An introduction to algebra, and to the solution of numerical equations


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Página 69 - ... subtract the product from the dividend, and to the remainder annex the next period for the next dividend.
Página 144 - If the number be divided by the sum of the digits, the quotient will be 26; but, if 198 be added to it, the digits will be inverted.
Página 144 - To divide the number 90 into four such parts, that if the first be increased by 2, the second diminished by 2, the third multiplied by 2, and the fourth divided by 2, the sum, difference, product, and quotient so obtained, will be all equal to each other.
Página 182 - To divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts may be equal to the square on the other part.
Página 141 - If A and в together can perform a piece of work in 8 days, A and с together in 9 days, and в and с in 10 days, how many days will it take each person to perform the same work alone.
Página 142 - What fraction is that, to the numerator of which, if 4 be added, the value is 1, but if 7 be added to its denominator, its value will be | ? Ans.
Página 130 - Find the value of one of the unknown quantities, in terms of the other and known quantities...
Página 180 - A farmer bought some sheep for £72, and found that if he had received 6 more for the same money, he would have paid £1 less for each. How many sheep did he buy ?
Página 142 - ... 6. There is a number consisting of two digits, which is equal to four times the sum of those digits; and if 18 be added to it, the digits will be inverted. What is the number?
Página 126 - Two workmen A and B were engaged to work for a certain number of days at different rates. At the end of the time, A who had played 4 of those days had 75 shillings to receive ; but B who had played 7 of those days received only 48 shillings.

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