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sons neither, that make themselves Agreeable Houses. For David, a. pious King, was the Founder of Jerusalem; and therein forgot not a Royal Palace for himself. 'And still may the Grandees of the World .' live like Themselves j with Distinctions 'proper for their Qualities. And we take 'not upon us to Abridge any such , of the 'Habitations and Accommodations, which 'their Estate and Rank Legitimate, if not 'Require. We wou'd not be any such 'Levellers; but only Monitors: To warn of the Excess,; and here supplicate a Mode* ration. That men of Lower station may not go to Vye with Princes: and that Princes may be content with their Palaces; and not Enlarge Piles to equal Towns. Yea, that none may betray such a Valuation and Fondnesi for these Temporal Fruitions, as if therein they Lodg'd their Hearts, and Laid up their Chiefest Good: But shew a better Remembrance of their Pilgrimage; -JBore of the Contempt of the World ; and. more of the Humility of our Lord. ?.r/. Now, For the Gates of the City, S. John tells us, Rev. ai; 21. They are of Pearls ; as the Structure of the Walls is oijajpar-fione, and the Streets, (yea, the whole City,) oi Pure Gold. All which sure can signify ac Less, than that the holy City is most Prc ciom all over: But clear and Transparent throughout. For we know Pearlt to be Rich and White : And tho' there be the Green Jasparm well as'White: Yet the Latter seems here design'd by the Apostle, When he calls it Clear asChrystal. Rev.21.1u So when he tells us the Streets are of sure Gold; he adds, sis it were Transparent Glass, ver. 21. The whole City then, Whether you look upon the Gates, the Walls, or the Streets, is every where most Precious; and has nothing in it Vile, or Mean, or liable to any Decay. But all White and Diapba+ nous. Because nothing there is Hid or covered.But all thelnhabitants fee allthings; And no Suspicion of any Fraud orDanger? Therefore 'tk said, The Gates shall not be shut at all by Day. For there shall be no. Night; ver. 2$. Nor Thief, nor Enemy, ever to be feared. . He thafdoth never Slce>p nor Slumber, being still its watchful Keeper andPreservefc) /,.i \. '-..<- - ., ,- ;;/- . -- vr)

But what mean the Gates, the Wall, the Streets i The Gates ever Open, .denote-the free Access of Men into the City of God and Angels ,- Since our Lord Jesus has open 4 the Kingdom of Heaven to all Believers. Nor is there One alone, but Twelve Gates., for the Faithful to Enter at: Three on every Quarter, East and West, North and South, Rev. 21.13. Nor only open to Jews; But to all Nations, from every Region of the Eanrh:. Compar'd with all which, the Jews will be but a small Number, As our Lord

j him

himself has acquainted us, Mat. 8. n, ia.~ Many shalt come from the East and West, and [hall fit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven: But the Children of the Kingdom [hall be cast into outer Dark^ ness; there [hall be weeping andgnashing of teeth. And Mat. xi. 43. The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you; and given to a Nation, bringing forth the fruits thereof: FromaH Parts of the World then, stall enter at some of the Three Gates on a fide, all that ever were Baftizedia the Three great Names of the Blessed Trinity; and that are found possess'd with the Three Christian Graces, of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Of the Wall and Street of the Citfi

WHat may this Wall here signify, But
the Divine Custody? Which alone^
without any other Watches orDefenceSj
suffices to keep the City. For I (saith the
Lord) 'will be to her a Wall of Fire round «-.
bout; and will be the Glory in the midst of her.
Zech. 2. j. Wonderful Promise .' <r. d. The
Fire both Burns and Lights: So will I Burn
the Enemies, and Enlighten the Citizens.
And thus is God himself the Wall of Fire
to surround it: And the Light of Glory in


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the midst of it. After the same manner is itexplain'd, Rev. 21. 23. The City bad no need of the Sun, nor of the Moon, to shine in it : For the Glory of God did Lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light of it. The Glory of God, as the Sun, Illuminates their Minds ; and the Lamb of God, as a Lamp, enlightens their Bodies. The Man Christ Jesus is a Lamp only, as compar'd with the Divinity. For otherwise considers, in it self, Even his Humanity shall Vye with the Sun for Glory. And if the Righteous shall shine forth as the Sun, in the Kingdom of their Father $ Mat. 12. 43. Much more shall their Lord himself j the Sun of Righteousness, shine out to Illuminate the City of God.

There remains only to be confider'd the .Street of the City; which comprehends the whole Space within the Compass of the Walls i And this is the common Resort and Habitation of all the Heavenly Citizens. 'Tis all pure Gold. i. e. The Love bright and Burning, which holds 'em all entirely together: And makes 'em carry with the most pure cordial Affection to one another. And not only to each other, but all of em to their God -, and he alike to all of them. For God is Love: And he that divelkth in Love,divelltth in God, and God in him. 1 Job. 4.16. Whence that of our Lord, Job. 17. 20.21. Neither fray I for these alone; hut for them also that shall Believe on me through their Word. That they also maj be One, even Of we are One. -:...'.

O Blessed City, that's founded in Eternal Peace and Love; where all are of one Heart, and of one Soul; and fill'd with unspeakable Comfort and Joy! My Soul Longetb, Tea, sven Faintetb for thy Streetsj Thereto Expatiatt and Converse with all the best and dearest of Friends. For what is so to be wisiYd, by a Soul Groaning in the midst of a perverse Generation, and false Brethren, and a World that lies in Wickednessj as to fly away to the Place, where sweet Peace dwells, and pure Love Reigns? O when flail J come and Appear there beforeGodi Psal. 42.2. What so sweet to that Soul which Loves the Lord, as to fee its Beloved, and be seen of Him, and by an intimate Union, and the most ravishing Inhabitation, to Dwell in Him?

'Twould be an intolerable Boldness for Dust and Ashes to breath after thy Courts, O City of God,- And still more, for a little dirty Soul to Aspire after the Embraces of the Supreme Creator; But that he will be pleas'd to Excuse for the Boldness, who himself did give itj When he pray'd his Father, That we all might be One; As the Father in the Son, and the Son in the Father: So that we might be One in both ; and so to continue forever. .. "", ."i .>.. . s .-.


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