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go beyond the grave, and will not stop there. Look to the memory of the prophets, to my disciples, and the martyrs: they are dead; but their names are not perished, and will be had in everlasting remembrance till time is no more : and so I tell thee of these days, those who fight valiantly, as good soldiers and servants, for my coming, and for my kingdom, their names will stand in everlasting remembrance, who are taken before the time, and those who remain to the end will be standing pillars of blessings to men, so that all generations will call them blessed. ." Now I shall come to thy other ponderings, which made thee feel for and pity the man, from thy own feelings and thy own weakness, knowing how often thou hast been ready to sink in despair. When things did not come clear to thy judgment, thou grewest jealous that it was not from the Lord, and thoughtest to destroy the whole; so it was from thy own feelings, thy own wcakness, and thy own temptations, which made thee feel in thy heart so much for him, to pity his fall, and take my ways, and wisdom in question, that I had not prolonged his life, to convince him, as I had convinced thee. But now thou seest that his life is prolonged, to try him, as I have tried thee; and if, like thee, he will be convinced, like thee he will find my promises sure. But from thy pity, through thy own weakness, which made thee so greatly to feel for him, and which thou couldest never have done if thy faith had always stood stedfast, and no doubts or jealousies arose in thy mind; but had always judged, as some truths had taken place, in my appointed time, all would be fulfilled; had this strength of faith been always in thee, thou couldest not have felt that pity for the man. Now perfectly so stands my Gospel : had I not taken men's nature upon me; to feel their weakness, suffer myself to be persecuted, to be a judge for

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men, what they suffer by persecution ; suffered the temptations of the devil, to be a judge for men, what they suffer by temptations ; had I not in all things resembled men, and bore all their infirmities, I could not be that judge for men, to pity their weakness, which I now am. And from thy feelings, from thy ponderings, the way thou feltest so much in thy heart for him, saying with thyself, from thy own infirmities, thou shouldest have acted like him, in the time of temptations, if I had not kept thee by my power ; in that perfect likeness stands my Gospel : I bore every infirmity of man, as man; but then in power I was God and MAN. But this power is not in men ; and, from thy likeness, they may see why I came to take their nature upon ME,--to suffer for their transgressions, that I might be a merciful judge for them; knowing in all things what they have to go through; and therefore I said in my Gospel, he that believeth in Me shall be saved, because they must believe in my mercies, in myloving kindness towards the sons of men, that I shall plead men's cause from my own knowledge of their infirmities as thou pleadedst in thy heart, from thy own weakness and thy own feelings. And this was a thing ordained by ME, to shew mankind in what likeness I shall pity them, like thee, from taking man's nature upon ME, to judge of their temptations from my own; and therefore I concealed from thee a knowledge of the truth, when thou heardest the report at first; but left thee to thy' own feelings, and the ponderings of thy own heart. But I now tell thee and all mankind, had I suffered an evil spirit to work upon thy heart at the time, he would have worked different feelings, and different passions, to have said, that it was a just judgment which came upon him, that my threatenings were fulfilled in him. Thus Satan would soon have worked upon thee, if I had suffered his temptations to come upon thee: yet I know that thou hast often condemned thyself for taking my ways and my wisdom in question, and for taking my power in question; but of this grieve no more; because it was my permission, that thou shouldest speak the first; and then to convince thee that there was a God in power, thou hast felt my power in various ways. For in thy likeness the NATION stand at present : they have taken in question the manner of my visitation, that it cannot be to thee, as thou hast reported to the world; and they have taken in question my power, that. I shall not go on according to my threatenings, however stubborn or hardened men go on, through unbelief, or however greatly mockery may abound, to say, where are the threatenings, or where are the judgments? because they are not speedily executed. Yet, I tell thee, like thy thoughts, being stumbled at my decrees, because thou didst not know the truth, thou tookest my Bible in question, and my power in question; and perfectly so stand your nation at large. But now judge for thyself how soon thou wast convinced of thy error as to his death; and how soon, to convince thee of thy errors in taking my power and my decrees in question, thou feltest the power of my Spirit, more than ever thou feltest it in thy life; and perfectly so I tell thee of the nation: how. ever my wisdom be taken in question, in my visitation to a woman, however my Bible be taken in question by mankind, or however great my power be taken in question, that men judge I cannot fulfil my word; yet, as the sudden surprises came to thee, one after the other, to know and feel that there was a God in power ; perfectly so this nation, and all the surrounding nations, will feel and know, either in love or anger. To thee it was with cords of love, to convince thee of thy folly, and thy weakness;

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and so in cords of love shall I draw many; and they shall feel the power of my Spirit; and they may look forward with joy, longing to see the day of my power; while, on the other hand, those who mock and despise my power, will feel it in anger.- But now I know thy pondering thoughts: though thou didst not despise my power, yet thou tookest it in question, in thy thoughts, whether it was so great as recorded in Scripture. This reasoning in thee I permitted ; because I knew how greatly thou wast stumbled at my ways and my decrees, concerning Pomeroy: and here was room for thee to stumble, while thou judgedst in that manner I had taken him by death, and not prolonged his life, to make the things more plain before him, that I might be clear in judging, and just in condemning. If he goeth on hardened, when the things are made clear and plain before him; and if he loves the praise of men more than the praise of God, and trusts more to the honour of man than to the honour that cometh down from above, and will not suffer any reproach for my sake; then thou sayest in thy heart my sentence must be just in condemning him. I shall, therefore, try the man; and in the end thou wilt see my justice, my wisdom, and my goodness, which thou in folly tookest in question, whether there was a God in mercy and knowledge, as is recorded in the Scriptures: and now thou shalt find the Scriptures true : and from knowledge thou shalt judge aright, when every truth is brought before thee, and the clay-light bursts unto thee. But know, when thou drewest' thy judgment, it was in the dark, without any knowledge of the truth; and perfectly like thee is the state of mankind: they judge in the dark, as thou judgedst, without a knowledge of the truth ; therefore my ways and my decrees are taken in question by the sons of men.


- This answer which I have given to thee is for all men ; for what I say unto one I say unto all; and therefore thy pondering thoughts must go in print, to shew how wrongly thou hast judged of my ways and my decrees, for want of a knowledge of the truth. For now thou seest that it was never my design to deal with the man, as thou simply didst suppose ; therefore I shall try him, and make the things clear before him. And so I tell thee of all mankind: I shall set the daylight before them, that they may walk in the light, if they do not refuse the light; but if they refuse to come to the light, and love darkness rather than light, then through darkness they will fall. Perfectly like the shadow, which began the year, if men have wisdom to discern the types and shadows placed in thy book, and weigh the whole together; what was spoken in the papers, which I ordered thee to publish; what I have explained from the signs of the weather; and what I have answered from all thy pondering thoughts, if men of wisdom could see the whole, and draw a right judgment from it, then they would know that it was the Lord's doing; and see the daylight break before them, so that they need not stumble nor fall. But, for want of knowledge, thou wilt find many go on in as great a darkness, through the year to the ending, as they did in the beginning; while others will see the perfect day break in upon them, as thou sawest the new year break in to thee with every sparkling lustre. And perfectly so I shall bring ont my Bible to men: from the Prophets and my Gospel, I shall make it clear to mankind, to prove that it is my visitation to thee. And therefore they will find the ensuing year such a ycar, as I told thee before, as was never seen in ENGLAND since it was a nation, TO HAVE THE TRUE MEANING OF THE SCRIPTURES TO BE BROUGHT FORWARD AND PROVED TO MEN. But thou sayest in thy heart-- the

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