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2 Hark how he groans! while nature Th’incarnate God for me hath dy'd;

And earth's strong pillars bend;(shakes, My Lord, my Love is crucify'd
The temple's vail in sunder breaks,

2 Behold him, all ye that pass by, The solid marbles rend.

The bleeding Prince of life and peace! 3 'Tis done! the precious ransom's paid, Come see, ye worms, your Maker die,

“ 'Tis finishid!” Jesus cries; And say, was ever grief like his ! Behold he bows his sacred head, Come feel, with me, his blood apply'd:

He bows his head, and dies. My Lord, my Love is crucify'd! 4 Salvation thus did he obtain, 3 Is crucify'd for me and you, O mystery divine !

To bring us rebels back to God; O Lamb of God, was ever pain, Believe, believe the record true, Was ever love like thine !

Ye all are bought with Jesus' blood:

Pardon for all flows from his side; 110. T. 22.

My Lord, my Love is crucify’d! THE cross, the cross, that's my gain,


4 Then let us sit beneath his cross, Because on that the Lamb was slain ; 'Twas there my Lord was crucify'd,

And gladly catch the healing stream, 'Twas there my Saviour for me dy'd.

All things for him account but loss,

And all give up our hearts to him: 2 The stony heart dissolves in tears,

O may we nothing know beside
When to our view the cross appears; The Lamb of God as crucify'd.
Christ's dying love, when truly felt,
The vilest, hardest heart doth melt.
3 Here will I stay, and gaze a while

112. T. 11. Upon the Friend of sinners vile;

LET me dwell on Golgotha,
Abas'd, I view what I have done
To God's eternal, gracious Son.

Weep and love my life away!

While I see him on the tree 4 Here I behold, as in a glass,

Weep, and bleed, and die, for me! God's glory, with unveiled face; And by beholding, I shall be ? That dear blood, for sinners spilt, Made like to Him who loved me.

Shows my sin in all its guilt:

Ah! my soul, he bore thy load; 5 Here is an ensign on a hill,

Thou hast slain the Lamb of God. Come hither, sinners, look your fill; To look aside, is pain and loss;

3 Hark! his dying word: “ Forgive, I glory only in the cross.

Father, let the sinner live;

Sinner, wipe thy tears away, 6 Here doth the Lord of life proclaim I thy ransom freely pay.” To all the world his saving name;

4 While I hear this Repenting souls, in him believe;

grace reveal'd, Ye wounded, look on him and live,

And obtain my pardon seald,

soft affections move,
7 No flaming sword dothguard the place, Waken'd by the force of love.
Thecross of Christ proclaims free grace:
All pilgrims who would heaven win,

5 Farewell world, thy gold is dross,

Now I see the blood-stain'd cross; By Jesus' cross must enter in,

Jesus dy'd to set me free 111. T. 96. From the law, and sin, and thee! O Love divinę, what hast thou done ! 6 He hath dearly bought my soul ;

Th’incarnate God hath dy'd for me! Lord, accept, and claim the whole ! The Father's co-eternal Son

To thy will I all resign, Bore all'my sins upon the tree : Now, no more my own, but thine.

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113. T. 583. Now freely floweth
I Kneel in spirit at my Saviour's cross, As Lord and God. ::

On him, who Jesus knoweth
Where he in blood expired for his foes :
With deepest rev'rence humbly I adore 4 We are redeem'd,
Mydying Lord who all my sorrows bore. Redeem’d to endless bliss,

Our souls rejoice at this;
2 I, sinful worm, with awe before him with hearts enlarged,

While I the deep unfathom'd myst'ry Our ransom paid. :ll:

(view : We see our debt discharged,
Poor man must highly valu'd be indeed, 5 O sing again,
For whom so great a ransom-price was Sing still in higher strain

[maintain, Unto the Lamb once slain;
3 This blessed truth I firmly will Bring for salvation
That my Creator for my sins was slain: Praise, thanks and adoration,
May this constrain me gladly to obey, Hallelujah! :||:
And love the Lord, wbo took my sins


T. 14. away.

THERE is a fountain fill'd with blood 114.

Drawn from Immanuel's veins ;
T. 232.

And sinners plung'd beneath that flood
BEHOLD, my soul, the Lamb of God Lose all their guilty stains.
Baptiz'dwith tears,andsweat, and blood, 2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see
Spent, comfortless, forsaken:

That fountain in his day;
See, how he bows his head and dies,

And there have I, as vile as he,
While to the world the sun denies Wash'd all my sins away.

