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equal to one hundred and twenty philo

sophical knowledges in the degree years. Genesis, 6. 4. There were powerful spirits in the human

philosophy in those days; and also after that, when the souls led of the Spirit of God, or the spiritual philosophers, united their knowledges to those that came from the souls that followed the spirit of the world, and got from them mighty philosophical spirits, which were of old famed spirits, (apostates, in which, in consequence of that union, the sacred was mixed with

the profane.) 5. And God saw that the wickedness of the soul

was great in the opinion of one's self, and that every imagination of the thoughts of

her human mind was only evil continually. 6. And it repented the Lord that He had given

man the human knowledge, or that he had set the world in the heart of man, and it

grieved Him at His heart. 7. And the Lord said, I will destroy the know

ledge of the soul whom I have created, from the human philosophy; both the knowledge of the soul in the degree man, and the knowledge of the souls in various degrees inferior to man; for it repenteth

me that I have made them. 8. But the soul of Noah found grace in the eyes

of the Lord. 9. These are the generations of Noah's soul :

the soul Noah was just and perfect in her generations, and she walked in the commandments of God, or assisted by the Spirit of God.

Genesis, 6. 10. And the soul Noah begat (within herself, or

within other beings) three spirits partaking of her own nature or knowledge, in the

degrees, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. 11. The human mind also was corrupt before

God, and the human system was filled with a spirit of violence, or with violent

notions. 12. And God looked upon the human heart, and,

behold, it was corrupt; for every human mind had corrupted his way in the opinion

of one's self, or in the philosophical system. 13. And the Spirit of God (within Noah's soul)

said unto him, the end of, or the spirit that shall put an end to, all the human knowledges, is come before me; for the human mind is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them

with the opinion of one's self. 14. Make thee a religious system in simplicity of

heart; different degrees shalt thou make in it, and shalt secure it with proper knowledge, within and without, (against

the intrusion of strange opinions.) 16. Thou shalt make to the religious system a

clear knowledge, or an opening by which it may receive light from above; and a knowledge by which souls may enter into it; in three different degrees shalt thou divide the pious system; (that all that is to come into it, may be set in its pro

per class or order.) 17. And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of

opinions or of instructions, upon the human system, to destroy every mind wherein

prevails the spirit of the philosophical life, from the knowledge that is inferior to the spiritual ; and every spirit or knowledge that is in, or according to, the human opinion shall die, or shall be destroyed (in

the soul). Genesis, 6. 18. But with thy soul will my Spirit establish a

covenant or an alliance; and she shall come into the religious system, she, and the male spirits to whom her knowledge has given life, and the spirit that is religiously united with her, as an help meet for her, and the female spirits that are the

companions of her sons. 19. And of every living spirits of all degrees in

the human philosophy, two shalt thou bring into the religious system, to keep them alive with thy knowledge of righteousness; one shall be able to teach the good, and the other to guard against evil,

every one according to their degree. 21. And take thou unto thy soul of all knowledge

that is fit for the sustenance of the mind, and thy spirit shall gather it to himself; and it shall be food for him, and for all

the other spirits. 22. Thus did the soul Noah; according to all that

God commanded her, so did she. 7. 1. And the Lord said unto Noah's soul, come

thou and all the spirits in which thy knowledge or thy righteousness dwelleth, into the spirit of the religious system; for thee I have seen righteous before me in this

Genesis, 7.

generation, or in this degree of regenera

tion. 3. To keep spirits alive in the knowledge of all

the human philosophy. 4. For yet seven luminous instructions, and I

will cause knowledge to be poured upon the human mind by or through forty spiritual and forty philosophical instructions; and every living spirit that I have made, will I destroy from off the knowledge of the human philosophy. (From the verse : Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. Psalm 19. 2. I think it might be understood that the flood may come through the instructions of forty spiritual creatures and of forty philosophers chosen for the purpose : or of spiritual creatures and of human philo

sophers in the fortieth degree.) 5. And the soul Noah did according unto all

that the Lord had commanded her. 6. And the age of Noah's soul in philosophy was

six hundred years, when the overwhelming instruction was upon the human mind or

system. 7. And the soul of Noah went in, and the spirits

she had begotten in her own knowledge, and the spirit that was an help meet for her, and the spirits she had given for companions to her sons, they went in into the spirit of the religious system, because of the instructions or of the opinions of the overflowing scourge.

Genesis, 7. 8. Of inferior spirits, pure and not pure, and of

spirits that can rise above human notions, and of every spirit that creepeth upon the

philosophical knowledge, 9. There went in two and two unto Noah's

knowledge or doctrine into the religious system, of the two philosophical genders,

as God had commanded Noah's soul. 10. And it came to pass after seven lights or

instructions, that the knowledges of the destroying system were upon the human

mind. 11. In the six hundredth philosophical year of

Noah's soul, in the seventieth instruction of the second of the twelve parts of that philosophical knowledge, by the same instruction were all the sources of the knowledges of the great and deep philosophy broken up (in Noah's soul); and the knowledges or spirits by which the lights of the moral system come to the human mind,

were opened (in the soul Noah). 12. And the instruction from above was upon the

mind during or through forty spiritual and

forty philosophical instructions. 13. In the self same luminous knowledge entered

the soul Noah, and the spirits Shem, Ham, and Japheth, her sons, and the spirit her companion, and the three spirits the companions of her sons, into the spirit of the

religious system. 14. They, and every inferior spirit after his kind. 15. And they went in unto Noah's knowledge into the pious system, two and two of

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