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This sight removes all doubt and fear, 2 To love thee, Lord,-ah! this
It gives me boldness to draw near, Ev'n here is heav'nly bliss;
By whatsoe'er distressed :

With thy love my heart inspire,
Here 1-find joy,

There by faith for ever dwell;
Heav'nly pleasure-beyond measure This I always will desire,
Near my Saviour

Nothing but thy love to feel.
I would fain abide for ever.

3 He bore the curse of all,
T. 141.

A spotless criminal:

Burden'd with our crimes and guilt, LAMB of God beloved,

Blacken'd with imputed sin, Once for sinners slain,

Man to save his blood he spilt, Thankful we remember,

Dy’d, to make the sinner clean. What thou didst sustain;

4 Join earth and beav'n to bless Nothing thee incited

The Lord our Righteousness; But unbounded grace,

Sinn'd we all, and dy'd in One; To bear condemnation

Just in One we all are made: In the sinners' place.

Christ the law fulfill'd alone, 2 This fills me with rapture,

Dy'd for all, for all obey'd. That thou bar'st my smart,

5 In him complete I shine, And thy dying figure

His death, his life is mine;
Captivates my heart;
Since thou by thy passion

Fully am I justify'd;

Free from sin, and more than free, Didst for me atone, I myself surrender

Guiltless, since for me he dy'd, To thee, as thine own.

Righteous, since he liv'd for me! 3 In thy wounds, O Jesus !

6 Jesus! to thee I how, I have found true peace;

Approach thee humbly now. Thou in all distresses

O the depths of love divine ! Art my hiding-place;

Who thy wisdom's stores can tell? Unto thee I'll ever

Knowledge infinite is thine, Look with humble faith,

All thy ways unsearchable. And rejoice, and glory,

370. T. 206. In thy wounds and death.

FULL to my view,-In bloody hue, 4 I unworthy sinner

The Lamb of God Lie before thy throne;

Stretch'd out upon the wood, Tho'l scarce am able

With wounds and stripes and scarsa. To express, I own,

Appears, All my wants, dear Saviour,

The nails and spear. His body tear, Yet thou know'st them well; And open wide Now in me the counsel

The fountain in his side. Of thy love fulfil.

2 His matchless worth--None can set

forth, 369. T. 341.


Or duly praise
Tis done, my God hath dy'd, His mercy, love and grace;
My love is crucify'd.

He bore most willingly-For me
Break, this stony heart of mine, God's fiery wrath,
Pour my eyes a ceaseless flood,

Which caus'd his death,
Feel, my soul, the pangs divine, When on the cross

Catch, my heart, the issuing blood ! He died to ransom us.



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3 By his blood shed, -The Lamb hath


T, 159, paid My ransom price,

I'M overcome with humble shame,
Offer'd a sacrifice

And blushes fill my face,
Well-pleasing unto God ;-His blood. When I behold the suff’ring Lamb,
For me availd,“And never faild

And when my faith can trace
To give me peace

How Jesus paid my ransom price, And solid happiness.


gave himself a sacrifice :

My gracious Saviour, near to thee 4.His cries and pray’rs,–His bitter I ever wish to be.

tears, His bloody sweat,

2 'Tis then, with happy John, I view And all his torments great,

His body, mark'd with scars ; His stripes and ev'ry wound, Abound Like Mary, I his feet bedew With life and grace, Yea lasting bliss:

With floods of sinner-tears; From Golgotha

I'm struck with this most charming sight My soul would never stray.

The Lamb of God is my delight,

The glory of the Trinity
T. 205

In him by faith I see.
LAMB of God,--thy precious blood,|3 Free from the noisy, busy crowd,

Healing wounds, and bitter death, Here would I ever stay,
Be our trust, our only boast, And live in union with my God,
Blessed- object of our faith!

With Jesus night and day:
Thy once marred countenance Extolling his unbounded love,
Comfort to our hearts dispense, Till to his presence I remove,
By thy anguish, stripes and pain And there, in higher notes of praise,
May we life and strength obtain. My Hallelujahs raise.
2 We adore-thee evermore,
Jesus, for thy boundless grace;

373. For thy cross

-whereby for us WHAT praise unto the Lamb is due !
Thou hast gain’d true happiness; How should this theme our souls inspire
For thy death which sets us free
From sin's cruel slavery;

When we his boundless love review,
For thy all-atoning blood,

And see him in his blood expire!

Who can describe how much he lov'd, Which hath brought us nigh to God.

Or paint that strong and fervent zeal, 3 What can we now give to thee, With which his tender heart was mov'd, For thy unexampled love!

