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Sweetness in Heaven; but only some Crumbs felling from the Table, or any Fragment's of the Provisions enduring to everlasting Life; yet were it our wisest Choice, To flight all the Good. of this World, That we might enjoy but those Relicks. O what Madness then , to prefer any pitiful Dying Pleasures, before those Heavenly Provisions of our Lord , which abound with all manner of Eternal Goods;. where, with Angels, $aints, and the Lord of all, we might fit down in the Kingdom of Heaven, and there Rejoyce for ever!

Now after our Lord had sliew'd , what Hinder'd the GiJests from this great Supper, He fells how the Defect was to bemad e up. Ver. 21. He said-to bis servants^ Go out quickly into the Streets and Lanes of the City,. and bring in hither the Poor, and the Maim'.d, and the Halt, andrthe Blind. Yea,' Ver. 22. He said to his Servants, Go out to the High-ways and Hedges; and Compel them' to come in, that my House'may be.silled. Be.cause the Rich were so Taken up with. their Lands, and Teams, and Wives, that they car'd not for his Entertainment ; He calls the Poor, that had not Money, to buy 'em Lands or Oxen; Nor could so easily get the Wives, which they were not able to Maintain. He calls also the Infirm, that were not able to go abroad, after Lands, Cattle, or Wives; AndtheB/*W,

- - that

that could not see the Land, nor Drive the Oxen, nor find the Wives: The Lame also, that could not Travel o're the Grounds, nor follow the Teams, nor dance at the Weddings. Now these that were Disembarrass'J kom all Impediments, which detain'd the others, being Admitted to the great Supper, might Congratulate even their Infirmities, and find Cause to Bless the Lord, That he would have em to be Poor, and Weak, and Blind, and Lame. When many in this World cannot forbear to Repine and Murmur, that they were born Poor, or often are Sick, or Dark, or Lame: And therefore, in their own Opinion, the most Unhappy. 'They do not know,

* what God may have Prepared for 'em in 'another World ; more than to Compensate,

* for all their seeming Infelicity here,which 'did they but well Understand, They 'might Rejoice, and be exceeding Glad;

* and find cause to say, The Worse 'twas

* with us, the Better for us. Never then 'let us Repine at the Providence of God ,

'even when it is Lowest and Hardest with" ' the World. But in all things, give Thanks to the Best of Fathers, who still Cares for usj and Acquiesce in his blessed WiH concerning us j who may be the Kindest to us, even when he seems to deal Sharpest with us.


But tho* we may thus understand it, yet here, 'by the Poor may more properly be meant the Poor in Spirit, not in Wealth; and by the Weak, not those Disabled in Bodily Strength, but in the proud Opinion and Cpnfidence of themselves: And by the Blind, not those Defective in their outward Sight, but Unskill'd in the World's Politicks, and. a sorry Craft: And by the Lame, not such as faulter in their Feet; But are Crippled in their Jffeftions to the things on Earth. To speak out plainly j The Poor admitted here to the Lord's, Feast, are such as be Opposite to those, I.Tim. 6. 9. That will be rich. ( Are violently set upon it.) And tho' they have Money, Tis not to Hoard up, or to consume in Extravagance and Vanity ; but to Lay out in the works of Piety, Mercy, and Charity. Like the Blessed Man, Pjal. 112. 9. That hath Dispersed and given to the Poor j and bis Righteousness endures for ever. The Infirm are such as do not Trust nor Glory in their own Virtue or Sufficiency. The Blind are those that Believe what they do not see, concerning God, and the Eternal Glorious Enjpyments, and the Torturing endless Punishments of the other World. And so, They are not wedded to the Earthinor make much Reckoning of any Sublunary thing j But have their Hearts there fixed , where true Joyt are


to be found. And a happy Lameness it is, under which such Cripples may make bold to Aspire after the Lord's Feast, whose right Foot is Longer than the Left; i. e. Their Love to God, and the Eternal Good, far exceeding that to their Flesh, and to such Goods, as are but Earthly and Transitory.

Now let Ds hear the Determination of the great Master of the Feast, upon such as were so sottish and void of all good Sense, as to turn their Backs upon it. Ver. 24. I fay unto you , That none of them "who were Bidden shall Taste of my Suffer. The Lord knows, how quickly they that Cleave only to things Temporal, and Despise, as Fantastic, all that is to. Come, shall put of their Bodies, and find no farther Use of their Fleshly Senses: And as soon as all that they Admir'd on Earth, is utterly gone j 'Tis not possible to think how keenly they will then Desire, what before they did nothing, but Disdain. Pfal. f 9. if. At 'Evening they'll Wander up and down for Meat, and make a noise like a Dog about the City; pinch'd with Want and Hunger. The Day of this Life being ended, They would then be Converted. But the Repentance comes too Late, when the Space given for it is past. They'd be glad then even of the Crumbs that are the t.' D&

Dog's share: But none of 'em (hall Taste of the Supper.

O that thou didst but know, Soul of man , what Horror is in this Doom, Thou [halt not Taste of my Supper! O that thou could'st but conceive , How Raging will be that Hunger of the Miserable; and how sweet the Refreshment, of which they'll be deprived for ever 1 What then would they give to Taste that, which they so ardently Desire, but can never Obtain i Tho' they had all the World to give, and would most gladly Renounce the whole for it?

And if this be so, O Delay not to Turn, while there is Time and Space to Repent. Now Long after the Heavenly Supper: Now Hunger, Not like the filthy Ravenous Dogs, who in Devouring , mind nothing but the Pleasing of their Throat and Belly; But as Men of Rational Sense , Long for the Entertainments of Eternal Life; For the Bread of Angels, and the Hidden. Manna , Rev. 2.17. which God himself enjoys from Everlasting to Everlasting. So let us Live here in our Exile, as not to sall in Love with it: But Groan after our Country; To which when once we reach, we shall not need to Range about the City; But enter the Gate, and be Admitted to that Supper, whereof we stall partake

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