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3 Church, who art arrayed

Without thee all our meetings would In the glorious dress

be cold, Of thy Lord and Saviour's

And soon become a custom dead and Spotless righteousness,

old. Be both now and ever

2 Thou canst alone to us true life By his blood kept clean,

impart, And in all thy members

Canst comfort, bless and cheer each May his grace be seen.

needy heart:

We are assembled here before thy face 684.* T. 155.

To take out of thy fulness grace for SLAUGHTER'D Lamb, Immanuel,

grace. Who hast gained our salvation, 3 Lord Jesus, be for evermore ador'd, By thy passion,

We thee confess our Master, Head Ah! we give thee thanks and praise

and Lord; For thy grace ;

Thy faithfulness each day and hour Grant, that we may all inherit

we prove, The anointing of thy Spirit,

Grant us to live for thee, constrain'd Which instructs us what to do.

by love. 2 Let thy spirit, which is truth,

686.* T. 161. Raise our grov'ling thoughts to heaven, Us enliven;

CHOSEN souls, who now assemble Thus adorn'd and beautify'd

Under Christ's protecting care ; As thy bride,

Tho' you're weak, your foes must tremMay our walk and conversation If by him you guarded are. [ble, Be a striking demonstration

Of his goodness-bear ye witness: That thou dwell'st and walk'st in us. Know ye not your high vocation,

As the Lord's own congregation ? 3 Lord, for grace we thee intreat, Grace, the anchor firm and stable 2 To his name give thanks and praises, Of the feeble ;

Him with deepest awe adore; Grace, whereon we must depend

May his people in all places To the end ;

Join t'exalt him evermore ; Grace, the sinner's consolation, Christ, our Saviour,-be for ever Sure support in each temptation, Of your building the Foundation, Confidence in life and death,

And the God of your salvation.

3 Hernhut,* the Most High's own 4 God with us, we vow to thee

structure, Due allegiance now and ever;

Built Gracious Saviour,



of God, We to serve thee ready stand,

May thy walls be without fracture, Take the hand,

Sprinkled be thy gates with blood;

God's election and protection As a pledge and declaration

Founded and maintain our union, Of the grateful heart's sensation,

Christ's the ground of our communion. Which thy dying love excites.

4. May this place exist no longer 685. T. 583.

Than, Lord Jesus, thy own hand,

Uncontrollid, rules in its border, LORD JESUS, in thy presence we

And be love our sacred band. are blest,

May we by thee-be found worthy, And thou art even now our wish’d-for As a good salt to be used, Guest;

That some fruit may be produced. * The first congregation of the renewed church of the United Brethren.


T. 9.

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5 Bless our coo'nanting together ; In our peaceful habitations,

Make us like a burning torch, O how many demonstrations
Kindled by our heav'nly Father, Of his favor do we prove!
In these last days of the church,

3 We reply Amen thereto, To thee joined and resigned,

For his bounty never ceaseth, May by each of us be further'd,

Yea increaseth; What thy holy will hath order'd.

And are filled with amaze 6 Now, dear Brethren, know ye Jesus! At his grace ; Happy who him truly knows:

Each himself unworthy deemeth He's the Head, and we are members, of his love; his goodness claimeth

From him ev'ry blessing flows. Our unfeigned gratitude.
Who believeth to Christ cleaveth,
Doth rejoice in ev'ry station,
'Midst reproach and tribulation.

689.* 687.* 'T. 114. M. CHRIST our Saviour look on thee, THOU Source of love, we pray, im- Ransom'd congregation ! part thy favor

C. We to him belong, for he
Each day unto thy house and family,

Purchas'd our salvation.
Who as one man united are in thee;
O grant that ev'ry one thy grace may M.2 In electing grace rejoice,

Prize his love and favor;
And that thy church for ever may re-

Then his calling, gifts and choice

He'll maintain for ever. joice In thee, and praise thy name with C. 3 Yea, his sympathizing heart heart and voice.

Yields us consolation ; 20 thou whose love extends beyond May we ne'er from Christ depart, all measure,

Till our consummation.
Thou hearest us already, ere we cry, M.4 To his voice attentive be,
Nosoulthat calls on thee thou passestby, Thankfully adore him,
But to relieve thy children is thy plea- And with heart's fidelity
sure ;

Humbly walk before him.
Thou art our Light, our Strength, our

c. 5 Thus in number and in grace Shield and Rock, Our faithful Shepherd, and we are thy

We shall be increasing, flock.

