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49 tion by trade abroad, so that all may have labour at home; where is there room for Satan's fury to arise and work in the hearts of men against blessings of this kind ? So that no man by wisdoni can clear this propliecy, to prove it true either way; but, from what alarmed thy fears and jea. lousy, I shall prove the truth of my words, that such a visitation as hath been to thee this year never happened in England, since it was a nation; and the blessings that will attend it, which I have told thee shall follow, to make this a happy land, and such blessings to this nation, as never were experienced before, since it was a nation; and yet Satan's malice will rise in men with fury, however clear the truth is proved, by my com- . mand being perfectly obeyed. Because lies will be invented, whatever prudent steps are taken, till my awful judgments come upon them, to cut them off for their blasphemy and lies, and therefore I warned thee so much of the Bishops, and sent out. my threatenings so severe, if they refused to search into the truth : because, froin the power they are invested with, and the places they are placed in, all must know, that they would not let their honour down, to be imposed upon with art and deceit, or wink at a contrivance to deceive the public, or to join in any confederacy of this kind; and therefore I ordered thee to apply to the Bishops, that no one might say, deceit was practised by thee or thy friends.

“And now discern the words further. I said that thy faith was a gift of God, which the world can neither give thee nor take from thee : and they will find that the sound of thy MASTER'S feet is behind thee; and now the sound of thy MASTER's feet is come unto thee.”

A further explanation of the letters in the newspapers will be given in the next book. But now!


the readers must understand, that the threatenings put in the newspapers do not all allude to this nation; they allude to the nations abroad; I mean the severe threatenings in the first letter. But this nation and the Jews must look to the promises, if they awake, as men out of sleep, to be convinced.Isaiah i. 8, 9. xlvi. lxv. Ixvi. -And now they may see the truth of these words - If' I have no one come forward to plead my cause for me, the Lord is working a way for me to plead it myself, and shame all that shamed me, and confound all that confounded me. And let them remember, I had no knowledge of this present visitation, when the above promise was made me.

And now I shall come to the Books of Wonders, which I have been inforined many have complained they could not understand. At this I do not marvel; for I never understood them myself till now. First Book, page $2. Therein are my petitions and the answer of the Spirit: my pleading appears to be to our Saviour

" And can it be, dear Lord of life,

That thou wilt stoop so low,
To such a worthless worm as me,
Thy secret truths to shew ?"

The Spirit,
“ Yes ; I will stoop to such as thec;

My law is upon thy heart,
And not a word that's in thy mouth

Shall ever more depart;
But all shall come upon the lands,

As I myself decreed;
But those that call upon my Son,

For them he'll intercede.
For him have I exalted high ;

And those that do him fear,
· My Son for them shall intercede

For I his voice will hear."

." Now I shall apswer tliee. No more than thou understoodest the meaning of the words, in my answer to thy inquiry, if the Lord of Life would stoop so low, as to visit thee by prophecies, no more do men understand the Scriptures; for if thou hadst understood the meaning of the words; then thou wouldest have known that I meant to visit shee further than prophecies; and that it was a Son unborn that I should exalt high : and if men honoured him, or made petitions to bim ; then his petitions I should answer; because, in honouring the Son, they honour the FATHER; and therefore I worked in thee to plead in a way thou didst not understand in what manner were thy petitions; nor in what manner were my answers. But bere men may clearly see, from my sayings, what I had suffered for mankind, near upon two thousand years, their blasphemy against Me and my Gospel; but now if they receive the Son in my name; then all the past I shall forgive; and therefore, if they receive him as the Prince of Peace, a Prince of Peace I will make him. And let them see the promises, if they receive him ; and let them see that this was a prophecy given in 1794, speaking of my Son, that I should ex. alt high ainongst mankind; but the meaning was concealed from thy knowledge, before my visitation came, as I told thee, like the Virgin Mary's. And now I shall answer those who may say it is blasphemy for thee to believe that thou shalt have a son like her, by being visited from on High; then, in like manner, they must say my Gospel is blasphemy; and su join with the Arians and the Jews; for they cannot condemn the one without the other; nor can they prove the one without the other; because I told them that at my second coming there was a Son to be sevealed.

" And now come to Psalm lxxii. 1, 2, 3, 13, 14. Give the King thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the King's Son. He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment. The mountains shall bring peace to the people.--He shall spare the poor and peedy; and shall save the souls of the needy. He shall redeem their souls from deceit and violence; and precious shall their blood be in his sight,”

* Now let men answer, if this Psalm was fulfilled by Solomon. Didi not the people complain to Solomon's son, saying, “thy father, made our yoke grievous; now therefore make thou the grievous service of the father, and his lieavy yoke, which he put upon us, lighter, and we will serve thee?" 1. Kings xii. 4. "Then how will men place this to Solomon, to say that his name shall endure for ever, his name shall be continued as long as the sun, and men shall be blessed in him, all vations shall call krim blessed? Now let men answer, when this Psalm was ever fulfilled by any king's son that reigned upon the earth. In thy heart thou answerest, it is impossible for man to prove it.

“And now I shall come to thy ponderings and petitions, which thou didst not understand, in what manner were thy pleadings, nor in what manner were my answers : and perfectly so are the words of David, in his petition, which is placed to Solomon, shewing the happiness, justice, and glory of his reign, and of Christ's kingdom under that type. Now I ask mankind, whether this was fulfilled, when the angels rejoiced at my birth, saying, “ Peace on earth, and good will towards men ? Did this happiness then take place? were these blessings throughout the earth? Then all mankind must answer, no: yet, for that end

53, was I born, and for that end came I into the world, in good will towards men, to establishi peace in the end. And let them look to Pilate's question, and my answer.”

John xviii. 33, 36, 37. “Then Pilate entered into the judgment-hall again, and called Jesus, and said unto him, Art thou the King of the Jews? Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a King then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that

this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.” .

" Here let them inquire, as Pilate did, what is truth? And look to the words of David “Give the King thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the King's Son.”

“Then let them look to the Revelation xxi. v. 12, 13.' “ Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, 10 give every man according as his works shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and theending, the first and the last.”

“Let them weigh that chapter with the Psalm; and then they will find the King's Son mentioned by David, that such blessings are to follow upon earth from his reign, is the Son that I have revealed to thee. I took man's nature upon ME at first, for all the reasons I have explained to thee; but now they will find me to be the last, to bring in a Son, to establish the earth in righteous. ness.

“ Here come to thy First Book of Wonders." Page 68.

" And so my faithful shepherds now give up,'

And then the curtains you may all draw back,

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