and. Princes of'the Earth; Arch-Angels, . who are the Co-adjutors and Helpers of Church-Rulers ; or lastly, Angels, that are the Guardians and Keepers of particular Persons all over this World. 'Without In'truding into those things which we have 'not seen, nor can see, It may suffice us 'to conceive of the several Names of those 'Holy and Happy Courtiers of Heaven, '. as lo many Ensigns and Images of the 'Glory and Greatness of God:' The Seraphims representing his boundless Love, whence Angels, Men, and all the World sprang. The Cberubims, as in a Glass, shewing his unsearchable Wisdom, who made all things so exact, in Number, Weight, and Measure. The Thrones, demonstrating his perfect Rest, who in Moving all things, . is never Moved; and in Ruling all things,

never Disturbed. The Dominions , setting forth his universal Lordship, to Preserve or Destroy,and do every thing as he pleaseth. The Virtues, pointing to him, as the God that alone 6ocslfendtrs,znd reserves to himself the liberty of renewing and multiplying Signs and Prodigies. The Powers, 1st their Name speaking his Omnipotence, to whom nothing is Impossible or hard, that ever he has a Mind to do. The Principa^V/wjsignifka'nt of his Reigning; as rhe true Prince of the Kings of the Earth.; King of Kings,Lord of Lords. The Arch-Angels shadowing him out, as the true and chief President o're all the Churches. And the Angels, his Emblems, as Father of Orphans and the great Preserver of every Individual in Particular; Who, tho' he giv.e his Angels charge over 'em, Yet himself is still Present with 'em, to Protect and Keep 'em.

Now, after this innumerable Company of Angels, that help to replenish the Kingdom of God, we have another piece of impossible Arithmetic, To give any List of -his Saints, that people the same Kingdom: Being such a Confluence and great Multitude, which no Man can number, of all Nations, and Kindred, and People, and Tongues, standing before the Throne of God, and before the Lamb; cloathed with Robes, and Palms in their hands. Rev, 7. 9.

B.4 Among.

* Among these, I doubt not but Prophets and .Apostles, Martyrs and Cons effort will have an Eminence more than ordinary, and be distinguish^ by some peculiar Marks of Glory. But to make 'em up Nine Orders of Saints, as well as so many of the Angelic Hierarchy, I look upon the Enumeration as too Unscriptural, as well as Partial, To take in only Pastors and Teachers, Priests and Levites, Monks and Hermits: Because, no 'doubt, but as good Saints may be found of other Names and Ranks. Yet here, the Charity of Rome forgot to leave any Place for Prince or People, High or Low, Rich or Poor, in the List j If they be of the Z,*^, They are hardly to be Canoniz/d, or admitted: be they never so Holy. 'But be these Orders and Degrees among the Heavenly Host more or fewer, the Number of Individuals will be never the Lesser;' To give an Amazing as well as Rejoicing Spectacle j with which is never to be named that of Solomon, whom a ,gW»came so far to Visit: Muchless that of Anthony, so fam'd for his Sanctity , that (we are told) not only Men in Troops crowded to him, but Kings and Emperors courted his Friendship. And they that have Travel'd far to behold the Rarities of other Countries,and divert themselves among strange People; Or have cross'd Seas, as


well as Lands, to fee such Persons them selves, of whom they have read or hearc so much from others, Never found they a ny thing to recompense their Pains, or ti gratify their Curiosity, comparable to th( most Ravishing Entertainment, of seeing that most Numerous, Augusts and Glorious Assembly in the Kingdom of God j Yea, not only to Look upon 'em, but Converse with 'em, even as some of 'em j in a way of-the dearest Friendship, and sweet Participation of all their most Happy Condition.

Who would not be for Traveling many 'a Mile, and count it a Journey of Pleasure, hasting away with Longing desire, and big with joyful Expectation, were it but to see one Glorious Angel from Heaven, offering ,himself to open View, in all his amiable Splendor here on Earth ? O then, what is it, (at one Prospect) to Behold 'em All; even the whole Host in Heaven .' One Prophet or Apostle descending from thence, and shewing himself here among us would give a singular Transport of delight: What then will it be, To feast our Eyes, and charm our Ears, In Seeing, and Hearing and Enjoying 'em all together? If oneS«» cheers the whole Earth j what Wonders will innumerable Suns^Living, Understanding, Triumphing Suns produce in the Kingdom of Heaven? So Relishing to me is B $ the the Conversation with Angels and such a sort of Men, where never a one is a Fool, or tainted with any manner of Fault, but all of 'em exquisitely Wife and Good j That this alone should I esteem such a Happiness, as for the fake of which, I would very willingly want all the most delicious Gratifications of this present Life.


Of the Monarchical Form of Gods Kingdom.

TH E next Reason why the Blessed State is .called a Kingdom may be, Because in Heaven alone is found the per* sect Model of Reigning: Where 'tis not like a Refublick, in the Hands of Many, either Peers or People j but of one Sole and Supream Monarch. And this, upon Earth, in good truth and propriety, is not to be found. Tho' here, I grant, a King may Command without the Counsel or Consent of others j yet Execute his Commands he cannot, unless his Subjects Please. Neither dare he so much as Command, If Terrify'd with a multitude of Mutinous people. For how many Kings and Emperors, ( by their own Armies) have been i Depriv'd

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