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unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found : surely in the overwhelming of great instructions they shall not come nigh

unto her. 66. 6. He turned the simple philosophy in the

soul) into an opinion without knowledge ; their minds walked through the instructions of the overpowering system: there

did our souls rejoice in His help. 69. 2. My soul sinks in deep human opinion, where

there is no standing: my soul is come into deep philosophical instructions, where the

powerful knowledges overflow her. 15. Let not the destructive flood of human opi

nions overflow the knowledge of my soul : neither let the deep philosophical spirit swallow her up, and let not the deep hu

man system shut its errors upon her. 74. 15. Thy word did cleave (in the soul) the refresh

ing knowledge of simplicity and the overpowering knowledge: thou driedst up

mighty and abundant instructions. 78. 44. And had turned their useful instructions into

the human knowledge that is the life of inferior spirits ; and their powerful knowledges, that their souls could not be re

freshed. 90. 5. Thy word carrieth their knowledges or their

opinions away (from the soul), as with an

overwhelming instruction. 93. 3. The philosophers whose knowledges are de

stroying systems, O Lord they have lifted up their words: they lift up their dangerous opinions.

Psalm 98. 8. Let the powerful philosophers give homage

urto the Lord: let the high human philo

sophers be joyful together. Song of Sol. 8. 7. Many instructions cannot quench love :

neither can the overflowing opinions drown

it (in the soul). Isaiah, 28. 2. Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong

One, whose word, as a destroying system of mighty instructions overflowing, shall cast down to the spirit of the earth with

his knowledge. 15. Because you have said, when the overflowing

scourge of human opinions shall pass (through the souls) it shall not come into

ours : 18. When the notions of the overflowing system

shall pass (through the souls), then shall

yours be trodden by them. 30. 28. And his word, as an overflowing instruction

shall reach (the soul) to the midst of the neck, to sift the human minds with the

sieve of vanity. 54. 9. For this is as the instructions of Noah unto

me: for as I have sworn that the destroying instructions of Noah should no more overflow the human mind; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thy soul,

nor rebuke her knowledge. 59. 19. When the opinions of the evil spirit shall

come in (into the soul) like an overflowing system, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up

a powerful doctrine against them. Jere. 46. 7. Who is this whose knowledge cometh up as Jere. 46. 8. The notions of the spirit Egypt rise up (in

an overflowing scourge, whose instructions are moved as the flowing instructions ?

the soul) as a powerful knowledge, or as a

destroying human system. 47. 2. Behold, instructions rise up out of the spirit

North, and shall be an overflowing system, and shall overflow the human knowledge,

and all that is therein: Ezekiel, 31. 15. In the day when his spirit went down to the

grave of error, I caused a mourning (in the soul), I covered the deep philosophy for him, and I restrained the overwhelming knowledges thereof, and the great

instructions were stayed. Daniel, 9. 26. And after threescore and two either philo

sophical, or spiritual weeks, or sevenfold lights, shall the double knowledge of Messiah be cut off, but not for his own transgressions ; and the opinions of the reigning spirit that shall come into the soul), shall destroy (therein) the built-up system and the consecrated knowledge, and the end thereof shall be with an overpowering doctrine, and unto the end of the war or of the controversy between the flesh and the spirit desolations are determined

(to take place in the soul). 11. 22. And with the strong opinions of an over

whelming system shall their knowledges be overflown from before his notions, and shall be broken (in the soul ;) yea, also the superior doctrine of the Prince of the

covenant. Amos, 8. 8. Shall not the human mind tremble for this,

and every soul mourn that dwelleth in the human system? And it shall rise up

wholly as an overflowing system ; and its knowledge shall be cast out and drowned as by the powerful instructions that over

flow the philosophy Egypt (in the soul). Jonah, 2. 3. For those had cast my soul into the deep

human opinions, in the midst of the human simple philosophy; and the dangerous human notions compassed my soul about: all thy irresistible and destroying instructions

passed over my mind. Nahum, 1. 8. But with an overrunning instruction He will

make an utter end of the system thereof, and darkness shall pursue the souls that

are enemies of His commandments. Matt. 24. 37. But as the luminous instructions of Noe came

suddenly upon the human mind, so shall also the coming into the soul) of the spirit,

or of the doctrine, of the Son of Man be. 38. For as during the knowledges that were in

the mind before the destroying system, their souls were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the entering of Noe into the spirit of the

religious system, 39. And knew not until the overwhelming in

struction came into their minds, and took all their knowledges away from them: so shall also the coming of the glorious Word

of God (into the soul) be. Luke, 6. 48. His soul is like one which built a system to

dwell in, and digged deep (in the Word of God,) and laid the foundation on a truth : and when the flood of false opinions arose, the destructive notions beat vehemently

upon that system, and could not shake it:

for it was founded upon a sound doctrine. Luke, 17. 26. And as it was with the instructions of Noe,

so shall it be also in the soul) with the

luminous truths of the Son of Man. 27. Their souls did feed on all kinds of human

knowledges, they allayed their thirst for science with them, they took companions, they were given as helpers, until the entering of Noe's soul into the pious system, and the overrunning instruction came upon their minds, and destroyed all their know

ledges. Heb. 11. 7. By faith, Noah being warned of God of

mental circumstances not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared (within himself,) a religious system to the saving of his own knowledge, or of the souls who dwelt in the same sentiments with him, by the which he condemned the human system, and became heir of the righteousness which

is by faith. 1 Peter, 3. 20. Which sometime were disobedient when once

the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the religious system was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by his righteous instructions : (besides many ignorant spirits of various degrees in the opinion of one's

self). 2 Peter, 2. 5. And spared not the old philosophical system,

but saved the knowledge of the soul Noah the eight person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the overflowing instruc

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