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“ Şuch a May was never seen by man ;
The secoND STAR is sent throughout your land,
To shew my second coming doth appear ;
And I'm rejected now, I say, take care."

“ Now I shall answer thee from this type and this shadow. The seat is nothing, being sent through the land; but now i he time is eome, that I have told thee, this May thou wilt feel the LIFE of the Child within thee, that will be announced throughout the land. For as I spoke of May, in May it will be'; and then they will see, from the shadow, what the substance meaneth, of the SECOND STAR, and my SECOND COMING; and as I told thee that my harvest was fast approach, ing, so they will find, before the ensuing harvest is ended, that the Son whom I have warned thee of will be born, who is now despised and rejected by men, letters returned with scorn and contempt. So now I warn them que and all, if this scorn and this contempt go on; then they may say, the harvest is over, the day is ended, and we are por saved : like the foolish virgins they will come too late, if they reject the warning in May. Bat, on the other hand, the joy of believers ; their joy will increase, like the joy of harrest; for it will come to what I told thee in ninety-twy, when thou wast at thy sister's house, in the time of barvest, and the reapers were rejoicing at the end of the harvest-day, with songs of mirth, which, from my visitation to thee, thou couldest Hot bear to hear the singing of songs; but know I told thee to mark the next, and I should spiFitwalize it to thee; which was

Britons, to arm yourselves prepare ;
Prepare yourselves with force and might,
And shew how Christians now 'can tighi,
For to maintain their Gospel's right
Then brave England !"

“ For every foe shall fall before them; therefore I said:

“ If England did but awake, and come to perfect day,
"Twas other nations I should shake-
The sun shine here they'll see.”

“ And now call further to thy remembrance of the harvest day: as it was on a Saturday, when it was drawing to dear midnight, that thy Sister wished them to sing Psalms instead of Songs, which was complied with by all; and the first that was sung was Psalm, xcv.

“ O come, loud anthems let us sing,
Loud thanks to our almighty King :
For we our voices high should raise,
Wben our salvation's rock we praise.
Into bis presence let us haste
To thank him for his favours past;
To him address, in joyful songs,

The praise that to his Name belongs.” "" As soon as this was begun, remember the sudden joy thou didst feel in thy heart, when thou heardst the Psalm sung, according to the manner of my visitation to thee: and know, the hundredth Psalm was sung

“ With one consent, let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise." “ These things I have called to thy remembrance, what types and shadows I ordered thee to mark, from the barvest of ninety-two, when I first visited thee by the Spirit of Prophecy; and tbat the believers may see how I have brought this round, for their rejoicing to be in the time of harvest. Now let them weigh deeply the 102d page of the same book, and then they may see how plainly I spoke that this would be the end

" Because the C doth with the star appear, And all shall know my chariot wheels are near;

-919: For in the Spirit here I say I'm come,

And you may find me in the woman's FORM.”

And now, in the womAN'S FORM the CHILD is concealed from all, that they will surely find will appear to mankind. So now let men trace thy writings through : the First and Second Book of Sealed Prophecies; the Eight Books of Strange Effects of Faith; they will find how all is foretold, that now will open like a flower in its bud. And now I ask mankind, liow they will appear, with assurance and confidence, to place all these things together, and say it was brought rounu by the foreknowledge, wisdom, and power of the devil?

Good Friday, April 8th, 1814. I was meditating on the Gospel throughout, and saw that it was impossible for the preachers to prove the Gospel true, in the way they are explaining it. For they are doing by the Gospel, as I did, in my childish years, by a bed of carnations, which I had sown in the garden. When they came to the bud, being curious to know whether they were red or white, I pinched off the top of a bud from every stalk, as I simply thought they would grow out again like the rest; but when the time came for the flowers to open, I saw the beauty of the flowers that I had not meddled with open to perfection; but those flowers, which my curiosity had made me open before the time, were withered, and did not come to any perfection; and then I saw my own folly. To iny pondering thoughts I was answered as follows:

It was I that called this to thy remembrance, to shew the people, that in thy likeness stand mankind; for like thy folly, by the flowers, before the full time was come for thein to open of

theirselves, perfectly so have men done by the Scriptures : they have picked off the top and spoiled the beauty of the Gospel, before the full time is come for the Scriptures to open of theirselves : the curiosity of men hath caused them to dive into things they did not understand. But know, when thou pickedst off the top of the bud, thou couldest but discern the colour of the flower; because the beauty was concealed, till the time came of its being full blown of itself; now perfectly so stands my Gospel: they have picked it, and chopped it, like thy flowers, which thou sayest thou spoiledst the beauty of: when thou sawest the others appear in their full bloom, those thou hadst picked came to no perfection. And this is the perfect likeness of professors of religion : they have picked away all the beauty of the Gospel, all the beauty of the Prophets, and my Disciples; and made the Gospel appear with no more beauty in it, than there was in the flowers, which thou hadst spoiled, by thy eager desire to know the colour, before the full time was come to discover theirselves. And now I tell thee, men of wisdom, understanding, and prudence, who are endowed with good hearts, will as clearly see their folly, in the manner they have picked the Bible and the Gospel, to destroy the beauty thereof; when they see the full blown flowers appear, for all my Gospel to open before them in all its truth, beauty, and splendour; then they will see their folly as clearly as thou sawest thine, when I throw open the whole before their view; and they find, that the Son is born to be the woMAN'S CONQUERING SEED. For know, I said, when man fell, it was the SEED of the woMAN should bruise the serpent's head; but had I been the seed of the woman, I could not have been the son of God, to say I was before the world began: had I been made of the woman; then it was HER NATURE I must have taken upon me, in the likeness of the sons of men. Therefore men do not understand the full meaning of the Scriptures, any more than thou understoodest what colours, thy flowers were of, when the buds appeared, from the seed that was sown; and therefore in thy folly do men go on, without discerning that I came to die for the transgression of the fall,


“ As the man cast his blame on ME:
And so they nail'd me to the tree.
Then now Their folly let it all appear;
I ask what beauty men can e'er see there?
And mark the words from men to thee are come :
Just like thy flowers all my beauty's gone;
For so 'tis mangled by the sons of men.
And from the hand that first did pluck the fruit,
Now let the sons of men, I say, be mute.
She saw her folly, as 'twas seen by thee:
And men, through folly, nail'd ne to the tree;
And so my Gospel doth to man appear,
Just like thy howers thou'st discern'd it here,
Because this day I brought all to thy view,
A type and shadow all will fiud is true :
From the same stalk that thou didst spoil the one
Thou seest the beauty afterwards to come,
When the full time the blossom did appear,
And perfect so my Gospel doth stand here;
In the same likeness, all the wise may see
My beauty lost, when I was on the tree,
Brought through the weakness of the womali's hand,

That in the end she might in power stand,
To claim the promise I made her at first;
And now the woman's conquering seed shall burst;
Just like the beauty in thy garden there,
The full blown fouers they shall all appear.
But this I'll end, men's wisdom for to try;
If they have eyes to see as clear as thee,
"Tis in their seasons all things must appear,
If they will see its perfect beauty here;

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