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and, it is I the LORD must give Him power to go on conquering and to conquer, till the heathens fall before him : and, this I shall do in men, and by men who receive him: they will see the power given from on High, before the child is old enough to be any CONQUEROR at all; because my POWER and my WORKING; my ways and DECREES, which I shall bring round, will soon follow after his BIRTH. So from this all may see where the eyes of men must be looking to the Power of Him that created the Child; and therefore I told thee of the believers, and of the great affection thou feelest in thyself, in love in the Son; know the reproof I gave thee-thou shouldest not let thy love to the Son make thee forget the Father. In like manner I said of the believers, if their tokens of love were in honour to the LORD, and if it was for my sake they shewed such love to the CHILD; then I told thee their love was accepted of the LORD, because it is done for my sake.

" But, as I spoke parables throughout my Gospel, to compare the Kingdom of Heaven to men, and likened things that were spiritual to things that were temporal; so in like manver, I shall speak from a parable now, and come to the reign of Kings. When a Prince is born, do men say that a new King is born? Doth that do away the power of the Father from reigning a king as long as he liveth? But doth the Prince, when he cometh to reign as a King do away the memory of his Father from standing as a King.

" Let them look to the reign of David, how he is called the Father of the Kings of Israel one after the other. All is brought back to David, whose throne I said should be established in the end, and whose inemory none of the Kings that came after him did away. Here, if men understand the Scriptnres aright, and could see my Gospel clear, what I spoke of the Son being revealed in the end, they would see that it doth not do away the SAVIOUR of mankind; neither is it another Saviour, any more than the Kings who came after David were another David.

Here I shall speak from myself, and come to the observation of some people, who do not speak out of mockery or ridicule, but who say they cannot believe it possible that a woman of my age should have a Son, forgetting that nothing is impossible with God. The very things which they seem to stumble at, why they cannot believe, are the very things which strengthen me to believe, when reason is called to my assistance, and the meaning of the Scriptures brought forward and explained. But had this visitation been when I was first warned by prophecies; then it would have greatly alarmed my fears, and my jealousy of being deceived ; and, in like manner, so it would had it been ten years agone: I should have had a thousand fears and doubts concerning the visitation. But when I reflect now on my age, and the number of years I have been led on by prophecies; and the meaning of many things, it was said, would not be understood till the end, as they stood in mysteries; now when these things were called together and explained to me, being brought round by the wisdom and power of God, to shew that nothing is impossible with the Most High, it makes the whole much clearer to my un. derstanding and belief, as being from the Lord, than it would have been to me, if this visitation had come in younger days. For then, as I have said, jealousy would have alarmed my fears: so what appears wonderful to men to believe, from my age, is the very thing that strengthens my faith; because my whole life I have often called to reinembrance, and meditated in what manner the Lord hath led me on. From this reasoning I am taught to see and believe that no power but what is divine could lead me on as the Lord bath done, and bring round such wonders and mysteries in the end, to fulfil the prophecies that were given me, for more than twenty years ; which may be proved from the Strange Effects of Faith and the Sealed Prophecies, which I now see were clearly foretold, though by no one understood; and when the Scriptures were brought forward to me with the Prophecies, and the meaning of all so clearly explained together, it shewed plainly to me the wondrous works of God, to shew his wisdom and his power to fulfil them, beyond the reach of human wisdoin or learning. So that my age strengthens me to know that it must be a divine power, if the words are fulfilled. It was from this reasoning, that gave me faith and courage to announce it to the world, before I was certain myself that the event would take place: having no feeling sense of life within; yet, from the truth of the prophecies, which have been fulfilled through so many years; and being answered from my age, that it was to make it manifest to mankind, as a convincing proof to all men that nothing but divine power could accomplish this ; on these grounds I published through faith, knowing if it was from the Lord, he had power to fulfil his words. But, if there was a possibility of my being deceived, I I wished to have it proved; as I neither wish to deceive myself nor others. And now I see the truth of the Gospel, as to what our Saviour said concerning faith removing mountains : but if I had had no faith to believe, till this time that I walk by sight, there would be room for the world to mock, and say it was by man, though I presumptuously say it was from the Most High.

For thổn the inquiry would be, if I was warned by the Lord that such an event should take place, why not let it be known before the time, that men might know it was a prophecy given ? For now it is come like a dispute I had with a gentleman, who once contended with me concerning the prophecies. He said, I may say this is a chair which I sit on; another may argue, it is not; then said he, it remains to be proved whether it be a chair or not. Perfectly so I say of myself: I have felt life increasing more and more, from the sixteenth day of May to this day; but never having had a child in my life, I leave it to the judgment of mothers of children who attend me, who give their decided opinion that it is perfectly like a woman that is pregnant. Then now I say, it remains to be proved whether my feelings and their judgment be right or wrong; whether it is a child or not; which a few months must decide: or the grave must deciile for ine; for I could not live to the end of this year, with the increasing growth I have felt within so short a space, without a deliverance.

Here I have assigned my reasons why I believed, and had faith to publish to the world that such an event would take place; and I am truly convinced that wondrous events must take place to fulfil the Scriptures, before men can be brought to the knowledge of the Lord, as spoken by the prophets, or the fulfilment of the Gospel be accomplished. But however men have mocked my folly and faith in believing what I have published; yet I plainly see that I should be mocked inuch more, had I concealed it from the world till this present time; for then there would be room for the world to mock as to my being a prophetess, and such an event not to be foretold, to make it known, that men might believe.

And now I shall come to my First Book of Wonders, where I concluded with the words of Paul, in appealing to Cæsar. Seeing the prejudice of the Jews against him, Paul might think that no right judgment could be obtained amongst them; and perfectly so I find it; for where there is prejudice, no right judgment will be given ; which I have proved by the conduct of the Rev. Mr. P. that where prejudice and malice be in the heart, no truth can be known. For I have tried him every way; I have offered to give up to his judgment, and to ask his pardon for blaming his conduct, in public print, concerning my writings, if he would come forward and prove that my visitation was from the devil; and the letter I was ordered to send to the Bishops, wherein it was said that Mr. P would blame his own conduct, in what he had done, and be convinced that my visitation was from the Lord. This letter I was ordered to send to him last December; and I appealed to his own conscience, whether it was true or false, and intreated an answer to the letter; but he returned none. And, as a further proof that no truth can be obtained where prejudice is, a gentleman came to my house last March, and informed my friends that he had written to Mr. P. to inquire of him whether I had put those events in his hands, which I had mentioned in my letters; as he wished to know the truth from Mi. P. himself. But, so far from answering this inquiry, he ordered a letter to be returned, saying, “ from the scandalous use, and the false misrepresentations which had been made of his name, he declined answering any inquiries." This my friends informed me of, and I requested that the letter might be sent to me, that I might answer

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