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harie, on the left bank of the Rokelle, where he was met by Captain Stepney, Senor Altavilla, and the Hon. K. Macauley ;/ next day he proceeded to this colony, where he arrived on Tuesday last, the 29th ult. It may be recollected that Captain Laing left this colony on the 16th of April last, on a mission to the King of the Soolimana nation, on which occasion the most enterprising portion of the merchants embraced the opportunity of forwarding a caravan with such articles of merchandise as were supposed suited for the trade of the interior.

“ The path by which the Mission returned has been what is called opened, and many natives of the Soolima and Kooranko nations bave accompanied it for the purpose of trading with the colony. Captain Laing, on his return, had sent a messenger to intimate his intention of visiting the King of the northern Koorankos, but was, nevertheless, compelled to wait two weeks for his arrival at Kamato, although his Majesty had expressed a strong desire of seeing him; he treated the party well, and agreed to permit the people of Sangara to pass through his country to this colony. The Sangaras are great travellers, and great traders, resembling in both respects the Saracooles; bụt as yet they have been obliged, to barter gold and fine cloths in the Soolima and Footah countries for European articles ; the natives of the latter countries, for political reasons, preventing their approach to the water side. The Koorankos, under the dominion of Ballansama, seem to be a better and more liberal people, manifesting an anxious wish to facilitate the intercourse of more distant nations to this colony. Several trad"ers" from Sangara, who were on a visit to the king, accompany the Mission, and have brought a considerable quantity of gold; and the king has sent one of his sons and his only brother, to assure His Excellency the Governor of his wish to open and cultivate an intercourse with the colony." The King of Soolimas has also sent, a son of his to make similar assurances.

Captain Laing has traced the whole course of the noblest branch of this river, the Rokelle, to its very source. He slept at its source on the 3d of September last. It rises in 9 deg, 45 min. N. ‘lat. and 10 deg. 5 min. W. long. After receiving many tributary streams near its source, it swells out to a considerable river before it has run 30 miles-it might here be navigated, were it not for the numerous scattered rocks over which it has to flow.

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& " From two different eminences he saw the hill from which the mysterious Niger (there called Tembie) springs—the hill is named Loma, and forms the commencement of a chain extending to the porthward from the Kissi country, where they first arise. The Niger flowing from the bill of Loma in 9 deg. 36 min. W. long. marks the boundary between Sangara and Soolimana, the former being to the right or east, and the latter to the left or west. The geographical site of Loma was ascertained by taking the bearings. from two points thirty miles distant from one ang her; and from the talent and well-known accuracy of Captain Laing, there can be no doubt of the observations being correct. . - The Camaranca River was also visited at several parts of its course by Cap ain Lain': it rises two days' journey east of the Niger, and makes a bold attempt to unite with the Rokelle, about pinety miles distant from this colony, approaching at one place within a few miles of it. In its westerly course it runs through the centre of the Kooranko country, which is one of the largest that we have any knowledge of on this side of Africa.

Captain Laing also makes mention of the Mungo,* a large and very fine river, which disembogues itself into the ocean through the same mouth as the Scarcies; it is a river of greater magnitude than the latter, and it has hitherto been unknown to Europeans ; it rises twenty miles to the northward of Rokelle, close to Beilia, à Foulah town two days' journey S. E. from Timbo. It was at this town that Serjeant Tuft and Musah Kanta were left by Alimamee Abdolkader, when he went to attack Sangara. The king crossed the Niger the second day from Beilia.

"In the Limba country the Mungo is joined by the Kabba, a river upwards of one hundred yards broad, and which rises about twenty miles south of Timbo, the capital of the Foulahs. Captain Laing places Timbo in 10 deg. 52 min. north lat. and 10 deg.34 min. west long."

BOTANY." Plants which were in flower in the Mission Garden, in Marck,

1824. Monandria Monogynia.-Canna indica-nepalensis-coccinea-limbata. Phrynium capitatum-imbricatum. Kempferia

* It is the wish of Captain Laing to change the nature name of this river to M'Carthy's River, in honor of Sir Charles M'Carthy,

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rotunda-angustifolia. Alpinia nutans calcarata. Lopezia mexicana.

Diandria Monogynia.–Jasminium Zambac-lanceæfolium -pubescens-hirsutum-arborescens.--latifolium grandiflorum. Veronica lævigata--- elatior--exaltata, Justicia ecbo. lium-thyrsiflora-picta-polysperma-nasuta--speciosa--Ca. reyana--tinctoria-chinensis-Adhatoda-decussata-ganderussa-- betonica-repens-procumbens. Calceolaria pinnata. Lycopus. Salvia coccinea--rubicolor. Stachytarpheta ja. maicensis-mutabilis-prismaticus.

Triandria Monogynia.-Hippocratea obtusifolia. Trichonema roseum. Hesperantha cinnamomea. Sparaxis grandiflora bulbifera. Ixia capillaris-aristata—patens---flexuosa-mopadelpha--columellaris--conica--polystachia--maculata.erecia-crateroides-scillaris-rosea. Tritonia capensis --lon. giflora-lineata---squalida--fenestrata.--crocata---viridis. Gladiolus versicolor-tristis-gracilis-recurva-spec. name unknown. Morea collina-edulis-tristis. Sisyrynchium bermy dianum-micranthus-another species, name unknown. Triş aphylla—halophyllum stenogynum--celestina--spuria desertorum—sibirica-ventricosa--germanica. Moreoides. The grasses are omitted.

Tetrandria Monogynia.- Ixora coccinea-Bandhuca-cuneifolia - parviflora-barbata --Pavetta-undulata-tomentosa -villosa--rosea. Callicarpa cana-lanceolaria-villosa.

