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Culham (Oxford Diocesan).-Rev. H. Lewis, Culham, Abingdon. Entrance fee, 10 guineas. Various exhibitions and prizes.

Durham (Diocesan). Rev. S. B. Smith, Training College, Durham. Fees, £5 per annum.

Exeter (Diocesan).-Rev. J. G. Dangar, Exeter. Fee, five guineas for the two years; private students, £23 per annum. Hammersmith (Roman Catholic).—Rev. T. Graham, Brook Green House, Hammersmith, London. First-class scholars.

£2 10s.; second class, £5.*

Peterborough (Church of England).-Rev. D. Daymond, Peterborough. Entrance fee, £10.

Saltley (Worcester Diocesan).-Rev. F. W. Burbidge, Saltley, Birmingham. Entrance fee, 1st class scholars, £6; 2nd class, £8. †

Westminster (Diocesan).-Rev. Dr. Rigg, Wesleyan Training College, Horseferry Road, Westminster, London, S.W. Entrance fee, £8. ‡

Winchester (Diocesan).-Rev. C. Collier, Training College, Winchester. Entrance fee, £10.

York (York and Ripon Diocesan).-Rev. G. Rowe, York. £5 per annum; private students, £35 per annum.

For Mistresses only.

Bishop's Stortford (Diocesan).-Rev. A. E. Worthey, Hockerill, Bishop's Stortford. Entrance fee, Class I., £3; Class II., £5.

Brighton (Diocesan). - Rev. H. H. Wyatt, Bolney Vicarage, Hayward's Heath. Entrance fee, £8.

Bristol (Diocesan).-Rev. R. E. Richards, Fishponds, Bristol. Private students, £24 per annum.

Cheltenham (Church of England).-Rev. R. M. Chamney, Cheltenham. Entrance fee, Class I., £8; Class II., £10.

*There is given to every one who enters with a first-class in both religious and secular examinations, the sum of £10, to be expended on clothes and books, or otherwise, under the direction of the Principal; and to every student who enters with a first-class in one of the examinations in like manner the sum of £5; and the same conditions shall carry the same reward in the second year.

†There is at Saltley a very large number of exhibitions and prizes.

The fee is not charged to any candidate who stands No. I or No. 2 on the Scholarship Class List for England; and only half the fee is charged to any Candidate placed No. 3 to No. 10 inclusive.

Chichester (Bishop Otter's Memorial).—Rev. R. Espinasse, Westhampnett, Chichester. Queen's Scholars, £20 per annum; private students, £35 per annum.

Darlington (British and Foreign School Society).-Alfred Bourne, Esq., Borough Road, London, S.E. Entrance fee, 10 guineas.

Derby (Diocesan).---Rev. T. H. Twist, St. Michael's Vicarage, Derby. Entrance fee, £10.

Durham (Diocesan).—Rev. W. H. Walter, Durham. Pupil teachers who have passed the scholarship-entrance fee, £6; other Queen's scholars, £10.

Gray's Inn Road (Home and Colonial School Society).Rev. J. Joyce Evans, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. Entrance fee, £10; private students, various.

Lincoln (Diocesan).-Rev. Hector Nelson, Lincoln. No fees. Liverpool (Roman Catholic).-The Principal, Roman Catholic Training College, 96, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. Entrance fee, £2 10s.

Norwich (Diocesan).-Rev. T. Archbold, Norwich. Entrance fee, 1st class scholars, £3; 2nd class, £5.

Oxford (Diocesan).-Rev. H. D. de Brisay, Bradmore Road, Oxford. Entrance fee, 1st class, £5; 2nd class, £10.

Ripon (York and Ripon Diocesan).—Rev. E. B. Badcock, Ripon. Entrance fee, £10; or the fee may be paid in quarterly amounts.

Salisbury (Diocesan).-Rev. W. D. Morrice, St. Thomas' Vicarage, Salisbury. Entrance fee, 1st class, £4; 2nd class, £6.

Southlands, Battersea (Wesleyan).-Rev. G. W. Olver, The College, Southlands, Battersea, S.W. Entrance fee, 5 guineas; exhibitions, &c., similar to those for male students at Westminster.

Stockwell (British and Foreign School Society).—Alfred Bourne, Esq., Borough Road, London, S.E. Entrance fee, £10. Swansea (British and Foreign School Society).-David Williams, Esq., Training College, Swansea. Entrance fee, 10 guineas.

