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What say'st thou to this, O Christian? If they, of whom the World was not Worthy, went under the Hammer of the Builder, to fit 'em for the heavenly City; What will become of thee, and thy Like , all whose Joy lies in Sinning; but nothing so Grievous to you as Repenting? One of the two you must have, Either to be Hew'd. and PolisiYd for the Heavenly Building here ; Or be thrown by, as Reprobate, and condemn'd to lye under the Hammer elsewhere. for ever. c For as to the making up of what was Wanting, in any future Purgatory, Never trust to any thing which they at Rome tell you. That Doctrine may help to replenish some of their Purses; but never to Relieve any of your Souls. No; Now is the only Time of Purgation: And if you are Wife, you'll never slum it, but catch the Time for it. First Looking unto Jesus, for the best Purgation, thro' Faith in his Blood; to cleanse you from all Sin: And then , making it your free voluntary Choice, to go under any proper requisite Discipline and Hammering here; That you may be not only Spared, but Blessed for ever.



Of Shunning the City of the World,

AFter all that has been said concerning the Building of this. City j It remains now only to tell, what's needful to Incorporate us in the number of its most Happy Citizens. And that may be said in a Word. 'Tis to Renounce the City of this World; and to Live here, as Strangers and Foreigners in it. For 'tis not possible, that we should at once be Citizens of the World, and Fellow-Citizens with the Saints above; Nor can any indeed Disclaim the City of this World, but he'll forthwith be Enfranchized of the City of God.

To apprehend this better, Observe we in holy Scripture, Two sorts of Cities j The Earthly, which began in Cain, who was the first that on Earth did set up a City. Gen. 4. 17. And the Heavenly, which began in Abel: whereof net he, but God himself was the Builder. Heb. 11. 10. The Image of the former, we have in Baby Ion, which signifies Confusion: and the Image of the other in Jerusalem, the City of the great King , which imports the Vision of Peace. They are Citizens of the Earthly City, who dwell upon Earth j not only mBody, but also in Hearts Who Court


the Earth, and Pant aster its Goods, and Contend about 'em , Tear, and Swagger, and Rave, and Fight for 'em. The Prince of this City is the Devil, who being thrust out of the Heavenly City, Usurps a Tyranny over the Earthly. Tho' our Lord said, Job. 12.21. The Prince of this World is cast out; He did, indeed beat him out with the Staff of his Cross; and Triumph'd over his Powers in it. Col. 2. 1 j. Yet it speaks not his total Expulsion; as if he had quite Lost his Rule in the World: But Lost it in them, and in all them , and only them , who Joyn themselves to our mighty Deliverer: And Flying the Earthly City, are Enroll'd in the Heavenly.

For, That the Devil has still a Principality in the Earthly City, (call'd the World,) we learn from Epb. 6. 12. where our Christian Warsare is call'd Wrestling with Principalities and Powers, the Rulers of the Darkness of this World. Satan then, does yet ( with his Ministers J here prevail, as the World's Ruler; i. e. Over Worldly men, and the Earthly City; which is the World, meant 1 Job. j. 19. that Lies in Wickedness; and the Body Joind to this cursed Head , the Evil One, who has it much in his Power.

Again, The Citizens of the Heavenly City , are the BkJJid that Reign Above:


and also such as (in the mortal Body, ) do yet Inhabit this Earth ,- But (in Heart,') have their Conversation in Heaven: and Long for nothing more than to Escape hence , and be with their Glorious Head, the King of the City above. Yet because the Citizens of Heaven are here Intermixt with those of the Earth, Therefore are they said to be in the World, Tho' not of the World. They are in it, but as Foreigners. 1 Pet. 2. 11. While the Strangers to the Covenants of Promise , that Live without God in the World, Epb. 2. 12. Here they do six , as Inhabitants, at their Home.

Let none then so deceive himself, as to think that he can be at once a Citizen of this World, and of Heaven. For the World's Citizens are of the World: The Heavenly Citizens are not of it, Tho' they be in it. To be of the World, and not of the World , then, are such Opposites, as cannot meet in the same Subject. They therefore that give their Minds and Hearts to the World and Earthly things, must not flatter 'emselves with. Hopes of any place in the Heavenly City; Till they so break off from the World , as t& Disclaim it,. and grow out of GoAceit with it, and even set themselves against it.


And because these are such great things, as few do Understand, or so much asThink ofj That none therefore may plead Ignorance herein at the , What do the holy Scriptures more frequently Inculcate? Joh. 17. 14. They are not of the World) even as I am not of the World. And Chap, lji 19. If ye were of the World, the World would Love his own: But because ye are not of the World , but I have Chosen you out of the World; therefore the World hates you. 1 Cor. 1. 20. God has made Foolish the Wisdom of this World. (Where in thinking to Get all, they Lose allj Jam. 4. 4. Know ye not, that the Friends of the World is Enmity with God? 2 Pet. 1. 4. We are Partakers of the Divine Nature j Having escaped the Corruption is in the World thro' Luff. 1 Joh. 2: ry. If any man Love the World, the Love of the Father is not in him. Joh. 17. 9. I Fray not for the World-, but for them which thou hast given me out of the World.

So is this World, q. Excommunicated from God , That the Saviour himself would not Pray for it. Not for the Reprobate part , faith S. Aug. that are Dejlind to Condemnation. 1 Cor. 11. 32. Or not for the Wowld, So as for his Members, whom he had Saved from ic. For the World was in no Disposition for such Blessings, as our Lord ask'd for these; (even to be with him,


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