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742. *

T. 9.

6 Thou ransom'd church of Jesus, 4 How do I, with spirit's hunger, Increase in love and faith,

Lord, to taste thy goodness, linger! United to thy Saviour;

Oft I pant with inward sighing Be faithful unto death,

This blest food to be enjoying. And own him God for evermore,

5 O how crave I the fruition Who took our human nature;

Of thy blood, my soul's nutrition ! Him in the dust adore.

Since by sharing this communion,

I'm with God in closest union. TILL the hour shall come, with tears

6 Heav'nly joy and holy trembling

I feel in me, past dissembling; By the church desired,

For the food to which I'm bidden When our Lord again appears,

Is a mysl’ry deep and hidden. Now from sight retired:

7 Human reason is too shallow 2 He hath with a pledge of grace

In this wonder thee to follow, His dear flock supplied,

How thou hast unto us given Whereby his own witness race

Thy own flesh, the bread of heaven. Shows forth that he died.

8 How the blood which from thee 3 'Tis his body and his blood

flowed, Which the soul refreshes;

Is in wine on us bestowed; Church of Christ, this highest good

O the wonders deep and blessed, Claims thy thanks and praises !

By God's Spirit here expressed ! 4 By this sacrament we are To our Lord united;

9 Thy communion's celebration To due watchfulness and pray'r,

Bows me down to deep prostration;

May I never unprepared, And good works excited.

To my condemnation share it. 5 With deep rev'rence we draw nigh, Falling down before thee ;

744.* T. 23.

. While we this repast enjoy, COME, approach to Jesus' table, We with awe adore thee,

Taste that food incomparable, 6 Us thy congregation own,

Which to us is freely given, Let us taste thy favor,

As an antepast of heaven. And by faith recline, like John, 2 Jesus' bride, his congregation, On thy breast, dear Saviour. Calls to mind her Saviour's passion,

With his body she is nourishid,

With his blood refresh'd and cherish'd. SOUL, at this most awful season, 3 Far be gone all carnal reason, Soar above thy scanty reason; At this awful blessed season ; To the light approach, where clearest ; Slaughter'd Lamb! we now desire it Duly mind what dress thou wearest.

By thy love to be inspired. 2 Jesus, Lord of the creation,

4 This mysterious, heav'nly blessing Gives thee now an invitation, Is all thought by far surpassing; His unbounded love revealing,

Deeply bow'd may we adore thee, He'll take up in thee his dwelling. Soul and body sink before thee. 3 Hasten, as for brides is fitting, 5 Now is come our time sabbatic, Give thy bridegroom soon the meeting, Lord, we feel thy pow'r emphatic; Say, “Dear Lord, let me receive thee, Ah, draw near to us, dear Saviour, Hold thee fast, and never leave thee." Let us taste thy grace and favor!


T. 23.


745.* T. 71.

9 Lord, of thy wondrous love My soul, prepare to meet

That brought thee from above

Thou gav'st this token
Thy Saviour ; at his feet
Fall down adoring ;

O may it constantly

Unite my heart to thee
The Lord of earth and skies

In bonds unbroken.
A feast for thee supplies,
Past thy exploring.

10 Didst thou thyself devise 2 How vast is here display'd,

To be my Sacrifice, In brightest form array'd,

My Lord, my Treasure !

, His love's dimension !

Grant that continually

To live alone for thee
O grace! beyond the ken
Of angels or of men,

May be my pleasure.
Past comprehension !

11 Cause me, who now am thine, 3 How should I, slaughter'd Lamb, As branch, to thee the Vine Who dust and ashes am,

To cleave unceasing; A worm, and earthy,

Receiving strength and juice, To taste such boundless grace, That I may fruit

produce And have so high a place

To thee well-pleasing. Be counted worthy!

12 Such grace on me is spent, 4 Ah, why am I thus blest,

That none hath its extent That such an heav'nly Guest

Aright explained; My house will enter ;

Grant now that I


show Dare I, thou highest Good,

To fellow-sinners too To taste thy flesh and blood,

A love unfeigned. A sinner, venture ?

13 May ev'ry drop of blood 5 Upon thy call I'm here,


O Lord my God,
I venture to draw near,

Be sanctified: Because thou'rt gracious:

Oft as my heart doth beat, I on thy word rely,

May I his praise repeat, Thou wilt my soul supply

Who for me died. With food delicious. 6 Grant me but this firm faith,

746.* T. 22. That with thee by thy death THE congregation while below, I am united.

