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dread of your rebuke shall be upon every spirit that moveth in the dry opinion of oneself and in the simple philosophy; power (to teach them) is given to your

souls over theirs. Genesis, 9. 3. The knowledge of every moving spirit that

liveth shall be food for your soul; I have given you all knowledges, (for your use or

improvement). 4. But the human opinion with the spirit

thereof, shall your souls not eat. 6. Whoso destroyeth in man the knowledge that

is the life of his soul, by man shall the knowledge of his soul be destroyed : for in the image of the Spirit of God made

He the spirit which He formed in man. 7. And yon, be ye fruitful (according to true

philosophy, or to the Spirit,) and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the phi

losophical knowledge, and multiply therein. 8. And God spake unto Noah's soul, and to his

sons with him, saying, 9. And I, behold, I establish my covenant with

your souls, and with those who will re

ceive instructions after you; 10. And with every living spirit that is with

yours, of different degrees in humanity; from all that go out of the religious sys

tem, to every inferior philosophical spirit. 11. And my Spirit shall establish His alliance

with your soul; neither shall every human mind be cut off any more by the opinions of an overpowering system ; neither shall there any more be an overflowing instruction to destroy the knowledge of the hu

man philosophy. Genesis, 9. 12. And God said, this is the token of the al

liance which I make between my Spirit and your soul, and every living spirit that is with your knowledge, for perpetual ge

nerations. 13. I do set my mercy in the spiritual know

ledge, and it shall be for a token of a co

venant between my Spirit and the soul. 14. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a

dark or a threatening spiritual knowledge over the human mind, that the mercy shall

be seen in the moral knowledge. 12. And I will remember my alliance, which is

between my Spirit and the knowledge of your souls and of every living spirit of all degrees in humanity; and the spiritual or the simple instructions shall no more become an overwhelming system to destroy

the knowledge of every human mind. 16. And the mercy of my Spirit shall be in the

spiritual knowledge ; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living spirit of all degrees in the human philoso

phy. 17. And God said unto Noah, this is the token

of the covenant, which I have established between me and every mind that is in the

spirit of the earth. 18. And the sons of Noah's soul, that went forth

of the religious system, were the spirits Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is

the father of the spirit Canaan (begotten

by him in the human philosophy). Genesis, 9. 19. These are the three souls who received their

knowledge or life from the knowledge of Noah's soul: and of their knowledges was

every human mind overspread. 28. And the soul of Noah lived after the destroy

ing instruction three hundred and fifty

philosophical years. 29. And all the knowledges of Noah's soul were

nine hundred and fifty philosophical years: and her knowledge died, or ceased to en

lighten him or others. 10. 1. Now these are the generations of the souls

whose knowledge came from that of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japeth; and they gave the philosophical knowledge or life to others after the overflowing of the destruc

tive opinions. 32. These are the philosophical families that pro

ceeded from the instructions of the sons of Noah after their generations, in their nations; and by their knowledges were the minds of all nations divided in the human

philosophy, after the overwhelming system. 11. 10. These are the generations of Shem :

the soul Shem was an hundred philosophical years old, and by her instructions she begat the soul Arphaxad in the knowledge of the human philosophy

two years after the flood of opinions. Exod. 15. 8. And by thy will the instructions of the sim

ple philosophy were gathered together, the knowledges that would have over


whelmed their spirits stood upright as an

heap. 24. 2. The souls fathers or teachers of yours dwelt

in the corrupt philosophy that was before the overpowering system in old time: and they obeyed the commandments of other

gods than the true God. 3. And I took the soul of your father Abraham

(while he was in the philosophical degree Noah) from the perverse notions that existed in the human mind before the overflowing scourge, and I led her throughout all the philosophy of the spirit Canaan, and multiplied her instructions, and gave her the soul, or the knowledge,

or the spirit Isaac. 14. Now, therefore, fear the Lord, and serve

him in sincerity and in truth: and put away from your minds the false notions of the spirits which your fathers worshipped as their gods, in the ignorant and corrupt state that was before the destroying system, and in the mental condition Egypt:

and serve ye the Lord. 15. And if it seem evil unto your souls to obey

the commandments of the Lord, choose you this day of whom you will be the servants: whether of the spirits whose errors your fathers followed in the state of corruption that was before the overpowering instruction, or of the spirits that are admired and worshipped by the souls in the degree Amorites, in whose philosophy yours dwell : but as for me and those who

listen to me, and in whose mind my spirit dwelleth, we will serve the Spirit Lord, or

the Spirit that is the Lord. 2 Sam. 22. 5. When the powerful notions of the world, or

of the philosophical system compassed my soul, the overwhelming opinions of ungodly

men made her afraid. Job, 14. 11. As the instructions fail from the simple phi

losophical spirit: and the overpowering knowledge decayeth and drieth up (in the

soul). 20. 17. His soul shall not see the fertilizing instruc

tions, the powerful instructions, the sweet

and the rich, or the softening instructions. 22. 16. The wicked souls whose knowledges were

cut down out of time, whose foundation in philosophy was overflown with a flood of

opinions. 28. 4. The overpowering knowledges break out from

the soul; they are dried up in her : they

are gone away from her. 11. He bindeth the destroying opinions from

overflowing (the soul). Psalm 18. 4. The sorrows that belong to the world, or to

the wrong opinion of one's self, compassed my spirit; and the strong and dangerous

opinions of ungodly souls made mine afraid. 24. 2. For He hath founded its knowledge upon the

simple and deep instructions, and establish

ed its spirit upon the powerful knowledges. 29. 10. The Spiritor the mercy of the Lord sitteth upon

the destroying knowledge; yea the Spirit of

the Lord sitteth king for ever (in the soul). 32. 6. For this shall every soul that is godly pray

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