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Costly Liveries; with. the Silver and <5b1d VeJJ'eh, in which are served up the varions sort of Viandsj and with the Neatness and Curiosity of all the Utensils, fit for such a Purpose. Next, The Ears are Charmed with the exhilarating Sounds' of musical Instruments, and melodious Voices.

The Nose also is Regal'd with fragrant Flowers, precious Unguents, perfumed Waters, and the sweet-scented Ingredients, that stied abroad the most Pleasing Odours.

Then the .Tafi is humour'd and'Caress'd' with all the richest Rarities, drest according to the exactest Art and Curiosity: With Choice also of the most precious as well as delicious Wines', even from all parts of thetEarth.

And further yet, the Touch is eas'd, and pleas'd with fine agreeable Retreats, Chairs, and Couches, where to Rest,* and feel nothing but to Content, and Talk of all that may still add to the Delight.

Thus in the Royal Supper, All Sweet and Good things that the Earth affords meet together, to fit, and Gratify, and Transport every Sense. Therefore our Lord, to set forth ( in such a Manner as most takes with Flesh and Blood,,) that supream Felicity which has in it all manner of Goods, resembles it to such a great Supper. And Rev. 19. 9. They are pronounced Blefi'ed, who are called to the Marriagt Supper of the Lamh. . And . And how Excellent above all is that Supper, from hence, may we farther conjecture, That all the Glory of Beatified Bodies will be as the splendid Tabje oh which the Junkets and Dainties of th£ Last Course will be served. And how Gustful and sweetly Entertaining thefe will be, we may have some glimmering Apprehension, from St. Peter's Out-cry, in an Extafy , Mat. 17, 4. Its Good to be here; upon one Glimpse of our Lord's Body saining forth upon Earth; as all will dp in Heaven. For if such be the Second Service and Garnish, O what will be the Substance of that Feast, which lies in the Fruition of the most Glorious Deity Blessed for ever .' yea, what are all the Goods of this World, but as poor Shells and Husks of the Fruits of Paradise? And if such be the Shells and Husks, that Men, for the Love of 'em, can Lose even their Wits and their Souls j O what will be the Product and Entertainment of Paradise it self ? Such, no doubt, as without any Cloying, will be so Enjoyed, as to be for ever Retired,

Nor are we to think only of such a Supper in Heaven, as the Grandees of the World use to Provide for their Nuptials on Earth. When we shall be as the Angels ef God in Heaven, who are above all the Weddings and the Food, that now do serve to chsar and comfort our mortal L 4 Life. Life. And 'tis enough to say, That all the Entertainment Above will be full of such Richesj and Delights, and Ornament, and Glory, as are agreeable to that most Blissful flare. We are told of the other, Because we know no Better: But may assuredly conclude, That the Festivity of the Blessed will be as much Superior to any amongst us here, as Heaven is Higher than the Earth , and as God who prepares it, does (in Wealth, and Power, and Glory,) Exceed all Kings and Princes in the World.

Now, if any be curious here to know , why the Felicity of the Blessed is deciphered by a Supper, rather than a Dinner? This may be the Reason, Because a Dinner h usually about Noon ; after which, Business is to be done, till the Evening; whereas Supper being in the Close of the Day, when all the Business is over, After Supper follows only Rest and Sleep. Therefore. in another Parable, Mat. 22. 4. which refers to the Incarnation of our Lord, 1 here we find a Dinner made, at the Marriage of the King's Son. Because, when our Lord came to Espouse his Church, JTwas about Noon; i. e. a great while before the End of the World. After which Dinner, many weighty Businesses, especially the Bedimption of the World, and Reconciliation of Man to God, were to-be Transacted. But


the bringing home of the Spouse to the Bridegroom's House, and the Marriage. Feast do follow after all the Troublesome part is over ; In the Close of the Day, after which remains nothing, but sweet Sleep and Repose, i. e. Eternal Rest.

But let us see, what's Requisite for the Admision of Guests to this Supper. Luke 14, 1(5. A certain man made a great Feast, and Bade many. But they all, with one Consent", began to make Excuse. The first said, / have bought a piece os Ground, and I must needs gq and fee it: I pray thee have me excused. And another said, I have bought five.Toke of Oxen; and I go to prove t^/n- I Pra7 *bee have ma, excused. And another said) 1 have married a Wise, and therefore I cannot come.

Strange / That Men mould be Invited of God, to a Royal Nuptial Feast, and yet draw back! What would they do, If called to the Wars, or to some Tedious Journey, or hazardous Enterprizjt? Such is the Blindness of Man, that will not be indue'd to Believe, what his Eyes of flesh do not fee. But what's the Bait here.lying in the way , which Men use to prefer before the Divine Supper, i. e. the Chief Eternal Good ? The Lord names Three ImpedU ments of Salvation. Tho' such, as are not in their own nature Evil; yet thro' aa Inordinate Affection, are made the Bars, to hinder Salvation. The Buying of Landy L $ Try^ Trying of Oxen, and Marrying .s. #>#*: None of 'em Sins: True j But to Prefer any of 'em before the Kingdom of Hea- . ▼en, is the sottish Oversight, that stops so many from erer Coming there.

Yet will any that name the Name of Christ, fuster themselves to be thus hamper'd and hinder'd? O that Christians, who are made to know better things, should with such Eagerness court Honour , Dignity, and Power, signified by the Purchase j Or Gain and Increase , shadowed under the Husbandry; Or Sensuality and carnal Pleasure, intended by the Weddingj as to spend whole D#s and Nights in Seeking, and Getting, and Keeping, and Enjoying those poor Contentments j Till they utterly forget the most high and Eternal Goods, which God has laid up for them that Love him!

Nor will it suffice some, To Buy Lands, and Try Oxen, and Marry Wives: But so wide will they wander from the way of Bliss, as to Invade others Lands, or Steal the Oxen, or keep the Whores, for Wives. Not thinking, or never well considering, what an infinite Damage it is, for the fake of such Trash and Trifles, to Forfeit Glory, Honour, and Immortality j and Lose the King of Heaven's Supper.

Did he not Promise us, despicable Worms, An Entertainment of infinite


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