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And see the blaze of day begin to break,

And so you'll find my promises are great." « Then now let them see what blaze of day I have brought before them. Can men simply suppose I shall establish a kingdom in righteousness and peace, and bring down every heavenly blessings to man, and have no heavenly Heir ta sit upon the Throne ? Then all my Bible is null and void.

" And now come to thy Second Book of Wonders.” Page 86.

" For like that Trial now the end shall come;

Because I tell thee now I'll bring the Son." "And know I have told thee, that thou shalt not be called forward in a public Trial, before the Son is born, that thou canst produce the Son, that is spoken of through thy writings, if men had understood what they read."

Page 106.
i " Know of my coming I said so 'twould be ;

As thou didst hear the sudden death of he:
And this I told thee would be unaware,

And for surprises thou must now prepare." “And thou kpowest what sudden surprise came to thee by my visitation. Now let the Jews weigh deeply the History of thy Father's Family; because it is for their sakes, to shew them that the entail is not cut off, that I ordered thee to publish all the history through, what thy parents had told thee, and what thou hadst known thyself, and I called every thing quick to thy remembrance : and let them see what I have com: pared my likeness to in the history." Page 108. « Weigh deep the Parable, ye sons of men,

And so the HEIR you may see at the last,
When further wonders to mankind do burst.”

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" And now I have ordered thee to bring out these wonders to men. This is the Child, and this is the Heir, they will find spoken of through thy writings, and through the scriptures; and yet it was concealed from the knowledge and understanding of all, before it was now revealed by Me: and they will find that this is the GLORY of the LORD, that is to be revealed, spoken of by the prophets, that all flesh shall see it together; for all shall see the glory of his reign."

After I thought I had written enough to finish my book, there was more wanted to fill up the four sheets, and I was answered thus

“By obeying my commands thou hast put a two-edged sword in the hands of thy friends and iny friends: for now I ask them, where are the impostors that would commit theirselves, as thou hast done, to prove to the world that it is by thy own Master thou must stand or fall? For thou hast now put it out of thy power to act with art or deceit. Canst thou now get another to personate thee in thy likeness, to personate thee in thy age, and to prove the will is thine? Will Townley or Underwood agree to that: and will the witnesses join with it? will Sharp tell an impostor that he drew her likeness, if a woman, in any likeness of thee, should come forward ? Then now let them see that thou hast put it out of thy power to act with deceit. If thou art deceived in whom thou has believed, then it is the Spirit they must blame: but no man can blame thee; because thy upright dealings all must see; that thou dost not wish to be deceived, nor deceive others, but to have the truth appear. . And now call to thy remembrance that on the sofa thou sawest the candle, when it came to the hour of twelve, with a large flame, and the appearance of a ring round it, and the appearance of a large



, at first,
did burst,

shall stand.. ..
i must go :
hey all shall know,
all be born;
uo him scorn;
upbold his hand,
iction in the land,
ime the INFANT's Birth.
· power shall come forth,
more than men can bear,

lespise the heavenly Herr;
that I have made it plain
e learned sons of men,

like Pilate will begin
rash their hands, as he did then,

say, no fault they find in ME;
ind so he wrote my destiny,
Vhich to all nations shall appear,
Before that I have ended here.
Judge for thyself what is in thee;
Thou sayest there's nought; 'tis all in ME;
And so thy witness here can prove; "
Then let them know that God is LOVE;
Love to deliver and redeem .
The fallen race that trust in men.
So for the present this I'll leave,
And to the press it must be sent ;
And there the vision must be plac'd
And men may judge it at the last,
As thou didst judge it God and man;
For in that likeness he shall stand.”.


I shall here insert the vision alluded to in the

bowl behind its between the bowl and the candle the hand appeared, held out to thee, that first gashed thee to the heart, before I told thee not to fear, it was I, which disn;issed thy fears; then know, the second time the band appeared ; and now remember the words I said unto thee-Let this night be kept in everlasting remembrance; and if I bring thee into prosperity, do not forget the giver. Then now, I tell thee, I am the giver of this blessing to theç and all mankind; for all

:! May bless the day the Child is born,

That do not treat the Babe with scorn; . But those that do despise him here.

Before me never shall appear,
To see my kingdom crowņ'd in peace,
Nor yet in heaven their souls shall rest;

Because my wonders are too great, iii. The way I've work’d, to prove deceit

Could e'er be practis'd now by thee;

If thou art deceiv'd, then't must be me

. That have deceiv'd thee at the last- And so my Gospel shall be plac'd;

If thou dost not produce an HEIR,
To have a David's throne appear.

« So now thy writings all may sec,
The way that I have spoke by thee;
Because I said the SECOND CHILD
That way the learned all would foil :
I said the man that set thee free,
A David's crown I'd give to he.
But now I ask thee, where's the man i
Can set thee free from thy own band,
Before the MAN-CHILD doth appear,
To prove thou'st brought the Son and Herr?
Thy writings none do understand
What I said, Kings by my command
Must give their kingdoms unto NB.
Now I'll explain the mystery :
I do not say their crown shall fall ;
With Me they'll reign, I tell you all,
If they'll submit unto my word,
And now be guided by their Lord.

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