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5 At all times may we ready be, 3 Sweetly may we all agree, As far as our ability

Useful to each other be, Permits us, to relieve the want

Each the other's burden bear, Of all the poor and indigent.

In his weal and woe take share. 6 Yea, this be our concern, to seek

4 If one member honor'd be, In nothing to offend the weak, All rejoice most heartily ; But bear with their infirmities, If one suffers, all a part And thus preserve the bond of peace. Bear with sympathizing heart. 7 Grant us in meekness to reclaim

5. Closely join'd to thee, our Head, Those who have been in oughurto blame, Nourished by thee and fed, Mindful that we, as well as they,

Let us daily growth receive, Are liable from thee to stray.

And with thee in union live. 8 May we, tho' gifts be manifold, As members of one body, held

424. T. 11. One doctrine, and be ever led JESUS, we look up to thee, By thee, our Master, Lord, and Head. Let us in thy name agree; 9 O make us quite conform’d to thee, Thou, who art the Prince of peace, And grant us true humility,

Bid contention ever cease.
That we, supported by thy grace,
May in our walk show forth thy praise. Ev'ry stumbling-block remove:

2 By thy reconciling love

Lord, us all in thee unite, 422. T. 14.

To enjoy thy saving light. O LET thy love our hearts constrain,

3 Make us all one heart and mind, Jesus, thou God of love;

Courteous, merciful, and kind, The bond of peace let us maintain,

Lowly, meek in thought and word, All discord far remove.

As thou wast on earth, O Lord. 2 Us into closest union draw,

4 Let us for each other care, And in our inward parts

Each the other's burden bear; Write thou indelibly thy law;

In our conduct patterns be Let love pervade our hearts.

Of unfeign'd humility. 3 Who would not now pursue


way, Where Jesus' footsteps shine ?

425, *

T. 155 Who would not own the pleasing sway NEVER yet hath in this world Of charity divine ?

Love that highest pitch attained, 4 United firmly by thy grace, Tho' unfeigned. We shall thy foll'wers prove;

That it could compared be,
The frowning world must then confess : Reas'nably,
See how these christians love!", To that love our blest Creator

Show'd unto his rebel creature,
423. T. 11.

While as yet


enemy. CHERISH us with kindest care, 2 Ah behold the Son of God! Jesys, we thy brethren are,

Who for those that crucify'd him, Of thy flesh and of thy bone; And deny'd him, To the end O love thine own.

('Mongst whom, to my griefand shame, 2 As our Head us move and guide,

Stands my name) Divers gifts to each divide;

Pardon from his Father crayeth, Plac'd according to thy will,

Yea, evin his tormentors saveth ; Lefüs all thy, mịnd fulfil.

This his love is still the same.

3 For our brethren we should too, + Then the souls he join'd together To lay down our lives be willing, Will, according to his pray'r, Thus fulfilling

Be accepted of his father, What he of his flock desires,

And his kind protection share:
Yea requires ;

Asthou art with him united,
But, with all his flow'ry speeches, Lord, may we be one in thee,
Man in vain this lesson teaches, And by genuine love excited,
Till God's love the soul inspires.

Serve each other willingly.
4 Brethren, would you please the Lord,
Copy then, in your behaviour, ,

427.* T. 22. Him your Saviour;

TH'enjoyment of Christ's Aesh&blood, That you're his, the world will own Which is on earth our highest good, Then alone,

His members closely should unite,
When, preferring each his brother,

And them to mutual love excite.
Ye show love to one another;
Thus are his disciples known.

2 Love he most strongly did enforces.

Just ere he finished his course; 5 Yet the warmest mutual love,

For love most fervently he pray'd, That to brethren you're possessing

Before in death he how'd his head. By his blessing, When compared with his love,

3 O that the Lord could quite fulfil

In us his testament and will!
Weak doth

To love each other we desire;
For, to save us from damnation,
By becoming our oblation,

Come, sacred love, our hearts inspire; Love immense our God did move. + We join together heart and hand,

To walk towards the promis'd land; 426.*

T. 167. For his appearance may with care FLOCK of Jesus, be united,

Each member day and night prepare. Covenant with him anew

5 Till we the Lord our Righteousness By his love divine excited,

Shall see in glory face to face,
Praise and serve him as 'tis due ; Till we shall see the Lamb once slain,
O that nothing whatsoever

O may we one in him remain!
May relax this blessed tie;
In thy love, most gracious Saviour,

T. 14.
Grant us all stability.

How pleasant is love's harmony, 2 With love's ardor to be fired,

When brethren truly dwell Be our aim continually,

Together in heart's unity, So that, should it be required,

Ånd cordial friendship feel. For the brethren we could die :

2 Lord Jesus, in that very night O what boundless love did Jesus

Ere thou didst bleed and die, To bis enemies display!