Showing forth our Saviour's praise,

And to him be pleasing.
688. T. 155
My soul waiteth on the Lord,
And shall never be ashamed;


T. 185. He is named God our Sun, our Shield and Rock, GRACIOUS Lord, our Shepherd and By his flock;

Salvation, He is merciful and gracious,

In thy presence we appear, And his goodness doth refresh us Own us as thy flock and congregation, When we long and pant for him. Let us feel that thou art near; 2 His enliv’ning countenance May we all enjoy thy grace and favor, To lift up on all the needy

And obey thee as our Head and SaHe is ready,

viour ; And enricheth evermore

Who by thy most precious blood All the poor ;

Mad'st us, sinners, heirs of God.

T. 151.

2 Lord, receive our thanks and adora- 16 To thy name be evermore, tion,

Praise and glory given;
Which to thee we humbly pay, Thee we worship and adore
For our calling and predestinations

Lord of earth and heaven!
Gracious Saviour, on this day.
Give us grace to walk as thine anointed,
In the path thou hast for us appointed;


T. 10. We devote most heartily

WHEN we rejoice, that Jesus
Soul and body unto thee.

From year to year doth bless us,
And that his


and favor 691.

Towards us never waver; HEAD of thy congregation,

2. Or he that consolation Kind Shepherd, gracious Lord ! Grants to his congregation, Look on us with compassion,

That we shall rest for ever
Met here with one accord;

With him, our gracious Saviour;
Accept our thanks and praises
For all thy love and care,

3 Then we forget distresses, Which we in various cases

And what would else oppress us; Repeatedly did share.

Are we with Christ connected,

We need not be dejected. 2 Our lips would gladly mentior

Thy patience, love and grace, Our hearts with due attention

694.* T. 166. Thy loving kindness trace, HEAD of thy church! behold us herc, Which under thy protection

Direct and rule us by thy grace;. 'Midst trials we have prov'd; Hear thou each needy sinner's pray'r, Thy fatherly correction

Confirming thus thy promises; Show'd us, that we're belov'd.

O help us, that we may fulfil

What in thy name we take in hand, 9.

Concordant with thy holy will, JESUS CHRIST, who bled and dy'd And may it to thy glory tend. For mankind's salvation,

2 One suit in mercy to us grant: Shows his wounds and pierced side

Let us from all divested be To his congregation.

Which furthers not our covenant, 2 Yea he, with uplifted hands,

Or is displeasing unto thee; Markd with nail-prints bloody, All that whence hurt to souls accrues, Midst his chosen people stands, Whate'er thy doctrine doth disgrace, Saviour of his body!

Or counteracts thy blessed views, 3 While he doth himself reveal, Root out and utterly erase.

Oh, what consolation
In his presence do we feel!

T. 101. 'Tis beyond expression. 4 Teach us, Lord, to follow thee Bow down, ye follwers of the Lamb! With entire devotion ;

These are your hours of consolation; As thy willing subjects, we

With awe adore his saving name! Wait thy Spirit's motion,

His cross and wounds are of salvation 5 Jesus, all-creating Word,

The lasting source for sinners who bea King of ev'ry nation,

lieve; But especially the Lord

Come then, and grace for grace freely Of thy congregation !

from him receive. Сс

692. *

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2 His mercy claims our highest praise, 3 We here unite in pray'r to thee,

'Tis by his grace we were elected; And praise thee, Lord Jehovah! Freed from the world's deceitful ways, We join to sighs for mercy free

We're to his chosen flock collected; A joyful Hallelujah! His faithful heart we know, and search

it still: May thousands more believe, and do

698. T. 341. his holy will. 3 Ourselves, dear. Lord, we now to OUR souls with inmost shame thee

Address thy holy name, Resign anew with soul and body; Jesus! in our midst appear As thy redeemed property

Present to each waiting soul, Accept of us, tho' poor and needy; Ev'ry contrite sinner cheer, Out of the mouths of sucklings perfect Breathe thy Spirit thro' the whole, praise,

{ing grace, 2 We sinners humbly crave And magnify in us, thy name and sav

Thy presence here to have, 4 O let thy love our hearts constrain, In this place to find thee true

That, in one covenant united, To thy promises of grace, The bond of peace we may maintain, Still to own the gather'd few,

And be to mutual love excited'; Giving them thy life and peace. To God and to the Lamb be praises 3 From thy majestic throne

giv'n By sinners here below, and by the In mercy, Lord, look down; saints in heav'n!

