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that must reign,' to have power given him to destroy those nations that are enemies to ME and my Gospel. For, as a Prophet, Priest, and King, He must reigu upon the earth; as a PROPHET, to let them know their destiny, if they would not that he should reign in my stead; and, as a PRIEST, to give righteous laws aindngst them, to set forth my Gospel, and set forth my love to mankind; and, as a KING, in power, he will reign upon the THRONE of DAVID, which I shall raise up according to my promise. And then will all kings reign by the rule of my Gospel ; because, I tell thee, He must reign in power, as a King, to war against my enemies, till I have subdued them, to bring them all to the Gospel; and then, when all are subdued, wars and fighting will cease for ever; peace and happiness will be established in the earth. And this is the Son that will be subject unto God, with his subjects: for, as he reigns witla them, so he will reign like them, to give all glory, honour, and power, unto God the FATHER and Son. And this is the meaning of the words that I said, if the First was a mystery, yet the next I should make it plain : and now I have made it plain to mea, what are the FIRST-FRUITS of my SPIRIT, to dwell with wen; and now the truth shall come before them; and then they may know who I am that have visited thee, to bring in the FRUITS of my Spirit. .

"And now they will see that the STORNS are fast hastening on abroad; for Peace will not be so soon established, in all nations, as ye vainly suppose. But see the promise made to ExGLAND, if they awake to see the perfect day : then let them see the promises are great. And now let them see the truth of my words concerning BuoNAPARTE. I said I would rid him from this coast : and now ye say his power is gone. I

said, if all hearts were like the BELIEVERS, to be longing for CHRIST'S KINGDOM to come, I would make all foes to fly before them. And yow let them see, from Buonaparte's power being taken away, how I have fulfillect the one ; and so I shail go on to fulll the whole, till I have made this a HAPPY LAND, if they now awake to see the Bible clear, and to see my Gospel clear. But know what I said on the other hand

“ If by the wise-men I am mocked now,

Like Herud's fury I'll faltil my vow.” Which meaneth, should men of wisdom, men of learning, that are rulers of your nation, and teachers of the nation, now begin to mock, like the vulgar and ignorant, who say thou art with child by the Devil-should this be said by men of wisdom and learning, like the mock of fools, that I said ye must hear; then my anger will be kindled to bring on destruction upon them. For know I told thee that all thy enemies proceed from hell, and the mock of fools thou wouldest hear, because they speak what is impossible, to place such power where there is none, to create, as they have ignorantly spoken. And let them see, on the other hand, the 61st page, how the Bible is denied, and a Devil is denied; and vet, from an aggravating, contentious spirit, like the master they serve, they will acknowledge a Devil that they denied before. So now let them fear what their mockery may bring upon them ; for God is mocked by such men; and the devil is mocked by such men; because they say they despise the Child, as being from him. Then now I ask them, where they will flee to hide theirselves from the wrath to come? But of such hardened sinners I shall leave for the present; for they are pulling Divine vengeance upon their own beads : and just they will find is thy observation, if the devil can create children, he hath created enough

already, old aud young; so he need not work miracles upon thy age, to add to the number; for these fools must be answered according to their folly.

" But now I shall return to inen of wisdom. Let them look to all thy former prophecies, which I ordered thee to bring together, in the First Book of Wonders; and then they may see the day-light begin to dawn; and what I said of thy father's house, from page 68 to page 73; and they will see the truth of my words, that their labour is gone; now the time is come for me to fulfil the scriptures, that they may see their own weakness, that they had not wisdom, nor understanding, to know how they would be fulfilled

« Till on my holy bill I come

To cut the stumps away" — -And do the work that is beyond man's power to do, and where man can never go to accomplish. For know I said, they had done by the Bible as thy father had done by the fuel on the hills, and like thy father by the windows.“They'd patch'd my people up with lies for to keep out the sun."

And by false doctrine, turning the meaning of the Gospel another way, and denying the fulfilment thereof, they have shut out the Sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that he may never arise with healing in his wings; then how will they prove the Scriptures true, if he does not arise in the end? Now look to the following words: First Book of IV onders, page 70.

“ For, as thou sayest thou canst not see,

Because the place is dark,
Just so I say my people be;

But now come to the mark.
Take all the rags and stuff away,

And thou wilt see more clear;
Nor through a glass 'twont darkly be,

Because they are broken there."

" And perfectly so is the truth of my Gospel broken through by men : they have never looked for the mark which I fixed for the end ; and therefore they have brought in false doctrine, that was never taught by ME, nor my disciples; for now I have brought the MARK plain before them, how the Scriptures stand for the end. So that the sun-shine will now appear to men of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; they will now see that the Scriptures cannot be hid; because the truth shines bright amongst them : but if they are hid to any, it must be to those who will shut their eyes against the day-light, and determine to be wilfully blind; then such must be lost. But now I ask mankind, how they will explain Paul's words ?"

2 Corinthians, iv. 3, 4. " But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

"Now I shall answer thee from Paul's words. The true light of the glory of the Gospel, when the end cometh to fulfil it, hath already been hid from all; for where is the man upon earth that can prove his knowledge and judgment clear, to point out a way that the Gospel would be fulfilled. This has been hid, but now is the time this hidden mystery is revealed; then now it is no longer hidden from man, what the glory of the Gospel is -- to bring in for man, in the end, a full redemption and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world, that now repent and turn to the Gospel: for now I shall save MAN, and destroy the works of the devil, who is the god of this world, and hath blinded the minds of men that go on in unbelief: but if they now go on in unbelief, and stumble at the noon-day sun; then, I tell thee, they are lost, as no more atonement will be made than what is now offered to men. So here let men look at the Gospel, and uriderstand what they read.

166 And now come to thy prophecies, which I ordered thee to bring forward of Baonaparte, page 60, that I sliould rid him from this coast. Now bring thy other prophecies together, what I said in the Warning to the World, page 48, what would be the end of Buonaparte, if they set him up as a king, or in the likeness of a king. Now remember what I told thee in years past, of the French Nation, “ If they set up another king, or the likeness of a king, in France, his destruction would be sought, like the former; and this. destruction Buonaparte will find, if he remaineth long in that place :-) and this destruction is come upon him, to fly from tle people that set him up. For, know, I told thee, that this was the fulfilment of Daniel's tiston;' and this is the time it will be fulfilled. Durict, : 44. “In the days of those 'kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom that shall not be dea stroyed." And now'let men see how this liath happened together, at the time I have warued thee I am preparing my KING, to sit upon my holy hill' of Sion; and to raise up the Kingdom that is fallen through unbelief, which will now be established through faith, and given to them that believe.”

The contents is 'Book taken from Joappa Southcott's nronth, by inė,

ANN UNDERWOOD. Witness-_JANE TOWNLEY. Wednesday, April 13th, 1814.

[This subject will be continued in the next book; and also the list of those who have Signed, which could not be obtained in time for this, as first intended, will be inserted.1

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