Thon 'didst with thy disciples urge May his holy pattern,

Love's ever sacred tie, How love ought to bear the sway.

3 Remind thy little flock, too apt 3 O that we, his steps to follow, 'Midst affliction, scorn and spite,

Among themselves to jar, And his sacred name to hallow,

That all thy members unity Did each other more excite !

Was ev'n thy dying care.
Ev'ry one stir up his brother 4 May we this testament fulfil,
To keep Jesus still in view,

One mind and spirit be;
Thus encouraging each other And love with unremitting zeal
His example to pursue.

Each other fervently,

428. *

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T. 124
JEHOVAH! holy Lamb,

O IN love what stores of grace
Christ, who pur hearts hast fired Are contained !
With love, by thee inspired,

By this band our covenant
We praise thy saving name. Is maintained;
Thou givist us crowns of glory, They who strangers are to love
Which are not transitory,

Move our pity,
Thou, who our flesh and blood Love makes living weighty.
Assumedst, Lamb of God.
2 Thou art the lovliest,

2 He, who is to Jesus Christ Our only joy and treasure,

Quite resigned,

And to walk his blessed ways
Our heart's delight and pleasure,

Is inclined,
As long as love shall last:
And love shall ever flourish,

On his path, by love constrain'd,
Tho' all things else must perish,

Firmly treadeth,
As God himself exprest.

And straight on proceedeth,
Thou art the lovliest!
3 How fast can love-cords bind!
Thou by thy love hast bound us,

431. T. 165.
E'er since thy mercy found us,
Thou Shepherd, ever kind!

JESUS, grant me to inherit, O let us taste thy favor,

Strengthen'd by thy aiding grace, And thy rich bounty savor,

Thro' the guidance of thy Spirit, We're closely to thee join'd,

All the fruits of righteousness. How fast can love-cords bind !

Grant me true humility, 4 O boundless love and grace! Faith and zeal to live for thee; When we shall sing Christ's praises To mankind Q make me gracious, Above in heav'nly places,

To my friends and foes propitious. Our voice we'll higher raise,

2 Give me grace in all conditions As Shepherd he will feed us,

Firmly to adhere to thee;
Support, protect, and lead us,

And, 'midst all the exhibitions
Till we shall see his face,
O boundless love and grace!

Of thy boundless love to me; 5 The elder's holy choir,

To let my poor neighbors share

In my plenty, and my pray'r : Who are in the Lamb's presence,

By thy love to me imparted
And pay' bịm their obeisance,

Make me always tender-hearted.
Cast down their crowns' attire:
We join their adoration,
And praise him with prostration,
'Fore him we humbly fall,

He is our All in all.
6 Thanks, wisdom, majesty,

WE in one covenant are join'd., His ransom'd congregation

And one in Jesus are; Brings to him for salvation,

With voices, and with hearts combin'd And for love's unity

His praise we will declare: The Lamb who did deliver

In doctrine and in practice one, Our souls, be prais'd for ever;

We'll love and serve the Lord alone ; Blessing and honor be

With one accord sound forth his praise, To him eternally.

Till we shall see his face.

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T. 159

433. *

XXIV. Of following Jesus, and bearing his Reproach. T. 230.

Yet they, by their conversation, JESUS, Lord most great and glorious,

Afford a striking demonstration, Reward and Crown of the victorious, and as the Lamb of God

That they in Christ true riches share: Restorer of lost Paradise: We appear with supplication,

The greatest meekness show'd,

His disciples Before thee, God of our salvation, And send to thee our fervent cries: Show in their conduct meekness too.

His path pursue,-and as 'tis due O Lord, our Righteousness ! 'Tis thy delight to bless,

6 Blessed, who without cessation, We desire it;

Hunger and thirst for that salvation, Come then, for we belong to thee,

Which flows from Christ's pure rightAnd bless us inexpressibly.

They are filld and satisfied, [eousness;

With richest dainties are supplied, 2 O thou Well-spring of salvation !

Who long and pant for saving grace. We thee intreat, to form and fashion Us all according to thy mind.

Christ's body and his blood
We, by nature spoild and marred,

Prove their life-giving food,
Were from that happy life debarred, Thereby nourishd,
Which in thy fellowship we find :

From year to year—they thrive,and bear

Fruits that to him well-pleasing are. By thy almighty pow'r Support us evermore,

7 All the merciful are blessed, Thou life's Fountain !

For they, when in their turn distressed, Without thy aid we can't proceed,

Shall mercy find most certainly. Be thou our help in time of need.