View the souls a-thirst for thee,

Turn to them thy cheering face; 696.*, T. 97.

Each adores, with bended knee,
JESUS, O may we thee obey,

Thee, O Jesus! for thy grace.
Who art the Life, the Truth, the Way;
Since thou didst for our sins atone,
With right thou claim'stusas thine own:


T. 167.
Thou was obedient unto death, that we
Migặt not be lost, but live eternally.

PEACE be to this habitation,

Peace to ev'ry soul therein; 20 let each member of thy foid

Peace, which flows from Christ's sale Be in the book of life enrollid;

vation, The Holy Ghost to us impart

Peace, the seat of cancell'd sin ; To bear the sway in ev'ry heart;

Peace, that speaks it's heav'nly Giver, Us with thy gracious presence daily

Peace, to earthly minds unknown; bless

[grace. Peace divine, that lasts for ever, And evermore vouchsafe to us thy

Here erect its glorious throne !
697.* T. 15.
LORD, when before the Father's face

T. 69.
Thou, in thy ministration,
Presentest the redeemed race, THIS habitation,
Gather'd from ev'ry nation;

And all who dwell therein,
2 In love remember this thy flock Fill with salvation;
Bought by thy bitter passion: 0


in each be seen To thee, who art the church's rock, True We pay our adoration.

And lovely childlikeness.




T. 79.

T, 159

T. 166.

Jesus, grant to us thy peace and favor; LORD JESUS, for our call of grace And to us Christ's love explain ;

Holy Ghost, abide with us for ever, To praise thy name in fellowship,

Hear us, Lord our God, Amen! We're humbly met before thy face,

And in thy presence love-feast keep. Shed in our hearts thy love abroad,

706.* Thy Spirit's unction now impart;

O KING of peace, our Sou'reign! Grant we may all, O Lamb of God,

Thou shalt alone us govern,
In thee be truly one in heart.

Come, form us soon to be

T'each other an example, 702.*

To th' Holy Ghost a temple, THE Sabbath is for man, that he

To th' Father pleasing constantly.


2 O thou our first-born Brother, And that the soul refreshed be

Thou Master at the rudder,
By Christ, the church's Spouse:

Who guid'st thy church, to thee
Now doth his ransom'd happy bride, We hearts and hands deliver,
Fruit of his anguish, when he dy'd,

And promise thee for ever, Enjoy a true sabbatic rest,

That we thy faithful souls will be. In his communion blest.

707.* T.

T. 185.
T. 205.

WE who here together are assembled,
GRACIOUS Lord, --with one ac- Bind ourselves, with love that's undis-

Joining hearts and hands in one, cord, We're assembled in thy name;


Christ to love and serve alone. Deign to hear-our fervent pray'r, o may our imperfect songs and praises Mercy is our only claim, While with tears and blushing face

Bewell-pleasing unto thee, Lord Jesus! We our sins to thee confess,

Say, “ My peace I leave with you." And our hearts with thanks o'erflow

Amen, Amen! Be it so!
For the

thou dost bestow.

T. 79.
T. 590.

INCLINE thine ear in favor
JESUS, knit all our hearts to thee,

To us, most gracious Saviour,

Accept our promises ;
Unite us all in one,

Thy death, thy wounds and passion And in our meetings ev'ry where

Abide our hearts' confession,
Be thou our aim alone;

Till we shall see thee face to face,
Reign thou sole Monarch of our hearts,
Without a rival reign;


T. 159.
Till we with angels join above
To praise the Lamb once slain.

We now return, each to his tent,

Joyful and glad of heart,

And from our solemn covenant
T. 185.

Thro' grace will ne'er depart; GRACIOUS Father, bless this con- Once mure we pledge both heart and gregation

hand, As the purchase of thy Son; As in God's presence here we stand, For his sake behold us with compassion, To live to him, and him alone, And us all thy children own; Till we surround his throne.


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