Being imperfect, tears must sow; To cure and make me whole,

But we expect once joy to reap, Thou hast my sin-sick soul

Since we for Jesus' mercy weep, Freely invited.

2 Meanwhile that we might bearin mind 7 Thy body slain for me,

His dying love to lost mankind, My food, my foretaste be

He hath, as his last testament,
Of heav'n's fruition !

To us bequeath'd the sacrament.
And by its pow'r may I,
While I the world deny,

3 He, when this feast was first ordain'd, Gain there admission.

Its solemn import thus explain'd: 8 Pervade, thou precious flood

This is my body, take and eat, Of Christ's all-healing blood,

That you may never me forget.” My soul and senses :

* “ This is my blood, of which whene'er And to my needy heart

Ye drink, my death in mem'ry bear." Life, peace, and health impart, The church believes, and thus in faith Thus heav'n commences,

Partakes, &showeth forth Christ'sdeath,

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5 But words can never fully tell


T. 14. What in our melted hearts we feel:

TOGETHER with these symbols, We taste, experience, and possess

Thy blessed self impart; (Lord, True joy, and weep for thankfulness.

And let thy holy flesh and blood

Feed the believing heart.
T. 14.

2 Let us from all our sins be wash'd WHEN we before our Saviour's face In thy atoning blood;

Appear with contrite hearts, And let thy Spirit be the seal He soothes our griefs, and pard’ning

That we are born of God. grace

3 Come, Holy Ghost, with Jesus' love To ev'ry one imparts.

Prepare us for this feast; 2 When we commemorate his love,

O let us banquet with our Lord, He saith “ For you I dy'd :

And lean upon his breast, Behold my hands, behold

my feet,


T. 141. And view my wounded side." CHRIST, thy flock doth hunger 3 “These are the wounds I bore for you,

For thy flesh, our food, The tokens of my pain :

Thirsts with ardent longing By which I for your guilty souls For thy precious blood, Eternal life did gain."

Which thou hast bequeathed 4. We eat his body, slain for us

As thy testament, And giv'n a sacrifice,

To thy congregation

In the sacrament.
Thirsting we drink his sacred blood,
That precious ransom-price.

2 Like the king of Salem,

Thou with wine and bread 5 Ah then we feel, that life divine

Com'st to meet thy people, From Jesus' death redounds,

Them to cheer and feed. Eternal blessings from his cross, O preserve th' enjoyment And healing from his wounds.

Of thy blood and death

To thy congregation,
T. 14.

While we live by faith.
LORD, how divine thy comforts are !

751. T. 185How heav'nly is the place, GREAT the feast, to which thou, Where Jesus spreads the sacred feast Lord, hast bidden Of his redeeming grace!

Such a worthless guest as me; 2 There the rich bounties of our God, 'Tis an awful mystry, deep and hidden; And heav'nly glories shine;

'Tis a heav'nly legacy: There Jesus saith, that “ I am his,

Contrite souls howe'er by sin infected, And Beloved's mine."

Are made welcome, not one is rejected, my

Else this grace to sinful me 3 “ Here,” (saith our kind redeeming Never could extended be.

And shows his wounded side)

2 Thou thy tablespreadest for the needy,

Who « Behold the spring of all your joys,


feast and take their fill, That open'd when I dy'd.”

Thou to grant thyheav'nlygiftsart ready,

And thy goodness to reveal ; 4 What shall we pay our heav'nly King Soul and body in this rich fruition For grace so vast as this !

Gain from thee, the Bread of life, nutriHe brings our pardon to our eyes, And we, as thy flesh and bone, (tion; And seals it with a kiss.

Lord, with thee are render'd one.

752. *


T. 22,

755.* T, 119.
OCHURCH of Jesus, now draw near BREAD of life, :ll:
With humble joy, and filial fears Christ, by whom alone we live,
According to his testament,

Bread, that came to us from heaven! Enjoy the holy sacrament,

My poor soul can never thrive 2 Here all our wants are well supply'd,

Unless thou appease its craving; And we show forth that Jesus dy'd :

Lord, I hunger only after thee,

Feed thou me. :||:
May we abide in him by faith,
And cleave to him in life and death.

T. 151.
3 Th' enjoyment of the flesh and blood OWN me, Lord, my Salvation!
Of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, Receive my Shepherd, me!
Endoweth us with strength and grace I know, thy bitter passion
To love and serve him all our days. Is a rich treasury ; .

