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710.* T.' 166.

17 Othou, the church's Head and Lord, WELCOME among thy flock of grace Thy flock, and richly with thy word

Who as a shepherd leadest With joyful acclamation !

And sacrament them feedest: Thou, whom our Shepherd we confess, What shall we say? we can't express

Come, feed thy congregation; In words our hearts' sensation;
We own the doctrine of thy cross None thee sufficiently can praise,
To be our sole foundation;

Thou God of our salvation.
Accept from ev'ry one of us
The deepest adoration.

8 Our heav'nly Father, hear our pray'r:

For th’ sake of Jesus' passion, 2 Lord Jesus, to our hearts reveal

In whom we all accepted are, Thy grace and love unceasing;

O bring into completion Thy hand, once pierced with the nail, The hidden counsel of thy love, Bestow on us a blessing,

Its depth still more unravel ; That hand, which to thy family,

May we, without exception, prove
With tender love's affection,

The fruit of thy Son's travail.
Ere thou ascendedst up on high,
Imparted benediction.

9 0 Spirit in the Godhead's throne,

Accept our adoration;
3 Thoothou’rt unseen, yet we by sight Thou ever didst attend the Son,
Should not be more assured;

And aid his ministration;
As yet thy glorious heav'nly light Thou teachest us the way to bliss,
Can't be by man endured :

Keep under thy protection
The time will come, when these our eyes That church of which he Ruler is;
Shall see thy face for ever;

We'll follow thy direction.
Faith here the want of sight supplies
In ev'ry true believer.

4 Ye who from Jesus Christ have stray'd, JESUS, God of our salvation !

And his communion slighted, Behold thy church with supplication, To him return, be not afraid,

Humbly appear before thy face; You're graciously invited;

We by fervent love constrained, Come all, whatever be your case, Since from thy death we life obtained, Come without hesitation,

To thee give glory, thanks and praise. He'il now impart to you, thro' grace, O listen to our pray'r, Peace, pardon and salvation.

To meet thee us prepare, 5 O thou, who always dost abide With due rev'rence;

Thy body's Head and Saviour, No tongue can tell Who art the pilgrims' constant Guide, What joy we feel, Direct thy servants ever :

When thou, Lord, dost thyself reveal. O may they an example be

2 Theet'approach with aweweventure, Unto thy congregation,

Intreating thee our gates to enter, And in thy temple faithfully

Our souls and bodies are thine own. Perform their ministration.

Speak to ev'ry church division, [sion, 6 Thy statutes to thy church declare, We'll hear thy voice with deep impresThy truth be our confession ;

For we are bound to thee alone, Take of each member special care,

To thee in each concern Bless pilgrims in their station : We'll always humbly, turn; In danger constantly defend,

Want we insight, And aid thy chosen people ;

May we by thee Of all contention make an end; Instructed be, Support the weak and feeble.

Then in thy light the light we sce,


T. 230


3 Be especially intreated

T. 185. To own thy servants, who are seated HEAD and Ruler of thy congregation, Before thy face, tho' poor they are ;

Whom thou lov'st unspeakably, And in all their conferences

And to whom thou often a sensation Grant them thy Spirit's influences,

Giv'st of thy complacency, Be present with them ev'ry where ; Graciously regard the inward glowing This we request of thee,

Of our hearts, and tears our cheeks O let us constantly

bedewing; Do thy pleasure ;

Lord, we blush with humble shame, All our distress,

And adore thy holy name. O Lord, redress, For without thee there's no success. 2 Jesus, great High Priest of our pro4 Ruler of the congregations,


We in confidence draw near, Which thou hast gather'd from all nations,

Condescend in mercy the contession We thee implore thy church to lead;

Of our grateful hearts to hear ! Shepherd, who so kindly guidest

Thee we gladly own in ev'ry nation Thy flock, and over them presidest,

Head and Master of thy congregation, Thy sheep for ever tend and feed : Conscious, that in ev'ry place Whal joy, what matchless grace

Thou dispensest life and grace. Will still in future days

3 Thy blest people trusting in thy merit Be displayed,

On the earth's extended face, When our good Lord,

From each other far, but one in spirit, Who keeps his word,

Sound with one accord thy praise ! To the stray'd sheep will help afford! May we never cease to make confession, 5 In the dust we sink before thee,

That thy death's the cause of onr salAnd for thy boundless love adore thee,

vation; Thee, Lord, our All in all we own;

