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As the woman bore me into the world, so she shall bear the FRUITS of the SPIRIT, and the strongest testimony of ME.-No man could believe my testimony, as being the Son of God, without believing the testimony of my MOTHER; and no man can believe the testimony of my coming in the SPIRIT, to bring in my spiritual kingdom, before I have revealed myself to a WOMAN, as the BRIDE, by my SPIRIT, that I am coming as the BRIDEGROOM.-_1 B. of S. Pro. 95.

Then tell me whence the heirs do come:
Is it from woman, or from mani
And now like man I do appear,
To prove the WOMAN brings the HEIRS,
That must possess my every crown. 1 B. of S. Pro. 96.
I and the WOMAN must appear,
My mother's innocence to clear,
That of the woman I did come
To bring salvation unto men. ' B. of S. Pro. 106.
So you may call her what you will
A BRIDE, or MOTHER; but stand still:
I said a BRIDEGROOM I'd appear,
When I bring in my every HEIR;
And by her name you all shall see
That Mary doth with her agree.
But now I ask how't could be done,
Had not my Spirit to her come,
To have the woMAN to appear,
That in my mother's room is here?

i B. of S. Pro. 107.
-As the stems are interwoven there,
So man and I are interwoven here;
Because they bow to come within the veil,
They'll find the SECOND BRANCH can never fail
To gain the victory for the sons of men.

Word in Season, 25,
And now my kingdom it shall surely come,
As the six SPOTS foretel you who I am ;
And the six SPOTS you now may see them clear,
But in the SEVENTH there's no spot appears :
And I'll go on till there's no spot in MAN,
But like the STANDARD every soul shall come.

W. in Season, 30.
I tell you all, now judge your call,

And see the Tree of LIFE:

If you stand there you need not fear. .

The Dove will end the strife. i W. in Season, 31.
Like the Dove they'll find my love

For those who do appear
The truth to know, and prove it so i

They'll find the Dove appear
To bring them peace that shall increase,

No man can foil them here. 2 B. of Visions, 6. -I am bringing round the chain,

As I have said, for to redeem
My sons and daughters from the fall.

Because the fulness now is come,
It must in union now agree. 2 B. of Vision, 16.

-My Bible all is found,
That in one link it doth appear:
Then who can make my bible clear,
Before the other link doth come,
That God and MAN they both must join,
So perfect in the TRINITY?
The GODHEAD must with MAN agree,
To make your happiness complete,
As I at first did him create.
In my own image and my form
I said I first created MAN,
To be in favour then with ME:
I ask what FULNESS there can be,
If I do not fulfil the whole,
And so the chain bring round to all,
That God and Man alike must join,
To bring my glorious kingdom down? 2 B of Visions, 18.

-I am come
To make my law and gospel join :
The PRINCE of Peace you'll find is near.

2 B. of Visions, 19.
Mark the creation how it stands
A likeness of DIVINITY ;
So I created MAN to be
In my own likeness to appear,
And perfect so I've likend him here,
And so I've liken'd myself to MAN,
To say from ME her Spirit came,
So different from the human race,
And yet my Spirit men disgrace;
Because my ways are hid from all
In the dark mysteries of the fall. 2 B. of Visions, 43.

I am God, and my glory. I will not give to

el 6

another: for I and my Son am one, who created you, and suffered to redeem youi: and where is the power that can stand against me, when I come to plead for my Elect, in whom my soul delighteth? He shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles: he shall not cry nor cause his voice to be heard in the streets, neither shall bé discouraged till HE hath set judgment in the earth, and the isles shall wait for his law,-Word to the Wise, 6.

All the prophets wrote of me:
And yet these things do none discern,
Nor judge the way that I do warn,"
Throughow my Bible it doth appear,
No more than mon discern it bere,
How all the pages thou hast penin'd.
Were but in part fulfill'd by men;
Then sure some other must appear

For to fulfil these pages here. tv. to the Wise, 42. In p. 124, S. E. of F. it is written, I had chosen me a sh'e PHERD in whom I find no fault. If you choose him, I will choose you. Now this shepherd is my Son, whom I have chosen, my BELOVED, in whom my soul delighteth. And there are three shepherds that have testified of him, that it is his Spirit which hath visited thee, to make men heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.-W. to the Il'ise, 46.

I am wrong-
If I don't free the woman's fall,
And bring the wonder in the end,
That's in the Revelation penn'd ,
And all will find the mystery great'
Of this third wonder to apcar,
That in a WOMAN you sre here.
Tie Sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS is come,
With bealing in his wings arpears,'
Satan to cast, our guilt to clear;
And so the WOMAN now he'll tree,'
That heifs of God we all may be :'
So here's a Wonder in the last,
As 'twas to Adam at the first. W. to the Itise, 56.

My Father's words shall ever stand,
That by her SEBD I'll bruise his head.
Eleven disciples it is said .
Stood firmly by me in the end ;
And now I say eleven men
I chose as judges to appear,
And plac'd a Child the twelve to clear;
So all are come now like the CHILD,
You've all to learn, and men are foild
In all the knowledge they did learn.
My bible no man did discern,
That I should bring it round this way.
Learning did all the Jews betray;
Because their learning they plac'd wrong;
And so the learning is of man.
Therefore one judge I chose a CHILD,
That ne'er in learning can be foil'd;
Because all nations now will see
The truth go on fulfill'd to be. W. to the Wise, 57.
As at the first, the same is burst,

The WOMAN did appear
To warn you of your Saviour's birth,

And that her time drew near
To bring a Son, not born by MAN,

But of the HOLY GHOST.

Darkness in every part
There is in man, for now I am come

To judge the world again,
In the same manner unto man,

As I shall now explain..
But here within thou dost begin

To ask how this can be ?
That I am come the same to man

A mystery is to thee;
Then I'll appear to answer here-

My coming is the same:
Though first in PERSON I was born,

But few did know my name;
Then now I'm come, I say, again

For to be born anew,
And in the Spirit to be born,

And all shall find it true;
My SPIRIT here doth strong appear,

That every soul shall find.
So I am come again the same

Unto a WOMAN bere,

And now I'll tell my every name;

And make the mystery clear.
I said men must be born again,

If they would live in me;
Then sure my SPIRIT unto MAN

It must be born again,
When I bring in the heathen lands,

And do the world redeem.
For by the Spirit it must be

My life they did destroy:
Then from my BODY it could not be

That I should all enjoy.
No! 'tis my word that's on record,

My Spirit first must come,
That earth and hell cannot destroy,

When I am born again;
Born of the WOMAN, as at first,

And of the SPIRIT born.
And I shall prove it in the last,

My SPIRIT here is come.
That is my word now on record

And see my bible clear,
That when the FULNESS it is comp

The WOMAN must appear,
I tell you all, to free the fall,.
. That is the law of God,

Church Prayers, 18, 19.

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The PULNESS of the GENTILES will come. Then will the fulness of their joy be completed, and the calling in of the Jews will be glorious, who will jeturn, like Jacob's sons, saying, “ We are verily guilty concerning our brother."

Warning to the World, 44. If the Jews keen to the law, and are looking for a MESSIAH to come, that shall be their deliverer ; and you GENTILES believe that he is come, but that he will not be a DELIVERER either to you or to them, and throw all the laws of God and the prophets aside, forgetting all the words I left on record, and looking to no fulfilment of my Gospel, as the Jews do of the law; then your belief

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