When he sustain'd the pangs of hell!
We're unclean and full of sin,
Till thou dost our guilt remove ;

2 While others make the law their aim, All that's good in us, we own,

Thence count their gain, thence Is not ours, but thine alone ;

mourn their loss, Unto us belongeth shame;

We'll know, and seek no other name But all glory to thy name.

Than Jesus bleeding on the cross; 4 Thro' thy grace,-may we always Jesus, the mourning sinner's feast, Put our trust in thee by faith,

The true believer's only Good ; And rely-eternally

He longs to give, we long to taste

Ourmeatand drink his flesh and blood.
On' thy' meritorious death :
Fill our hearts with constant peace, 3 In lively colors, Jesus, draw [breast;,
Till in thee we end our race,

Thy bleeding wounds within

my And shall thee for evermore,

And make thy dying love my law, 'Midst the ransom'd hosts adore.' Till sin is wholly dispossest:

T. 166.

T. 79

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379. *

By grace alone we wish to live, 12 O may I humbly onward move,

Nor from the law seek ease again; While dying here I stay,
For if thy blood can't vict'ry give, And Jesus, whom my soul doth love,
Legal attempts will all prove vain. Prepare me for his day.
374. T. 16.

377.* T. 68. SWEET the moments, rich in blessing, BE

thy wounds and cross Which before the cross I spend, Ever new to us! Life and health and peace possessing From thy suff'ring scenes and merit

From the sinner's dying Friend. Nothing e'er divert our spirit; 2 Here I'll sit for ever viewing With thy blood bedew

Mercy's streams, in streams of blood; All we think or do.
Precious drops! my soul bedewing,
Plead and claim my peace with God.

9 Truly blessed is this station, ETERNITY's expansions,

Low before his cross to lie; Time's numberless dimensions, While I see divine compassion In spirit I have trac'd :

Floating in his languid eye. But nothing hath so struck me, 4 Here it is I find


heaven, As when God's Spirit took me While upon the cross I gaze ; To GolgothA:0! God be prais’d! Love I much? I've more forgiven, I'm a miracle of

T. 228. $ Love and grief my heart dividing, SING Hallelujah, honor, praise ; With my tears his feet I'll bathe;

Your grateful lauds to Jesus raise, Constant still in faith abiding, O favor'd congregation !

Life deriving from his death. For he became a sacrifice, 6 May I still enjoy this feeling, And paid in blood our ransom price, In all need to Jesus go;

Procuring our salvation. Prove his wounds

each day more healing, Holy-happy
And himself more fully know. Is our union and communion

With our Saviour,
T. 14

Blessed be his name for ever!
How can I view the slaughter'd Lamb,

And all his suff'rings trace, And not sink down with humble shame, THANKS be to thee thou slaughter'd

And give him thanks and praise ! Lamb! 2 This, Lord, I do with many tears, For thy eternal love and favor;

And own with wonder fill'd, We, sinful worms, with humble shame Thy stripes&shame, thy griefs&pray’rs, Acknowledge thee our only Saviour;

Made me thy pardon'd child. For us thy soul was sore dismay'd, 3 Still be thy wounds to me more dear,

For us thy body was tormented, More precious ev'ry day;

For us thou bowd'st thy sacred head, Till I at thy pierc'd feet appear,

Thus, by thy death, death's power

ended : Dress'd in thy bright array:

Now fix our hearts and eyes 376.* T. 14 .

On this thy sacrifice; Ti'impression of whatChristmy Friend Q that we may forget it never !

Hath done for worthless me, But be it always clear, When he his life and blood did spend, God did in Christ appear, Attend me constantly.

From judgment us to free for ever.


T. 234

XXI. Of the Love of JESUS.


T. 97

T. 97

382*. THOU Source of love, thcu sinners' WHOM dear Redeemer, dost thou Friend,

love? Thy mercy who can comprehend ?

What doth thy highest pleasure prove ? Who ever can presunie to say, Whom dost thou favor,cheer, and bless, Helov'd, ere thou badst shown the way! And call to endless happiness? Thou, who hast lov'd us from eternity, Thou who art hoty, great, unchangeable, Doth raise within us genuine love to the mighty God, yet our Immanuel! thee.