We to thee, our Head and King, We, thy people, make confession

Joyful hallelujahs sing! Thy love is great, beyond expression,

713. Tho' to the world it is unknown;

97. The pow'r which doth abound

THOU, who so graciously didst lead In thee, we've always found

Israel of old from bondage freed, Efficacious;

And by thy own almighty hand We will proclaim

Didst guide them to the promis'd land, Thy saving name,

A cloud thy brightness veiling in the day, O Lord, who ever art the same. At night thy pillar'd fire did mark 6 Thus our bliss will last for ever; While we enjoy thy love and favor,

2Thatmightypow'r thou then didst show By.thee our Shepherd led, we're blest; We are assurd attends us now,

We still thy tender, watchful
We with joyful acclamation
Adore thee in the congregation,

Tho' undeserving, richly share,
Whose Head and Lord thou art

If we thy leadings faithfully pursue, confest:

Foll'wing thy Spirit's teaching,as'tisdue. To th' Ancient of all days

3 May we to thee,our Shepherd, cleave, Might, honor, pow'r and praise Thy holy Spirit never grieve, Be for ever!

And love each other heartily, Lord, grant that we

Thereby the scorning world will see, Eternally

That we're the temple of the living God, May place our confidence in thee. A chosen people bought by Jesus blood,

their way;

714. *

T. 68.

4. Arise then, and with due respect, T. 146.

With humble shame and willingness, O MAKER of my soul,

Do what our Saviour doth direct, My ev'ry hair's Creator,

Endowed with disciples' grace! Who turn'st my tears to joy,

Since Jesus to release from sin And heal'st my sin-sick nature;

Unto his people power gave, Chief Shepherd of thy flock,

We in his name are now wash'd clean, Thy servants' only Guide;

And with our Lord

a part may have. The church's Lord and Head 5 Lord Jesus Christ, we pray, be near, Thou ever dost abide.

Forgive us all our trespasses;
With joy divine our spirits cheer,

Impart to us thy pard’ning grace ! 715.

As our High-Priest lift up thy hand,

That hand the nailonte pierced thro', LORD, thy church's Rock,

Thy mercy unto us extend,
Who dost rule thy flock,

Řich blessings upon all bestow.
Elder of this congregation,
We, with humble adoration,

6 Inspire our hearts with mutual love, Thee, and thee alone

O may we truly humble be, Our chief Shepherd own. 4

Thy faithful servants ever,prove,

Who yield in all things joy to thee:

In due obedience to thy word 716.* T. 166.

Wenow have wash'd each other's feet,

Thy blest example, gracious Lord, WHEN our great Sov'reign from on To follow, we find always meet. high,

7 Sure as thou art the church's Head, Our Lord and Saviour was aware,

Sure as we dust and ashes are, That he his chosen family,

So sure we, by thy blood once shed, O'er whom he watch'd with tender

Are now, throʻ grace, absolv'd and care,

clear: Would be constrained soon to leave; Sure as thy cross's church remains He fill'd with love and grief intense,

To the blind world a spectacle, To them his farewel' blessing gave,

So sure in her thy Spirit reigns, Before his suff’rings did commence.

And thou dost in thy temple dwell. 2 Feeling beforehand all the weight Of those dire scenes of pain and woe,

T. 22. Which he well knew did him await,

(Reception Liturgy. A.) His love towards his own to show, IN th' name of Jesus Christ our Lord, He water in a bason pour'd, And washed his disciples' feet; .

The church's Head, by us ador’d,

His brethren’s congregation now Their souls already by his word,

Into her fold receiveth you ; Save one, were cleansed ev'ry whit. 3 When he this act of love had done, To follow him, and him alone;

2 With us in Jesus to be one, He unto his disciples said:

T' enjoy his faithful Shepherd-care, you l've an example shown: Ye call me Master, Lord and Head, And his reproach and joy to share. If I as such have wash'd your feet, 3 O may our Lord, the God of grace, To one another do the same."



receive the kiss of peace, This solemn act to celebrate, Own you his blood-bought property;

We're now assembled in his name. And lead, and bless you constantly.


717. *

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4 With heart & hand you now we own; 2 But yet she can in truth rejoice, The Lord, to whom your heart is because she hears the Shepherd's voice, known,

And owns that by her Lord and Head Cause your whole walk’mongst us to be She's gently govern'd, train’d and led. His joy, and your felicity.

3 While we the kiss of peace impart, 5 The God of peace you sanctify, We own thee one with us in heart, With us to yield him praise and joy; In Christ, who is the only ground That spirit, soul, and body may That in one cov'nant we are found. Be blameless, till his perfect day.

