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To the Right Honourable

Earl of Bradford,

Lord Lieutenant of the County of Salop; and One of Her Majesties most Honourable Privy-Council.

My Lord,

I Must deny my self the Liberty of Expatiating upon the usual Subjeft of Dedications; Least I should create Uneasiness to one that I know had rather hear any thing than his own f raises. But this being the first PubliA 3 cation cation that I have made since your Lordship became my Patron, 1 flail presume on your Pardon for Honouring my self so far as to put it into your Honour V hands. Tho the Present which here I make le such as may at first surprize your Lordships considering where I had it., and who was the Composer of it: Tet if I have rescued a beautiful Banner out of the Enemies Tents, where I found some of our own Truths well dress d and finely Adornd, I hope your Lordship will like the Notions never the worse, that they are none of my Own, when you 11 find 'em much superior to any of Mine. The most that I can here pretend being but to make 'em Palatable to the English Reader, and Inoffensive to such as may mistrust the unfriendly Author.

But Truth is never the Less it self \ whoever speaks it. Even a false Prophet once gave out such glorious Truths as still shine Iright in two Chapters of our Bible. So can he that does Wonders Over-rule even the very worst Instruments., to make

'em 'em serve some of the hest Purposes. And nothing but what I dare recommend to your Lordship, will appear in this Enterprise, as now revis'd and corrected. For Jhould I offer to such Hands but the least that were not Orthodox, I am sure your Lord(hip would be one of the first to Detett it, and could not Forgive it. But I am persuaded 'twill give your Honour no less Satisfaction 'in the Perusing, than I had in the Translating; When here, my Lord, you 11 find the Solution of Sampson'* Riddle, Out of the Eater came forth Meat, and out of the Strong, Sweetness. Thus even a dead Mercury may point us right to the City where we wou'd be, towards which itself never moves. And an amiable Representation of the End is no small Attractive, to Invigorate our Progress upon the Way. Therefore , I cannot but thankfully accept the friendly Office even from any Hand, that will but set in a fair Light before me the Continuing City which we seek to come; When so engagingwh the Kindness, thus to Win us into our own Happiness ; where too oftA 4

en so dull we are, as to Forget it; Tea, Jo much worse than Dull, to Contemn it; and throw away even to the World's En J, what we do not know how Near it is at band. ,

The Age of your Chaplain, my Lord, being his Monitor, to give notice that he's ready to [ouch the End of his Course, makes him she more Inquisitive, to Try into that World, whither he is hasting; and to get such an Inviting Prospect, that instead of shrinking lack, he may Long to be there. And knowing your Lordihip also to be sensible, that your . self has no surer Footing upon the present Stage} I am bold to offer to your Lord(hip'sContemplation,that which may prove ahundantly more Alluring, than all the Biggest and Finest of your Advantages here on Earth are Tempting. Together with the Way also (in variety os Paths) here described, to get safe unto that bles* fed Journey's End. tM . . '. \\.\

. *»♦/ . . *

And having found this Entertainment so Relishing to myself, that I could not


but wish the best'and greatest of my Friends might Participate; Did I not count your Lordship in the Head of that Number, I should tax my self as guilty of somewhat worse than a bad Memory. To your Service therefore, my Lord, do J humlly tender this Draught of a Nobler World, than Eyes of Flesh did ever behold: In which you'll meet with a rich > fariety more than ordinary, and a great deal of refined Christianity, with many curious Thoughts and uncommon Strokes^ very sublime and Heavenly; Tet no less > Delighting than Surprizing.

And with some Characters here given of such as shall dwell in God's Holy Place / could not but greatly Please my self9 To observes) apparent aCongruity to the Person well known to your Lordship. /» whom are so conspicuous the Humblest Condescension even to Men of the Lowest' condition ; and no such Valuation of the present Honour, as to blind the eyes from 'seeing a far Higher Glory; or to obstruct the Care of seeking that Honour which comes from God only; And who has A $ also

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