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every degree in humanity, wherein is the

spirit of the philosophical life. Genesis, 7. 16. And they that went in, went in having either

the knowledge of good, or the knowledge of evil, as God had commanded the soul Noah, and the Lord confined her within

the spirit of the religious system. 17. And the overflowing scourge was during forty

luminous knowledges upon the human mind; and the instructions increased, and bare up the pious system, and it was lift up above the notions of the human philo

sophy. 18. And the instructions prevailed, and were

increased greatly upon the human mind: and the righteous system went upon, or was supported by, the spirit of the in

structions. 19. And the instructions prevailed exceedingly

upon the human system; and all the high philosophical knowledges that were inferior to the spiritual, were overpowered in the

human mind. 20. Far above the human system did the in

structions prevail ; and the highest human knowledges were by them overflown (in

the soul). 21. And the knowledge of every human mind

died that moved in the opinion of oneself, both of every inferior and of every superior

philosophical mind. 22. All in whom was the spirit of the human

life, of all mind that was in the dry system, died.

Genesis, 7. 23. And every living spirit was destroyed which

was in the human system, both superior and inferior ; and their knowledges were destroyed from the human philosophy : and the knowledge of Noah's soul only remained alive, and the knowledge of the spirits or of the souls that were with her

in the religious system. 24. And the overwhelming knowledges prevailed

upon the human mind during one hundred

and fifty luminous instructions. 8. 1. And God remembered Noah's soul, and

every living spirit, and all the tame spirits that were with her knowledge in the religious system: and God made a healing spirit or knowledge to pass over the human mind, and the overpowering knowledges

assuaged in it. 2. The sources of the knowledges of the deep

system, and the knowledges that are the channels of the spiritual lights were stopped, and the moral instruction was

restrained. 3. And the opinions (that had overflown the

minds of all those that were out of the religious system) returned from off the human heart continually: and after the end of the hundred and fifty lights the destroy

ing knowledges were abated (in the minds). 4. And Noah's pious system rested upon the

high philosophical spirits or knowledges in

the degree Ararat. 5. And the overpowering opinions decreased con

tinually in the human mind): and the

highest degrees of the high philosophical

knowledges began to be seen or perceived. Genesis, 8. 6. And it came to pass at the end of forty

spiritual instructions that Noah opened the knowledge through which light came to the righteous system which he had made

(within his soul). 7. And he sent forth a spirit, or knowledge, or

opinion, in the degree raven, which went forth to and fro the human mind, (alternately received and rejected; or received by some, and rejected by others,) until the opinions, which had destroyed all former knowledge, were gone away from

the heart. 8. Also he sent forth (among men) a spirit dove

from his own knowledge: to see or to judge if the overflowing opinions were

abated from off the human mind. 9. But the spirit of prudence and simplicity

found no mind where every her lowest notions could be received and could rest, and she returned unto his soul in the religious system; for the overwhelming knowledges were still upon the whole of the human mind : then he put forth his knowledge, and took her, and pulled her unto him

in the pious system. 10. And He stayed yet other seven superior

instructions: and again He sent forth the spirit of simplicity out of the religious

system. 11. And the spirit dove came in to Him towards

the end of the moral light, and lo, in

her words was a knowledge or an indication of peace: so Noah knew that the destroying opinions were abated from off

the human mind. Genesis, 8. 12. And he stayed yet other seven luminous in

structions; and sent forth the spirit dove; which returned not again unto his knowledge any more, (having met with people that could and would receive its instruc

tions). 13. And it came to pass when Noah's soul was in

the six hundred and first philosophical year, the overturning opinions were dried up from off the human mind: and Noah removed the knowledge which completed and secured the religious system, and looked, and, behold, the human mind was

without knowledge. 14. And in the second month, on the seven

and twentieth knowledge of that philosophical month, was the human mind free

from all opinions. 15. And God within Noah's soul spake unto him,

saying, 16. Go forth of the religious system, thou, and

thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons'

wives with thee. 17. Bring forth with thee every living spirit or

knowledge that is with thy soul, or every living being that is with thy knowledge, of all degrees in humanity: that they may sow their knowledge abundantly into the human heart and bear fruit in it, and multiply in the human philosophy.

Genesis, 8. 18. And Noah went forth, and his sons, and his

wife, and his sons' wives, with his know

ledge. 19. Every inferior creature in philosophy, after

their kinds, went forth out of the religious

system. 20. And the soul Noah builded within herself a

religious spirit or knowledge for an altar unto the Lord; and took of the knowledges and qualities of every inferior, but pure, spirit, in the degrees beast and fowl, and made offerings of them in the

Spirit of the altar. 21. And the Lord was pleased with that humble

and sincere homage ; and the Lord said in His heart, or in the heart that was devoted to Him, I will not again give wrong information to the human mind any more for the sake of the soul; for the imagination of man's mind is evil from his first degrees in philosophy: neither will I again smite any more every living spirit, in the

way that I have done. 22. While the human system remaineth (in man),

successive instructions of various kinds

and useful to him shall not cease. 9. 1. And God gave good, holy words to Noah's

soul and to those that were her sons, begotten by Him in the human system; and said unto them, bear fruits of righteousness, and multiply in knowledge and replenish the human mind with good in

structions. 2. And the fear of your knowledge and the

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