4 Enjoy then with the church, Christ's


The privileges of his house; 718.* T. 22.

And in.qur joy, and grief, and care,

With us take thy allotted share. (Reception Liturgy. B.)

5 As his redeem'd from this world's

thrall, THIS flock of Christ receiveth thee, With us make sure thy blessed call : While conscious of her poverty ; That when the Bridegroom comes we She weepeth often contrite tears, may When 'fore her Saviour she appears. Be found wise virgins in that day.


T. 58. 15 Besprinkle him, O Jesus, Son of God,

Now with thy precious all-atoning WHEN we baptize a sinner in

blood; Christ's death,

Cleanse both soul and body from all Then is the bloodandwater his true bath:

pollution, Not with wateronlycame the Lord Jesus; And grant t8 him the seal of absoluHe came with water and with blood


Thy peace divine. to bless us. Praise be to God! 2 The water is in baptism seen by eyes;


T. 590. On Jesus' blood not seen our faith relies; HEAV'N'skingdom none shallenter in We are well persuaded this fountain

But he who is a child : cleanseth

Therefore the children are by God Polluted sinners, and true grace dis- Heirs of his kingdom styl'd. penseth

To live to him. Is heaven theirs ? none shalt forbid 3 This precious blood is full of energy,

A child to come to him! It washeth clean, and cures effectually; Who shall foșbid the water-food And the Holy Spirit, unto us tenderd, A babe to overstream? Bears witness pow'rfully that we are 2 O Father Son, and Holy Ghost, render'd Children of God.

Be present with us here:
4 O come then Father, Son, and Holy We trust in Jesus' saving name,

To us his words are dear.
While we of Jesus' bitter passion boast; We now baptize a little child
While on him relying, weare baptizing Into the Saviour's death;
This sinner in Christ's death, that he We have no scruple, we perform
be rising

With Jesus too. This solemn act in faith.

T. 14

3 The heav'nly hosts rejoice with us! 2 Water the body laves; An infant here they see,

And, if ’tis done by faith, Whom Jesus, by his precious blood, The blood of Jesus surely saves Hath sav'd from misery.

The sinful soul from death. The children's angels, who behold

3 Baptiz'd into his death, The Father on his throne,

We rise to life divine; For Jesus' sake will surely tend

The Holy Spirit works the faith,
And guard this little one.

And water is the sign.
T. 590.

724. LORD Jesus, from thy pierced side

FATHER of Jesus Christ our Lord ! Both blood and water stream'd,

(In him our Father too) A cleansing laver to provide For man, from sin redeem'd;

Q bless, we pray, with one accord,

The work we have to do. Thou saidst, “ Preach pardon to the lost,

2 Jesus! as water well apply'd Baptize them in the name

Will make the body clean; Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;" So in the fountain of thy side We now will do the same,

Wash thou this soul from sin. 2 Be present with us, Lord our God ; 3 O Holy Ghost! with pow'r apply This water can't make clean,

The Saviour's cleansing blood; But while we pour it, cleanse by blood Own thou this babe, and testify: This infant from all sin.

" This is a child of God." Accept this child we now baptize And here present to thee;

725. His soul be precious in thine eyes, Now and eternally.

THOU who in the days of thy flesh

didst receive 722. . T. 22.

The children, and to them thy blessing BURY'D in baptism with our Lord,

didst give; We rise with him, to life restor'd : Most gracious Redeemer, thy favor

bestow Not the bare life in Adam lost, But richer far, for more it cost.

On him we present thee, we pray,

bless him now. 2 Water can cleanse the flesh we own; But Christ well knows,and Christ alone, 2 Receive him, O Christ, as a lamb How dear to him our cleansing stood,

thou hadst lost, Baptiz'd with wrath, and bath'd in And think what a price his redempblood!

tion hath cost!

Thy name on his forehead, thy seal on 3 He by his blood aton'd for sin,

his heart, This precious blood can wash us clean, o merciful Shepherd and Bishop, imAnd he arrays us in the dress

part. Of his unspotted righteousness.

3 Vouchsafe to be present, thou Fa

ther adord;
T. 582.

And thou our Redeemer, and merciful OUR baptism first declares

Lord; That we must clearsed be,

O Holy Ghost, come with thy unction Then shows that Christ to all God's heirs

and fire,

[inspire. Dispenseth purity,

And all with thy love and salvation

T. 39.

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