2 Theanswer humble thanks doth claim, 2 Such unexampled, boundless grace and fills our souls with conscious Doth fill our souls with deep amaze, shame: ThatGod, who earth and heaven made, - I love thee, sinner, come to me, Should be in human flesh array'd, I will receive thee graciously; Thereby to save lost man from death Tho' thou be sinful, ready to despair, and hell

Thou shalt my pardon, help and glory Whodid so basely’gainst his Lord rebel!

share." 3 Thy love, which always is the same, 3 What wonder in the soul takes place, Can ev'n the coldest hearts inflame,

When we survey thy boundless grace! Yea, they must feel a kindling ray,

To know our own depraved heart, Dissolve in tears and melt away;

And thy great name, and what thou art, Thy mercy,Lord, issuch an endless

store, And yet to find thee still so gracious Man's reason here must silently adore.

prove; 4 However weak and helpless we,

This makes us sink abas'd with shame However pow'rful sin may be,

and love. Thou art our Strength in ev'ry case ; 4 We all know who, and what we are, Thro' thy support and aiding grace And all with one consent declare, We firmly trust that we shall con. That we no good in us could find qu'rors prove,

To move thee, Lord, to be so kind : Since thou dost give us vict'ry from Yet many here with inward rapture feel above.

Thy Spirit's unction, and assuring seal. 5 Lo, we fall down with filial fear,

5 O ground us deeper still in thee, Conscious that thou art present here; And let us thy true follwers be; We humbly laud thy saving name, And when of thee we testify, We sink, abas'd with humble shame, Fill thou our souls with heav'nly joy: Almighty God, before thy glorious Maythy blest Spiritall oursouls inspire, "throne;

And set each cold and lifeless heart on And thee ouronly Lord and Saviourown.

fire. 6 Reach out thy sceptre, King of love, 6 Our souls and bodies, Lord, prepare, Let us thy royal favor prove, That we rich fruit for thee


bear; Who, conscious of our indigence,

Grant we may

live unto thy praise, Approach thy throne with confidence; And serve thy cause with faithfulness ; O teach our lips to praise, our hearts

. Since grace and truth is our hearts'

wish and aim, Oureyes with grateful tears to overflow. O glorify in us thy saving name.

to glow,

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383.* T. 90.

2 Weak, helpless babes,'lis true weare,

Poor sinners, but from guilt mąde clear;
My Saviour, thou thy love to me The virtue of that blood,

In want, in pain, in shame,hast shown; Which did for all our sins atone,
For me thou on th' accursed tree, We have experienc'd, and have known

Didst by thy. precious blood, atone: From thence the quick’ning pow's
Thy death upon my heart impress, of God.
That nothing may it thence erase.

3 And now we nothing can reply, 2 0 that my heart, which open stands, But humbly at thy feet we lie, May'catch each drop, that toitring

Astonish'd at thy grace, pain,

That vile and wretched as we are,
Arm'd by my sins,'wrung from thy hands, Such undeserved love we share;

Thy feet, thy head, thy ev'ry vein: To thee is due eternal praise.
That still my breast may heave with

sighs 4 When we thy boundless love survey,
Still tears of love o'erflow mine eyes : Our hearts like wax then melt away,
3 O that I, like a little child,

Our eyes with tears o'erflow,
May follow thee; nor ever rest, We are determin'd nought beside
Till sweetly thou hast pour'd thy mild To know, but Jesus crucify'd,

' And lowly mind into my breast : And him to follow here below.
I now and ever be

One spirit, dearest Lord, with thee.

T. 580.
4 What in thy love possess I not? CHRIST, my Redeemer, Lord & God,
My Star by night, my Sun by day, How came I, sinner void of good,
My Spring of life, when parch'd with

To that blest company

Of ransom'd souls, who are in faith My Wine to cheer, my Bread to stay, United, grounded on thy death, My strength, my shield, my safe Abode,

Why didst thou fix thy choice on me? Mý Robe before the throne of God!

2 When I to thee for succor cry'd, 5 From all eternity with love

Thý bounty all my wants supply'd; .
Unchangeable thou hast me view'd;

I brought to thee a heart
Ere knew this beating heart to move, So cold, that it seem'd scarcely fit
Thy lender mercies me pursu'd :

A spark of love divine t'admit;
Ever with me may they abide,

But now 'tis kindled by thy smart.
And close me in on ev'ry side.

3 Tho’I to mercy had no right,
6 In suff'ring be thy love my peace, Yet I found favor in thy sight,

In weakness be thy love my pow'r ; Like Magd'len at thy feet;
And when the storms of life shall cease, so that I now, supremely blest,
Jesus, in that important hour,

In thee have found trụe peace and rest,
In death, as life, be thou my Guide,

Yea happiness, and joy complete. And save me, who for me hast dy'd.


T. 132.

T. 580. THE Lord my Shepherd is and Guide,
GRACIOUS Redeemer, who for us Who kindly doth direct me;
Didst die


th' accursed cross, For all my wants he will provide,
To save our souls from death : From dangers will protect me.
We humbly at thy feet fall down, He leads me to a pasture-ground,
And thee thy body's Saviour own, Where for my soul rich food is found,

On whom we firmly trust by faith. The word of his salvation.


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