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the Latin, French, and English versions of the Bible, indicate that the translators have, in various places, understood that Zion and Jerusalem mean the Church or the assembly of the faithful, whether under the Mosaic law, whether under the Christian dispensation. I am so little acquainted with books that I know not whether they, or others, have attempted to apply that sense to whatever is said respecting Zion and Jerusalem ; which have been, and continue to be, taken by most people for places of this earth, without inquiring whether that vulgar meaning agrees or not with the Holy Writ. Now this is what I think on the subject.

In Gal. 4, from 22, &c. I find two Jerusalems mentioned as the two Covenants, which I consider as the two laws, the two doctrines or religions by which the Spirit God deigos gradually to make known Himself and His Will, and to ally Himself or His Spirit to the souls of His creatures. I look upon the first, or the one that is taught to degenerate men in one of the stages of their regeneration in the human philosophy, as being, though beautiful in its season, as being imperfect, terrestrial, human, partaking of the spirit of the world or of an unenlightened opinion of oneself; and gendering the soul in bondage in the philosophical knowledge of good and evil; and in the human works, to which one is prompted by that knowledge ; but preparing to the second Covenant or Will, which I take for perfect; for the heavenly, moral, or spiritual system, that proceeds from the spirit of the heaven, from the knowledge of God and faith in Him, from the spirit of truth; and that gives freedom to the soul, freedom in Christ. I believe then that Jerusalem, and likewise Zion, which,

as I have said, appear to me to mean the same thing, signify a doctrine or a religion, a religious spirit in which dwells the Will of God, an opinion of oneself more or less humble, an important degree of the religion of the first regenerate man and of the people of God, during the process of the regeneration of their souls; a religious knowledge or system, whether philosophical, whether spiritual, grounded either upon works or upon faith; constituting the religious state of their souls, or their degree in religion, according as it influences their mind, and turns their heart to the first, or to the second covenant: at which second and superior religious system I understand the soul arrives, after having been prepared to it by the previous instructions of the Mosaic law, and of the sojourning in Egypt, in the wilderness, in Babylon, in the city of David, and other mental abodes; also by the baptism of repentance, &c.

As it is written of Christ in the Psalms and in the Prophets, I think that in some places the words Zion and Jerusalem, the holy mountain, that is the dwelling of the Lord, may be understood as signifying Him or His doctrine, wbich I take for the desired habitation, and the rest of the Lord. (Ps. 132. 13, 14.)

The Scripture speaking of Jerusalem and Zion, before the going to Babylon and after the return from it, I think it would be well to follow the same plan, and to represent them, or the spirit of the Church, in two different degrees; first, before the captivity in the Babylonian error; and, secondly, after the release from it; making a distinction between both, between the bondwoman and the freewoman, between the Zion and Jerusalem of works and the Zion and Jerusalem of faith; the same as there is a difference between the two temples, the philosophical and the spiritual (Haggai, 2. 9); and between the religious systems and the zeal of mortals, before and after their being made acquainted with the truth, before their deviation from the law of God, and after their correction and conversion; but I am unequal to the task: and as it is likely that I should commit many mistakes, I must decline attempting it, and leave you to form an opinion, to the best of your judgement, when Jerusalem and Zion ought to be understood philosophically, and when spiritually; confining myself to speaking of them, except in some instances, as religious spirits or doctrines, that indicate high states of the regeneration of man and of the Church of God, or of the souls that in going through the instructions of the law part with the vain notions of the world; and afterwards by higher instructions become well informed in Christ, believe in bim, follow him exclusively, and are by bim dedicated or consecrated to God, and inhabited by His Spirit and commandments; which Church I shall consider also as being alluded to in many verses by the words Zion and Jerusalem: whether she adhere exclusively to works, or to faith: whether she be in bondage under the covenant of human and philosophical works, or made free by that of faith, grace, and spiritual works.

Judges, l.

7. And (with their knowledge) they brought his

soul to the doctrine Jerusalem, and there his erroneous human system died, or he

gave up his human system. 8. Now the souls-children of the spirit Judah

had fought with their knowledges against 2 Sam.

the imperfect covenant Jerusalem, and had subdued it, and smitten it with their

words, and destroyed the religious system. 5. 5. And in the spirit Jerusalem, or according to

the doctrine Jerusalem, his knowledge reigned thirty and three years over all the

souls in the degrees Israel and Judah. 6. And the soul of the king, and of those who

followed his instructions, went to the covenant Jerusalem, unto the Jebusites, whose minds dwelt in it — thinking, the soul

of David cannot come into this knowledge. 7. Nevertheless the spirit of David took the

strong doctrine Zion: the same is the re

ligious system of David. 13. And David took to his soul, for her com

panions, more knowledges out of the doctrine Jerusalem, after she was come from

the philosophical system Hebron. 14. And these be the names, or the degrees in

knowledge, of those, or of the spirits, that were born unto him in the religion Jeru

salem. 8. 7. And David took the best knowledges of the

souls-servants of the spirit Hadadezer, and brought them to the religious system Jeru

salem. 9. 13. So the soul of Mephibosheth dwelt in the

spirit of the covenant Jerusalem; for she did eat continually of the king's knowledge: and she was lame on both the knowledges she walked with, or she was

defective both in works and in faith. 11. 1. And they destroyed the knowledge of the

souls-children of the spirit Ammon, and besieged the system Rabbah : but David's

soul tarried in the religion Jerusalem. 2 Sam. 11. 12. So Uriah's soul abode in the covenant Jeru

salem that day and the morrow. 12. 31. So the soul of David, and those of all the

people, returned unto the religion Jeru

salem. 14. 23. So Joab arose, and went to the spirit Jeshur,

and (by his instructions and consolations) brought the soul of Absolom to the cove

nant Jerusalem. 28. So the soul of Absalom dwelt two full years

in the religious spirit Jerusalem, and she was not admitted in the king's high know

ledge. 15. 8. If the Lord shall bring my soul again indeed

to the religion Jerusalem, then she shall

serve the Lord. 29. Therefore the knowledge of Zadok and of

Abiathar carried the system of the covenant of God again to the spirit Jerusalem;

and their souls tarried therein. 37. So the soul of Hushai, David's friend, came

into the religious system, and the soul of Absalom came unto the doctrine Jeru

salem. 16. 3. And Ziba said unto the king, behold, his

spirit abideth in the followers of the human

covenant Jerusalem. 17. 20. And when they had sought and could not

find them, their souls returned to the doc

trine Jerusalem. 19. 33. Come thou over with me, and I will feed thy

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