Truro (Exeter Diocesan).-Rev. J. R. Cornish, Dr. Barham's, Entrance fee, £5; private students, £24 per annum. Wandsworth (Roman Catholic).-T. W. Allies, Esq., 22, Portman Street, London, W. Entrance fee, £2 10.

Warrington (Chester Diocesan).-Rev. Canon Hornby, Training College, Warrington. Entrance fee, £6.

Whitelands (National Society).-Rev. J. P. Faunthorpe, Whitelands House, Chelsea, London, S.W. Entrance fee, £8 or £10.

For both Masters and Mistresses.

Homerton (Congregational).—The Principal, The College, Homerton, London, N.E. Entrance fee, £10.


For Mistresses only.

Aberdeen (Church of Scotland). -Joseph Ogilvie, Esq. Bursars, £2, £5, or £10 per annum; non-bursars, £20 per


Aberdeen (Free Church).-R. Lumsden, Esq., Aberdeen. Two guineas per quarter.

Edinburgh (Scotch Episcopal, Lochrin House).-Rev. C. Smith, Edinburgh. Entrance fee, £3.

For both Masters and Mistresses.

Edinburgh (Church of Scotland, Johnston Terrace).-S. S. Laurie, Esq., 22, Queen Street, Edinburgh. Bursars, £2, £5, or £10 per annum ; non-bursars, £20 per annum.

Edinburgh (Free Church, Moray House).-A. Thomson, Esq., Free Church Educational Committee, Edinburgh. Males, three guineas per annum; females, two guineas per


Glasgow (Church of Scotland, Dundas Vale).-J. Leitch, Esq., Training College, Dundas Vale, Glasgow. For male students the bursaries cover the expenses; female students, £2, £5, or £10 per annum for bursars; non-bursars pay £20 per annum.

Glasgow (Free Church).-W. Kedston, Esq., Free Church Training College, Glasgow. Male students, three guineas per quarter; female students, two guineas per quarter.

Answers to Scholarship Questions.

July, 1877.


Two hours and a HALF allowed for this Paper.

(No abbreviations of less than three letters to be used in

parsing or analysis.)


Parse the words in italics in the following passages :

Then raising her voice to a strain

The sweetest that ear ever heard,
She sung of the slave's broken chain
Wherever her glory appeared.
Some clouds which had over us hung,
Fled, chased by her melody clear,
And methought, while she liberty sung,
'Twas liberty only to hear.

When he heard the horse stop, "Come in, Doctor," said he, "if you have a few minutes to spare; you were never more welcome." "I hope nothing ails either Deborah or yourself," replied the Doctor.



Raising-Participle incomp. of irreg. verb to raise, describ"she."

Sweetest-Adjective pure, qual. "strain," super. deg.

That Simple rel. pronoun, meaning "which," third pers., sing. num., objec. case, gov. by "heard," here used as a conjunction.

Broken-Participle comp. of irreg. verb to break, here used as an adjec. qual." chain."

Wherever-Conjunction, adverbial of place, or conjunctive


Hung-Verb irreg., intrans., active voice, 3rd pers., sing. num., to agree with "clouds," past indef. tense, with "had,” past complete tense, ind. mood.


Clear-Adjec. pure, posit. deg., qual. " melody."

Liberty-Noun abstract, objec. case, gov. by transitive verb 'sung," which here means to celebrate, or speak in praise of. Only-Adverb of deg., qual. "to hear."

Stop-Verb reg., intrans., infin. mood, governed as an infinitive by trans. verb "heard."

Come-Verb irreg., intrans. act. voice, 2nd pers., sing. num., agreeing with "doctor," pres. indef. tense., imperative mood. A-Indef. adjective, qual. "few minutes."

Welcome-Adjective, qual. "you," compar. deg.

Nothing-Noun com., 3rd pers., sing. num., neut. gen., nom. case, to "ails."

Ails-Verb reg., transitive, act. voice, 3rd pers., sing. num., pres. indef. tense, indic. mood.

Either-Distributive adjective pronoun.

Yourself-Pronoun personal, reciprocal, 2nd pers., sing. num., mascul. gen., objec. case, gov. by "ails."


Write in simple prose one of the following passages :—

(a) I love the season well

When forest glades are teeming with bright forms.
Nor dark and many-folded clouds foretell

The coming-on of storms.

The softly warbled song

Comes from the pleasant woods, and coloured wings
Glance quick in the bright sun, that moves along
The forest openings.

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