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But then the trial could not bear,

On whom he did depend?
He must be found an empty sound,

And hollow all within;
I ask the bishop how he'd look

On such deceitful men?
Now Pomeroy here must so appear,

If he do me deny:
For all your sermons I do hear,

And Pomeroy sounds for Me,
To be my friend, in what he'th pena'd:

Then now I'll try the man,
And I shall prove him in the end.

To reason I'll begin:
His conscience here must now appear

To judge thy written hand,
And see if he can now be clear

I have chosen the man.
Dost thou deceive, will he believe?

Then let him stay two years ;
The blood of all from thee shall fall;

I'll surely free thee here.
So from this day, mark what I say,

When Pomeroy thou dost see,
Tell him thou'st done what he commands,

But none will follow thee;
That's not to hear, and now be clear;

Then he must take in hand,
And like a bishop be to me,

And let him understand,
Some others choose, if those refuse;

But let him faithful prove,
And shew the letters thou hast sent,

If they refuse my love. .


love they there will prove, To be my chosen men, Is greater than the heart of man

Did e'er conceive would come. Like Channon I to thee may cry,

Thou dost not understand
The mysteries deep that thou dost write,

Nor know thy written hand;
And why 'tis so thou now shalt know ;

Thy senses are too weak,
Thy spirit would too headlong go,

And anger soon would break,
If thou could'st see the mystery,

And every truth discern.

Therefore 'tis wiser beads than thee

Must see how I do warn,
That will conceal, and not reveal,

Before the time do come,
But only warn the singers now,

That they must all return.
For judgments here do now appear,

My strange works are begun;
Then righteousness must now appear;

And let them see the line,
That judgment here doth now appear

Perfect in every line;
Then now the plummet they'll see clear,

The mystery lics behind. The above letter was sent to the Rev. Mr. P. in 1797, after I had put into his hands the events of that year, which would take place at home and abroad, the truth of which he saw followed ; yet he did not seem offended with the contents of the letter, but said he would do all in his power to get the ministers to come forward. So I am clear that he drew no other judgment from it at first than I did, that the threatenings meant no further thanx if he refused to receive the letters of events, which were put in his hands. This was the judgment I drew of the letter, from what was spoken of his preaching so strongly in support of the Gospel; and therefore he was tried, to see if he would act according to his preaching, not to quench the spirit, or despise prophecies ; but to try all things, and prove all things; and hold fast that which was good, according to the directions of the Apostles : and, as he never mentioned to me any judgment he drew from this letter, I never had the least thoughts of his seeing it in the point of view it is now revealed to me he did; and therefore I was never more surprised in my life than I was when it was revealed to me what judgment he drew of that letter, when he fell back; which justly accounts to me for all bis anger. But had he told me of his judgment on the letter, I should have been answered then, as I am now, that nothing further was required of him, than to answer to the truth, which was put into his hands. *

The Answer of the Spirit. “ Now I shall answer from thy saying, if he had told thee his thoughts on the letter, thou shouldest have been answered then, as thou art now; and so the anger might have ceased, before it was kindled to a flame: and this might have been done, if he had told his mind on the subject; but as he concealed his thoughts from thee, so I concealed from thee any judgment that he had drawn from the letter, before my appointed time was come, to prove the truth of the letter, and the fulfilment thereof. But in years past no man could draw a clear judgment from the letter; because they could not see how a mock marriage should be required, in the likeness there mentioned: and now I tell thee, in the perfect likeness that that letter stood concealed from all, and could not be made clear to any one, to prove a right judgment could be drawn till now, because a real marriage cannot be compared to a mock marriage: and before this visitation appeared no man could prove his judgment true, the way to explain the letter, though his anger was kindled the way he drew his judgment; in this perfect likeness stands my Gospel and the Prophets with the Jews: for they drew their judgment as wrong as he drew his, seeing the persecution to my disciples, and what they went through, judging that the same destruction must come upon them; and seeing no way that the words of the Prophets could be fulfilled, for their deliverance, at that time, to

• The friends are requested not to trouble Mr. Pomeroy any more, either by letter or in any other way.

heighten their joy, but allseemed to heighten their destruction; and not understanding the meaning of my Gospel, how I came to prepare the way for the end, which was not understood by any of my Disciples, in what manner the coMFORTER should come, that I spoke of; and as I said of my Disciples, they would be put to death for my sake; this appeared as strange to the Jews as thy letter appeared to him, who saw nothing but destruction before him, if he was compelled to enter into a union with thee: and therefore he said in his letter that he could not judge thy writings were consistent with a benevolent and merciful God; as he judged the threatenings stood against him, if he did not enter into what he judged his ruin.

“Now perfectly so were the thoughts of the Jews concerning the Gospel; they knew not wliat was before them; if they had been all united to: gether in faith and belief, at that time, they knew not in what manner I should have worked their deliverance, to have conquered their enemies, as their enemies conquered them, after they had rejected me and my Gospel. Therefore, they knew no more in what manner I should bring round my Gospel, to fulfil it in the end, than Pomeroy knew in what manner that prophecy would be brought round, to be fulfilled in the end; which could not be fulfilled by any judgment be drew, or by any judgment mankind could draw, from that prophecy, till now. For this was concealed from thy knowledge, and from all, what was the meaning of my saying of a mock marriage, to place it in the likeness of a king; though thou sayest, had he told his fears, his jealousies might have been removed, that no such thing was required of him; yet, at that time, the meaning could not have been explained to thec nor to him, without I had told thee in what manner I meant to visit thee in the end. But know what I said in the letter : it was concealed from thee the know. ledge of thy written liand; because thy senses were too weak, thy spirits too headlong, and anger would break out too soon, if thou couldest see the mystery of thy writings: and this would have been the case with thee, if I had revealed to thee the sense and meaning of the letter, in what manner I meant to fulfil it, and at what time; thy faith would have been too weak: thy spirits are too hasty to have prophecies fulfilled, when they are made plain before thee. So there would have been room for Satan to work fears and jealousies in thee, that a wrong spirit was deceiving thce: therefore I said that this must be concealed, and not revealed, until the time came of its fulfilment. For there was no warning to be given of the meaning of this communication, or in what manner it should be fulfilled, till the end; and therefore I said, the mystery lies behind; I said my judgments appeared, my strange works were begun: and let them look to all nations, what hath followed since ninety-seven ; but the end is not yet; for stranger works are hastening on, to bring the righteousness that I said must appear.


* Then now let them see the line, in what manner I have revealed to thee, from the scriptures, from the prophecies I have given to thee, and the manner of this visitation; then they may see the line and the plummet plain before them; for now the mystery is revealed, which hath been concealed. So marvel not in thy heart, that I ordered thee to put it in the hands of a man whose anger would break out, from the judgment he drew, but would conceal that judgment from thee; because, I tell thee, thou wouldest have been foiled in giving an answer to bis judgment; as he thought he saw it clear from this letter,

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