Water to the


afforded 3 Blessed are the

Is as an act of love recorded, in spirit,

poor They shall the realm of heav'n inherit, And is rewarded gen'rousiy.

Free grace is theirs, and endless bliss; Who to the indigent
While all those who place reliance

Doth prove beneficent,
On their own works, and bid defiance He is blessed;
To will of salvation miss.

But wo to them who scorn the same, grace,

For God remember's not their name. O may we all of thee Learn true humility,

8. All the pure in heart are blessed, Lowly Jesus,

of joys unspeakable possessed, May we despise-all earthly joys, They shall behold their God in peace. For thee, the Pearl of greatest price. They who faithful have remained 4 They that mourn, blestis their station, To-Jesus, and preserv'd unstained They find abundant consolation, The garment of his righteousness,

Since Jesus first that path did tread; Shall once obtain the grace, He prevailed while he sufferd,

To see him face to face :
And now to us that cup is offer'd,

I intreat thee,
By which himself was perfected. Impart to me that purity,
e can in no respect

Dear Jesus, which I trace in thee. Here constant joy expect,

9 They are objects of God's favor, Here is weeping;

Who always faithfully endeavor, At the Lamb's feast is perfect rest, Peace 'mongst their neighbors to Here, is a vale of tears at best.

maintain ; 5 Blessed are the meek in spirit,

As his children them he owneth, They shall, saith Christ, the earth inherit; He with success their labor crowneth, Their life is hid with him while here;

Such souls the choicest blessingsgain, S

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Love is the character

That where'er thy steps I see Of each true follower

Simply I may follow thee. Of our Saviour ;

4 Thou the great victorious Lamb, May, he thro' grace-make'us always Who all hosts of hell o'ercamė, Intent upon promoting peace. Grant, that by thy blood I may 10 Blest are they who suffer gladly Conqu’ror be till thy great day. For doing good and living godly, 5 When thou shalt on Zion stand,

Who Jesus for their pattern take: May I be at thy right hand; Yea,who bear their crosswithmeekness, Clothed in the glorious dress Suffring with patience,'midst all weak- of thy spotless righteousness.

And earthlyjoys for him forsake;[ness For Jesus' help and love

435. T. 596. Their consolation prove;

O TELL me no more
They who freely
For him will bear-reproach, while here, of this world's vain store ;—The time

for such trifles with me now is o'cr.
At last shall in his glory share.
11 Blest are they who are despised,

2 A country I've found, In scornful manner stigmatized,

Where true joys abound ;-To dwell And for their Saviour's sake defam'd;

I'm determin'don that happy ground. As the bride deems it an honor

3 The souls that believe, Totake the bridegroom'sname upon her, In Paradise live:–And me in that

Should we of Jesus be asham'd ? number will Jesus receive. Far, far be this from us,

4 My soul, don't delay,
Welcome reproach and cross ; He calls thee away!-Rise, follow thy
We are Christians,

Saviour, and bless the glad day.
Who follow thee, Lord, cheerfully, 5 No mortal doth know
Thro' honor, and thro' infamy. What he can bestow,-What light,
12 Gracious Lord, who by thy passion strength&comfort;Go, follow him,go!
And death hast gained our salvation, 6 Perhaps, with the aim

O may we all thy name confess: To honor his name, I may
May we be by faith united

service, poor dust tho’I am. To thee, who hast us all invited

7 Yet this is confest, To share eternal happiness. I count it most blest,—As at the beginConstrain us by thy love,

ning, in him to find rest. In all we do to prove

8 And when I'm to die, Faithful follwers,

“ Receive me," I'll cry," For life Dear Lord, of thee;-andgrant that we

everlasting thou for me didst buy. May ever love thee ardently.

9 So closely in mind T. 11.

To Jesus I'm join’d, -He'll not live in HOLY Lamb and Prince of peace,

glory and leave me behind. Hear my soul implore thy grace:

10 Lo, this is the race
Let me thro' thy pow'r divine, I'm running thro' grace,-Henceforth,
In thy lamb-like meekness shine. till admitted to see my Lord's face.
2 Grant that faithfully I may

As a lamb thy voice obey;
Valiant, steadfast, may my love LORD Jesus, 'tis with us thy, aim,
In the hardest trials prove.

Thạt soul and body should be thine, 3 Keep thou me, a feeble child, O take our hearts, and us incline Sober, watchful, undefil'd;

To be devoted to thy name,

do some


434. *

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T. 26.


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