Tetrandria Tetragynia.--Coldenia procumbens.

Pentandria Monogynia.--Heliotropium indicum-coromandelianum--curassavicum. Cyclamen hederæfolium. Anagallis arvensis. Plumbago rosea. Convolvulus gangeticus-semidigy, nus.--malaricus.-purpureus.-yar, varia-sphærocephalusTurpethum-Nil. I pomæa-- sepiaria phoenicia-Campanula Bononiensis. Museuda corymbosa. Caldasia heterophylla. . Psychotria undulata. Webera corymbosa. Gardenia floridalatifolia--lucida. Prosqueria uliginosa-campanulata-Randia -longispina-spec. from China. Morinda tinctoria. Scævola Taccada. Chironia centauroides. Verbascum Thapsus. Datura

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Stramonium- Metel. Nicotiana Tabacum-glutinosa - angus. tifolia--undulata---plumbaginifolia-decurrens-petiolatam macrophylla-Leymania. Hyoscyamus albus. Atropa physa. loides. Physalis Aexuosa-peruviana. Solanum pubescens spirale--lycopersicum-macrocarpon-Melongena ---Jacquini -hirsutum-indicum --pentapetaloides-æthiopicum-Serissa fætida. - Cestrum fætidissimum. Celastrus montanus. Viola cu.cullala--tricolor-primulxfolia. Impatiens Balsamina. Musa ornata. Achyranthes lappacea-lanata~incana. Carissa Carandas -- villosa-diffusa. Opbioxylon serpentaria. Cerbera Odallam --fruticosa. Allamanda cathartica. Vinca rosea. Neri. um odorum. Cerathamnus convolvulaceus-Wrightea antidysenterica-tinctoria. Beaumontia grandiflora. Echites acuminata-suberecta. Plumeria acuminata. Tabernæmontana corona. ria. Melodinus monogynus.

Pentandria Digynia.--Calotropis gigantea. Chenopodium album-lacipiatum-apbicum--ambrosiodes. Beta bengalensis. Daneus Carota. Caucalis leptophylla. Cuminum Cyminum. Coriandrum sativum. Anethum Sowa-Panmorium, Pimpinella Anisum. A pium involucratum--petroselinum. Turnera ulmifolia--trioviflora---Pharnaceum pentagynum.

Hexandria Monogynia.--Pittcairnia bromelifolia--angustifolia. Crinum erubescens -Toxicarium-procerum. Hippeas. trum miniatum rutilum-equestre-reginæ-crocato-reginæ -fulgido-rutilum--:-equestri-vittato-rutilum---- rutilo-fulgidum -splendens, vel rutilo-equestri-vittatum----rutilo.crocatum. The last six species are hybrid productions. Zephyranthus tubispatha. Pancratium verecundum. Hymenocallis speciosa-amena -caribbæa. Allium sativum--striatum-angulosum-Cepaascalonicum. Lilium bulbiferum. Albuca major--maxima vittata. Scilla indica. Ornithogalum aureum. Cyanella capensis. Anthericum annuum. Asphodelus clavatus. Asparagus racemosus. Sansiviera zeylonica. Convallaria japonica. Aloe obliqua :-lingua. Mimusops Elengi.

Hexandria Digynia.-Rumex Patientia.
Heptandria Monogynia. -Jonesia Asoca,

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Octandria Monogynia.- Tropæolum majus. Oenothera singata-tetraptera-rosea -nocturna - Fraseri-stricta.

Octundria Trigynia.-Polygonum lanatum-pilosum-tenel. Jum-flaccidum.

Decandria Monogynia.- Bauhinia acuminata.' Cassia Fise tula-auriculata. Poinciana pulcherrima. Tribulus lanuginosus.

Decandria Digynia.- Saponaria officinalis. Dianthus prolifer ---hyssopifolius-chinensis—asper-petræus-diutinus-shaveolens.

Decandria Trigynia.- Cucubalis Behen. Silene indica Ginaperta-eranthema -patula. Stellaria media-triandra arenaria. Malpighia coccifera.

Decandria Pentagynia.- Oxalis purpurea-versicolor-cer nua--yariabilis--multiflora --corniculata. Averrhoa Carambola Lychnis chalcedonica-viscaria. · Dodecandria Monogynia-Portulacca oleraceas-meridiana. Talinum cuneifolium--reflexum. Lythrum trifiorum.

Dodecandria Trigynia. -Reseda alba-odorata. Euphorbia terracina-linifolia-peplis--hirta-thymifolia. Dit

Icosandria Monogynia.-Cactus mamillaris--cylindricus“ indicus. Psidium pyriferum---pomiferum. Eugenia Malac.censis--purpurea--amplexicaulis ---Jambolana--fruticosaaquea--Jamboo. Myrtus communis. Punica granatum.Allangium hexapetalum. Amygdalis Persica.

Icosandria Pentagynia.-Mesembryanthemum cordifoliumchrystallinum. Spiræa corymbosa.

Icosandria Polygynia.-Rosa centifolia-chinensis ---semperflorens-glandulifera-involuerata-microphylla--rubiginosa. Rubus rosæfolius. Pontentilla reptans--argentea.

Polyandria Monogynia.-Inga unguis catia dulcis. Are gemone mexicana. Ochna squarrosa.

Polyandria Trigynia.- Delphinium Ajacis. Nigella dama. scena.

Polyandria Polygynia.- Uvaria odorata. Clematis integrifolia-viticella-var. flor. plen.

Didynamia Gymnospermia.--Ajuğa hyoscyamus. Aniso


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