Clinton the Unknown: Clinton the Unknown Our Secret Friendship and Our Ties to Monticello. a Memoir!

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 432 páginas
This is about an ordinary young country girl-a slice of her life-born in the fabled Sleepy Hollow, NY, of an interracial family with Christian roots in the height of the nations civil unrest during the "new" Civil Rights era on September 14, 1957. The extraordinary was how a beloved president who commanded the great Civil War for those poor invisible constituents-the Negro slave-like Miss Mary Freeman ("Gun touting Mary", its rumored), Abe Lincoln was vividly described and reminisced about several times a year during her visits to her Dutch and Native grandmother's house, and her fireside chats with Miss Freeman the woman her grandmother had taken in to care for. Miss Mary as was natural helped take care of grandma and her household. And, it tells the reader how both these amazing women molded her life. Valerie's daydreaming in school about a faraway mountaintop she discovered after her famous third letter to the president in spring 1999 was likely Monticello-the plantation of our country's third president Thomas Jefferson. The "silhouette man" reoccurring dream she'd had since childhood was replaced in an unusual twist and dream with the 42nd president William Jefferson Clinton! Dismissing this unbelievable scene she would unveil bends, billowing streams and twists and turns all leading back to the president and their ties to Monticello. The nagging and prodding dream ceased. Truths about her uncanny lifelong ties to three of our nation's greatest U.S. presidents, her voracious interracial activism and how it changed everything in 1999 to her letters to her beloved President Bill Clinton wasn't a plethora of mistakes or coincidences, but a fascinating mystery unfolding right before their eyes as the president became more trusting of her and befriended her only it had to be in secrecy. Now you decide. Currently, she's been developing a group for interracial women leaders in politics titled Interracial Women's Political Consortium 2000: its had sever

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