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both Hands, to work out their own Undoing} When I have that in my Eye, which is better than a thousand Worlds, and that which will fiay by me World without end} No, my Soul; Did the Lord call me , not only to the sjritfist Self-denial, and the hardest Labour, but to Suffering also, even unto Death; Tit would Heaven make infinite Amends for all. And 'rwere not only worth while, but the richest Gain, to press towards the Mark, for that glorjouj Prize $ Tho\ I went thro1 Fire, and $rV Water, to such a wealthy Place. But when be requires, of me only so do Justly, to Love|,Mercy, to walk Humbly*with roy God, to Mortify exorbitant Lusts, to deny an unreasonable Self, to Live above the Love of a Fain Perifying World, and to keep myself in the Love of God, Looking for the Mer^y of ouir Lord[Jesus Christ to eternal Lire; (Thingst that'make'formypresent Ease ,and: Happiness, Tho' I bad'no Eye'upon theuK' fpeakatue Recorr pence of Reward ';)' ftaSl think it much, or ever Murmur at the Terms ? No; I will Admire x I will Adore, and Magnify the God of aS Grace j 'wb'owill bj ptfa/edsa to Employ me here, i&it he 'may Glorify me bereajter; and order me to w rit upon dim but a little w'nl'e,' that I may, Rei'&ri "with V.y'n for ever; and so to manage this transieru Fl.ifh of Life, that as soon as 'tis Extinit , I may enter upori.tbe b!ej]ed Life Immortal.

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But what is there, my Soul, toTethptr,; Stay here, or that JhouU er'gage me to iut u\ my R'st below, and fall in Love -with thl World? Besides the Sins, the Plagues, and t'm frequent Uproars, which make"it even like m Suburbs of IJdl.;'Let me but well Betbi* my self, and 'what frail I ever find, even at ti hest, but Imperfection in the place of our pre sent Habitation? Where all are Minors, Pu. fils , "Pilgrims , Valetudinarians., Labourers Warriers, Sufferers., and Plaintiffs. In whai Re^lm dpvelfs the Satisfa&jon 'that's Complect and Adequate to all my Wt^es? But only in that Heaven it f If, which the PLa if fzi Puff fan1 and of en Vision, of fund Health' and sweet Rest, ef endless Vacation and entire Fruition, ef glorious Triumph3 and rcmpleat Satissaction; yea , ef aft Ease, with the height of Pleasure end Fulness of joy, tt endure for tver.

O my Soul, Be not deceived and abus'd. Do but know and remember thy own Worth and Dignity, So as to value thy self upon thy high Birth, and noble Capacity; As thou derlvest from the Father of Spirits, and art Born 0/ God, to a Kingdom infinitely greater, richer , . and better, than all the Kingdoms.of the Earth put together. And then, Lay' it on like Thy self, and scorn to dabble thy Wings in the Mud of this World. Never take up with those poor <lirty Delights, which are the jliare of such Beasts of the Peoples have all theirPorticn

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in this.lJft' Rut aim Higher, ami fly Aloft, to. unite with the eternal Fountain of thy Bliss, as well as of thy Beirigj Who is not ashamed to be Called thy God ; Because he has Prepared for thee Like Himself, infinitely Good,: to make thee the mojl Happy, and that Eter.*. nail/. . 6 set thy Affection on things Above, not on things upon the Eirth. Ltt the eye of thy Faith fix and dwell upon those Unseen things, which thou mayst assure thy self are the Best of all things, Btcauje like the Best of all Beings, whom no man hath seen, or can see.

Rcuze then, andChear up j my Soul j Dent fay,*TisHfgh,I cannot Attain toit .' So many Difficulties in the way,I (frail newer go thro' 'em: I {hall never perform theConiitions,nor ho'dcut, *WEnduretotheEnd : ButFaint.andPerish by the Way; Lose all that I seem'd to Attain, and Fall short of the bhJjed Prize at last. Toiu. much ground for such Defending thoughts, {J. confess,) Locking no. farther than thy weak fin' ful Self. But remember wh/> it was did first put.thee upon the seeking of his'Kingdom, and has brought 'thee on so far hitherto. Is not he thy Father , that has sown the feed of Life in thy Heart, and given thee that Bent Heavenward, which by Nature thou had(l not, couldst not have? Go forth then in the strength of thy Lord God; And Look unto Jesus who. is iht Author, Exptcting him to be aljo the Finisher of thy Faith.. For hits he not fa<l> N. 5,, ]oh..


Joh. Ii. '40. If thou wouldst Believe J thou shouldst see the Glory of God? Tes, ( thou ma.fst fay, ) the Glory of his Power; yea, and of his Kingdom too. For has he not said again, Joh. 3. 16. Whosoever Beiievetli in Him shajl not Perish, but have Everlasting Life?. B.elieve therefore, that he wko has- Begun the Good work in thee, -will never Leave me nor Forsake me j But Perfect what concerns mej and bring me to the End cf my Faith, the Salvation of my Soul.

Why, 'art theu ,caJt. down then, mfy Soul,.

and ii by Jv Disquieted within me? Whenever

thy Progress through this tirefom&Worldthrows

the upon. feme heavy, .ways, or under some

flormy Weather, where thou art flungd in

the IV;. ter and Mire , in the Deep and Dark;

heck up , and persuade thy self, That he who

kas FJeiped, wiH Help.thee j and thou fltaltytt

fee better, and find faiftr Wti)s j yea,

Wa\s of Pleasantness, and Paths of Peace.

$U thluonly, tn Care to Follow thy Lord and

S.:.v'siur /till, whithersoever ke. Galls thee '.

^sir.d tJjiitrt thyj.els} that' he ha j rio Design upon

U?u ;:$nt tuSavesthte, Ttd, .his Wad ejjures

thee, That he gives his Sheep Eternal Life j

and they shall never Perish: Nor shall a

&y. pliicii 'tin tut of his hand?. Job. 1.0. 2S.

"Si/o tins it is, 7 by would St'ay, and be Loft,

#' Left. to„ihimsyiiiiS ; yet dies bis trace, that

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