His light, and rocks
My dear Redeemer, let thy smart

3 E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream, Subdue cold and lifeless heart';

Thy flowing wounds supply,
Teach me thy dying love to know,

Redeeming love hath been my theme,
And in return with love to glow :

And shall be till I die,
Thy love divine-My heart incline,

4 Then in a nobler, sweeter song, Lord, to be thine,

I'll sing thy pow'r to save;
Till I in death my soul resign.

When this poor lisping, stamm’ring

Lies silent in the grave. (tongue T. 588.


T. 151.
'TIS finish'd now,

THY blood so dear and precious,
Salvation's finish'd now!

Love made thee shed for me:
Redeemed sinners bow,

O may I now, dear Jesus,
Adore and wonder,

Love thee most fervently:
That earth and heaven's Founder May the divine impression
Now sinks in death. :fl:

Of thy atoning death,
2 Look up and see,

And all thy bitter passion,
By faith look up and see,

Ne'er leave me while I've breath.
His heart was pierc'd for thee;

T. 583.
The Rock of

[God I see, Whose stream thy thirst assuages, WHENE'ER the suffring Lamb of Was rent for thee. :fl:

It raiseth grief and joy alternately; 3 The precious flood

Grief, since I caus'd him all his bitter Of water and of blood,

pain, Of sin-atoning blood,

Joy, since thereby he life for me did gain.

are shaken.






119. 7. 240.

12 All the pains and sorrows ALL hail ! thou Lamb of God,

He endured for us ;

All the tears he shed,
Bearing sin's pond'rous load :
Thanks for thy agony,

When he in the garden,
Thy bloody sweat for me,

Bearing our sin's burden, Thy suff'ring willingly;

In soul's anguish pray'd : All hail, 'midst pain and scorn,

Yea, each part of toil and smart Spit upon, crown'd with thorn,

In my soul excites a motion And by the

Co intense devotion. torn!

scourges All hail, in purple clad.

3 Soul, from toil reposing, Sinners, sinners,

Languid eyes, just closing, Ah! behold the Man!

Side, pierc'd with a spear ; Sinners, sinners,

Limbs, to pain inured, Ah! behold the Man !

Feet, for me thro' bored,

Hands, the nails did tear ; 2 Bearing the cross's weight, Thou mountest Calv'ry's height,

Head, by right divinely bright,

Crown’d with pointed thorns& bruised, I weeping follow thee, For all is done for me,

Spit on and abused; For me, thine enemy!

4 Breast, which heaves with sorrows; All hail! as in


Back, plough'd o'er with furrows,
Thou, a sin-off'ring made,

From the scourges sore; In torments bow'st thy head;

Arms, in pain extended, Thanks for thy pierced side!

Shoulders, raw and wounded, Sinners, sinners,

Hair distain'd with gore; All ye who pass by,

Sacred Lips, in death how pale ! Hearken, hearken,

Jesus Christ, thy bitter passion Mark his dying cry!

Prompts my adoration. 3 “ 'Tis finishd," Jesus cries,

5 Lamb of God, thus dearest He bows his head, and dies;

Thou to me appearest; . The vail is rent in twain,

O might I each breath Burst is the captive's chain,

Spend, while here I'm living,
Man is restor'd again!

In praise and thanksgiving
All hail! in death though pale, For thy wounds and death!
Victorious Lamb! all hail!

A poor sinner still I am,
Then did thine arm prevail;

Ah! behold me with compassion,
O glorious sacrifice !

Grant me consolation.
Ěver, ever
To thy promis'd word

121. T. 581. Faithful, faithful

MET around the sacred tomb, Saviour, God and Lord!

Friends of Jesus, why those tears ?

'Midst this sad sepulchral gloom HAPPY meditation

Shall your faith give way to fears?

He will soon, ev'n as he said,
On my Saviour's passion,
On his death and grave;

Rise triumphant from the dead.
It can't be expressed

2 Hidden from all ages past

Was the cross's mystery,
What a feeling blessed,
At such times I have,

Doubts awhile a veil had cast
When I Christ in spirit view,

O'er that first dear family;
In his suffring scenes revising Till they saw him, and believ'd,

And as Lord and God receiv'd.
My Lord agonizing.

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T. 208.

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3 Now with tears of love and joy, 2 For worthless me (O Godlike conWe remember all his pain,

descension !) Sighs and groans and dying cry;

The Maker of creation's boundless For the Lamb for us was slain, sphere, And, from death our souls to save,

Whom all celestial hosts as Lord revere, Once for us lay in the grave.

Whose pow'r divine is past their comHither, sinners, all repair,


Became a man, my guilty soul to save, And with Jesus Christ be dead,

And rests from labor in the silent All are safe from Satan's snare,

grave. Who to Jesus' tomb have fled; 3 Here is the place where weary souls Here the weary and opprest

may tarry ; Find a never-ending rest.

