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pft Quicken'd 'em, still Secure 'em, till got fast every Hazard, to be ever with the Lord.

What time I am. Afraid then, I will Trust in Him. Tbo I will distrust my self, and take Heed to my Ways, and be cautious to avoid the Qccastons of Falling.'. Tet when I do fall thro* my Frailty, I win nut despair of Ripttg, "gam, thro' his Mercy; But still Trust in the Name of the Lord, and stay ray self upon my God ; Depending on his never-failing Word, and his ever~enduring Mercy, To be Guided by. his Counsel, tin. receiv'd into his Glory.

Thus fall my Life be a Life of Faith, and Hope, and Love \ a Life of Care and Pains j and a Life of Prayer 'and Praise. I will Believe, to fe? the Goodness of the Lord, in a better Life and Place, than this Land of ihe Living. / will Hope for what rsee not -, and Christ in me, fliall be my Hope of Glory. J will Love Him, who with an Evefl tiling Love, iath First Loved me; and Prepared such unspeakable things, for them that Love Him. I will be in Care. and dread cf Fallowing a Multitude , in the broad Way, to a Cursed End; Tho rever so much upbraided with my Singularity, as like No body. And my continual Concern shall? he, w.f to Lock back , after I have put my hand to the Plough; Nor to be of them that draw back to Perdition ; But keep my Heart m well as my Feet, that I decline not from


the Way of Life. I will give Diligence to make my Calling and Election surej and Jo Labour to work out my Salvation, that 1 may Enter throT the Strait Gate, into God's Rest; and there Reft for ever from all mj Labour. 1 will Pray to the Lord, and beg si ill for more and more of hit Grace from Abovei To Raise and help me safe and sure thither i Tea, Pray that 1 may have still clearer Views of Heaven, more eager Longings after it,and a betterFknefs for it: ThatGodwho hat spoken Life to me, would be pleas'd still farther to Renew me, Till he has Compleated his gracious work upon me: And then Destre to Loose from hence, ««</Depart in Peace ; and to he where 'tis Best, with Christ , in the Joy of my Lord.

Tea, 1 will Bless, and Praise the Lord, for what I have already received of his Grace, and Rejoice in Hope of his Glory. So shall my Soul Glory in the God of my Salvation, That however I am Threatned fom an Inhospitable perilous World, or its infernal. Ruler j til be, not only Hopeful, but Joyful in such a Saitieur. Because Greater is he that is in me , than he that is in the World: Even the Lord Almighty, able to. Subdue all opposing Towers, who will bruise Satan under my feet, and Preserve me to his. Heavenly Kingdom.

To him therefore will I commit the Keeping of thee, my Soul, and ell. that tytr concerns Felicity. I will still defend upon his Mgrsy, which I have so Long and Largely Experienced already: And for allj^ whatever it be, ) thai I have of Good, .whether in Hand or in Hope, To his Nanti' alone wiil | for ever givW all the Praife^nd Glory. \,.,ll s* i

Let me close this PS. with a sacred Epigram ef' tht Honourable and Heavenly Mr. Herbert.


0 who will shew .me those Relights on high ?.

Eccho. I..

Thou, Eccho ? Thou art Mortal, all men know.

No. Wxr't thou not born among theTrees and Leaves? ......l..?*..? .'r.;..i. si):..;: ..-t. s; .,..., / Leav«s.

And are there any Leaves thatfiiil Abide *

- v v" . { •'.£,' „ . Vide.

What Leaves are thoft I Impart tht matter wholly*

Holy. Are Holy Leaves the Hccbo then of Bliss?

./1 .Tcs.

Then teS me, What isthatSupew V>eUght?

Light. Light to the Mind$ What {ball the Will enjoy?

f , /°y

But is there Care and Business withthePhajure?

Leaser a Lightsjoy^mi Leasure lB*t {hallthyPersever?

Ever. ...'" An IN

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Book. III.

Of tie House of <SoJ.

Hap. I. AR the Blessed art GtoTs Domesticks. 93,

Chap. II. .The Greatness and Beauty of hit Hiuft. 96..

Chap. III. Of ;'*/Dining-Room. 100.

Chap. IV. O/ *// Bed-Chamters. Ioj.

Chip. V. Of its Hall. i oft.

Chap. VL TheGate into God's House; 1st. Faith, Jii..

Chap. V|I. The Second fart 4s the Gattt Hope.' a 1 y*

Chap. VIII. TheThirdfart ef the G«fr,Gharity. 1 ;o.

Chap. IX. The Fourth fart of the G*u, Humility.


Chap. X. Again, Of Faith. .. 118.

Chap. XL Again, Qf Hope.. .".,;; 131,

Chap. XII. Again, Of Charity. 133:

Chap. XIII. Again, Of Humility. 137.

Chap. XIV. The Gate, th« Strait, mast bt Entred. 139.

-- Book, vr. .

Of ParaJift. .'

Hap. I. In Heaven are Tru* Joys. 14V

Chap. IIt The Joy of the Underfiandina \*fir

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