And that thou, Man of sorrows,
T. 151.

Hast by thy death and blood

Procur'd a new heart for us,
THOSE souls are truly blessed,

And sacramental food,
Who'to our Saviour cleave,
Of living-faith possessed,

2 What heav'nly consolation And in his name believe;

Doth in my heart take place, For what is still denied

When I thy toil and passion To sight, while here below,

Can in some measure trace! Is by our faith enjoyed,

Oh, what am I enjoying, And makes our hearts to glow.

Thy flesh and bone, when I

With thee, my Lord, am dying, 2 Faith on Christ's declaration With confidence relies :

What peace divine, what joy! He now his congregation

757.* T. 22.

. With heav'nly food supplies; O THAT in Jesus' church, his bride, Would we as branches flourish.

Sin might henceforth be mortify'd On Jesus the true Vine,

By him, who us to save was slain, His blood our souls must nourish;

And underwent such racking pain! Else they would droop and pine...

2 O might our souls and bodies be 3 Draw near to Jesus' table, From sinful influences free, Ye contrite souls, draw near ;

Might we, while still on earth we live, The hungry, sick and feeble

To him the Vine as branches cleave. His choicest dainties share. Let Jesus' death engraven.

3 O were we free from strange desire Upon your hearts remain; And from depraved nature's fire, Thus here, and there in heaven,

As dead to all corruption base, Eternal life you gain.

As formerly to righteousness.

4 Lord, by the power of thy death, 754.* T. 99.

Renew in us a living faith,

Whate'er is carnal, quite erase, ACT full of godlike majesty!

And sanctify us by thy grace. O Love's abyss! I'm lost in thee, O myst'ry, all our thoughts surpassing! 5 O church, rejoice, tho' tremblingly, Now all our wants are well supply'd, The Lord's death now pervadeth thee; And we show forth that Jesus dy'd, O may his sacred body cure, As oft as we enjoy this blessing. And make our souls and bodies pure.


T. 97




2 Yea, by thy blood once shed

For us, when
THE breath which can the dead bones Thy back, and when thy head


scourges raise,

A thorný crown surrounded; And to Christ's members life conveys, Oh, by that blood which flow'd Pervadeth thee, thou church of God,

When nails thy body tore, And Jesus' sanctifying blood

Bless us, O Lord our God, Is now imparted to each thirsty soul;

Who humbly thee adore! It cheers the mourners, makes the wounded whole.

3 Lord Jesus, may the blood

Thou shedst for our salvation, 2 O church of God, lift up thy heart, which is our highest good, The Vine its power doth impart; Refresh this congregation, Take, drink the blood so freely spilt When in the sacrament For thine and ev'ry sinner's guilt; We drink of it in faith, Take, drink the blood, the blood so And by this testament freely spilt

Show forth thy bitter death. For mine, for thine, and ev'ry sinner's guilt.

762. *

T. 149. 759. T. 582. O WHAT happiness divine ! My Saviour's pierced side

What a lot most precious, Pour'd forth a double flood;

Confidently to recline
By water we are purify'd,

On the breast of Jesus !
And pardon'd by his blood. Where who will-Takes his fill,
Look up, my soul, to him

And yet longs for ever
Whose death was thy desert,

For more grace and favor. And humbly view the living stream

2 Jesus cometh to fulfil Flow from his wounded heart.

All thy heart desireth,

Doth himself to thee reveal, 760. T. 166.

Thee with love inspireth; YE foll'wers of the slaughter'd Lamb, Will erase for ever,

His blood spilt-All thy guilt Draw near, and take the cup of God:

And thy sins will cover. Approach unto the healing stream,

And drink of the atoning blood; That blood for our redemption spilt,

763. *

T. 184. Assuring us of purchas'd grace;

THAT sacred blood, from Jesus burstThat blood, which takes away all guilt,

ing, And speaketh to the conscience

Who by his stripes soothes ev'ry peace.

smart, 761.*

And hastes to us when for him thirsta T. 146.

ing, BY thy sweat mix'd with blood, His choicest fayors, to impart;

Which flow'd in thy soul's anguish That precious blood, life's fountain From thee, O Lamb of God,

blessed, When thou for us didst languish Which flows to me from Jesus' In sad Gethsemane;

wounds, And with our sins oppress'd, Hath often cheer'd me when distress


That sinners might be bless'd; For there eternal life abounds.

and pray,

Didst weep,

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