Tho' near the dead, death can no pow'r 5 Wounded Saviour, full of grace, assume,

Hast thou suffer'd thus for me? For life, eternal life rests in this tomb. Ah! I hide my blushing face; Come then, my pardon'd soul, with How have I requited thee?

humble Mary

(sleep; Should not I with ardor burn Behold thy wearied Master sweetly Some love's token to return?

Admire his matchless love, adore and

weep. 6 But alas, the spark how small !

Scarcely seen at all to glow; 4 I view in thee, thou wan and manLord, thou know'st how short I fall, gled body,

And my growth in grace how slow; My Lord, Redeemer, Priest and SacriYet when to thy cross I fly,

fice, Soon all strange affections die. The Bread of life, the Pearl of greatest 7 In thy death is all my trust,

price, I have thee my refuge made,

My soul's Belov'd, the Fairest, white And when once consign'd to dust,

and ruddy, In the tomb my body's laid,

The promis'd Seed, the Lord our Then with saved souls above

Righteousness, I will praise thy dying love.

The long-predicted Lamb and Prince 8 But while here I'm left behind, Burden'd with infirmity,

5 Here will I stay, engag'd in contemMay I help and comfort find,

plation Visiting Gethsemane,

On my Redeemer's agony and death; Calvary and Joseph's tomb, This shall increase and fix my wav'ring imy sabbath's also come.

faith In thee, the Finisher of my salvation;

Yea, in my soul and body mortify 122. T. 114.

The sins which did my Jesus crucify. Now haste, my soul, with awe and 6 Thou Lord of life ! fix thou my soul deep devotion,

and senses To Joseph's tomb, thy Saviour to behold On thee, the dearest object of my heart; Laid in ihe dust, his body pale and cold. That when from this vain world I shall Ah! in thy stead he drank death's bit- depart, ter potion :

And when the awful scene of death He as a lamb was wounded, bruis'd and

commences, slain,

I may resign my spirit unto thee, For thee eternal happiness to gain. And in thy presence live eternally.

of peace.

Till n




7 Meanwhile I'll love and thank with.

T. 45 out cessation Thee, my Redeemer, whó my soul O Deepest grief, which the relief hast bought,

Of mankind hath procured! And me a wand'ring sheep in mercy God's beloved only Son sought !

In a tomb was buried. Accept my tears, my pray'r and adoration;

2 Ye sons of men,this doleful plan To thee my life, my all I now resign Was laid by yout transgression; In life and death; o keep me ever What Christ suffer'd for your guilt thine!

Is beyond expression. 123. T. 208.

3 The Lamb of Godshed all his

blood, NOW while 1, like Mary,

Which flow'd upon the mountain;
My best spices carry

This for all iniquity
Saviour's tomb;

Is an open fountain.
I'll behold his body
Mangled, pale, and bloody;

4 O Prince of Peace,--thou Source of Now sabbath's come.

gracey But, alas; -- what spices has

And Author of salvation !
My poor heart, save tears and crying, Thy unbounded love demands
Heart-felt throbs and sighing!

Humble adoration. 2 Lo! methinks his body,

5 How blest he is-who weigheth this, There stretch'd out already,

That God became his Saviour, Lifeless I béhold:

To bestow eternal life
Yes, I view him yonder,

Upon him for ever!
And astonish'd ponder
O'er him dead and cold,

6 O Jesus blest!-my heart's true test,

Be thou Deep and wide I see his side,


soul's desire, Livid wounds on ev'ry member

Till I too can in my tomb I see without number.

From this world retire. -3 Back, the scourges ploughed ! Side, whence blood-streams flowed !

125. Hands, and feet, and head!

T. 119. Lips, o'er which death hover'd,

SLAUGHTER'D Lamb, :11 Now with paleness cover'd !

My Redeemer! while I view Cheeks, whose color's fled !

Thee by faith, I'm lost in wonder; Bruised face-still full of grace!

Grateful tears my cheeks bedew : On this scene I gaze ashamed,

Blessed Saviour, when I ponder Weep whene'er 'tis named,

On the cause of all thy grief & smart,
4 Lamb of God,
my Saviour,

Melts my heart. :lle
Thou shalt be for ever
My most fav’rite theme:

2 Holy Lord, :: And for thy atonement,

By thy body giv'n to death, Might I ev'ry moment

Mortify, my sinful nature Praise thy saving name:

Till I yield my dying breath. Constantly—thy passion be,

Ah, protect thy feeble creature,

Till I shall in heav'n for ever be,
Till my final consummation,
My heart's meditation.

Lord, with thee. :11:


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