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how? To thy inquiry I answer: those that profess my Gospel must prove they do not believe my Gospel, if they, through unbelief, will tun so fatal a hazard as to have the Child born without an adopted Father. Then I ask, how they will appear, if they neglect so great a Salvation, which is for the glory of God and the good of mankind, to prove my power, and prove my wisdom, that the way I laid my plan in the begioning I shall accomplish in the ending, to bring in the new heavens and the new earth to men. For all will be brought round in as strange a manner as thy Five Books here are brought round; which no man understood at first, why I ordered thee to put in print what was given in 1794, which was in part kept back by thee.

“ And now come to the First Book of Wonders, page 80.

“ I caus'd my servants for to err

For ends they did not know,
That every truth may be more clear

To all mankind to shew."

" I shall answer thee from these words. Had they not erred through unbelief, but come forward last year, as thy friends and believers did, to be obedient to every call; then I ask thee how the marriage could have been put off, after it was mentioned and made public, that I had said it must take place? But now look to page 81.

“ The wisdom of the prudent men

'Twas I alone concealid,
That they might see with eyes more bright

When I the truth reveald.”

“ And now I have revealed to thee why I spoke in that manner, of the necessity of the marriage, and why I ordered thee to put in the hands of the Bishops the Sign of Pomeroy, that he would be so deeply convinced of his errors; but finding the truths were not fulfilled in him last year, it made them all to err. In this I will not blame them; because the error was caused by me, and their wisdom was concealed by BE; as they knew not for what ends this was done last year to make it shine bright this year, now that the mystery is revealed by ME. So let them weigh the Five Books together; then they will see why I ordered thee to put in print many things that the believers stumbled at, why thou shouldest take things out of other books and reprint them again in these ; but it is to bring these Wonders together that I ordered it to be done. Now come to page 69.

" Then I'll go on as thou didst begin,

Till I have join'd the two;
And both together they must hang,

The Gentiles and the Jews; .
Then at their feet (the mystery's great)

The nations all must come.
The windows I shall all unhang,

As thou hast now begun.” “ This meaneth, to let the light of the Scriptures break in to mankind. The hidden mysteries of the Prophets, the hidden mysteries of my Gospel, have been as windows fastened, that could not be opened; because the sense and meaning thereof have been concealed from men; but now is the time I have revealed it to men, and shall go on till I have fulfilled the whole, that ye will not see as through a glass darkly, but the true day-light of the Scriptures will now break in upon you.

" And now mark what I said of the Jews and GENTILES hanging together; which meaneth, in one faith and one belief: and this year I have

ordered thee to warn the Jews, that the Child will be born to be the PRINCE of Peace for them, and restore them back to the promised land. But in this Jews and GENTILES must join in the fight as well as faith; and OTHER NATIONS will come to join with them. I shall explain to thee the meaning of

" At their feet (the mystery's great)
The Nations all must come.

This meaneth the same faith and belief that is established by Jews and GENTILES, when they have seen the wondrous works of the Lord, concerning the Birth of the Child; the manner it was foretold in the Strange Effects of Faith, in Ninety-two and the following years; and now to see in what manner it is brought round to be fulfilled, when thou art come to old age; and then to see in what manner I have brought forward the Prophets to compare with niy Gospel, to shew them plainly that such an event must take place, to fulfil it. This will convince both Jews and GENTILES, who are men of wisdom, prudence, and understanding, of the truth of the Prophets, the truth of my Gospel, and that thy visitation is from the Lord, as a three-fold cord to bind together. And so on my words they must stand, and convince other nations to stand the same upon the Scripture and its fulfilment. · " And now discern the shadows of this year, that I have told thee the Prince of Peace shall be born; because I have told thee it is by him that I shall establish Peace throughout the Earth: and now discern the Shadow of Peace, which they say the Kings are making with ENGLAND, while at the same time Bonaparte, as I told thee —“ If ENGLAND would take care, I'd rid him from this coast: and let them see how far he is gone from the coast.

“ Here weigh deeply page 60, and then ye may see the types and shadows, how many have appeared together this year, in the likeness of what I ordered thee to bring together last year.

“And now let it be penned what thou hast heard was spoken by the Jews, and by some of the rabbies that are their leaders.”

I have been informed that some of the principal mon among the Jews say, that they will wait to see the event; and many of them say, that when the Child shall be born, as mentioned, then they will receive him.

“ In answer to what the Hebrews have said if the Son be born, they will receive him, let them look to page 49, the propheey given in 1801:

Your Captain too shall quickly come

And bring all to an end,
And fix his glorious empire o'er

The wise whose hearts will bend.
As in a humble manger here

Kings did their Sovereign see,
So my low handmaid doth appear

To all a mystery.".

" This was a prophecy given of the Son, that I have warned thee now shall be born, and by whom I shall establish my kingdom throughout the world. For though he comes first as a captain to conquer, and to establish the wise, that do believe, of the Hebrews, in their own land; yet by him my Gospel will be established, and he will bring in a universal peace throughout all the earth. But let no one say, as some have inocked already, this is a new SAVIOUR: but I tell them, this is the SECOND to establish the FIRST; the COMFORTER that I said should come ; the Spirit of Truth, whom I said should come to guide men into all truths. But what fulfilment of ny Gospel do the great professors thereof now allow will be fulfilled, without the ComFORTER's coming to establish the everlasting Gospel, and to have it preached throughout the world: but if men deny the Last, they never can establish the first. How will they prove my Gospel to be established amongst all nations, kindred, and people, which is promised in the end shall be? But as men say it is a new SA, VIOUR, and some judge it setting my Gospel aside, I shall now make it plain to mankind, that a way-faring man though a fool may not err therein, if he have eyes to see the day-light before him, and compare it with my Gospel. I said I came to give up my life for my sheep, that I came to take away the sin of the world in the end, and to bring in the redemption of man; so that, from the Gospel, they must see there is no other Saviour mentioned, to save them with an everlasting salvation, that all men must look unto, but the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who tasted death for every man, and gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time; and without ME ye can do nothing. So that let no one look up. on this CHILD as a new SAVIOUR, or a second SAVIOUR, that giveth up his life for the transgression of men. For, were this Son to be put to death, as I was on the cross; then fatal destruction must come upon all; because there remaineth no more ofering to be made for sin, And by this let all men see, that he is not born to be the SAVIOUR of the world, in the likeness I came to die for man; but a Son created by the POWER of the FATHER, which proceedeth from the Holy Ghost, to establish my kingdom in the end :

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