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is not of faith that ļ gave my life a ransom for ALL, to reconcile the world unto God.-

.. . :Hi1 W: to the World, 47.

-I shall now try men,
How their ideas here will burst,
"To judge thy written hand;".!
Then I'll appear to make all clear,

And Shiloh they shall know
How I am come to gather in
: The Guspel and the Law.'
For my disciples I did try,' ;'..

I tell thee, in disguise
And in the end tis my intent.
" That way to make them wise.

ve 7990 W . to the World, 63.

To shew my BIRTH the CAFLD must come;
And so my DeATá a shadow then' 1 '.
But now the shadow's in the CHILD,
To shew my death, to reconcilerini

The world to God. . Prayres on the Fast, 9. I called these two women my mother and my sister, and as my brides joined with thee; for so the woMAN was in the creation; as being taken from the MÀN," she was his sisTER; but as bearing him children, she was a wife, and a MOTHER. Thus was the WOMAN made at first, and this must be the state of the woman; at last, now I am come to free the fall of women - is

The sECOND Adam is in ME;

Then see the BRIDEGROOM here, w!!. ;
• To take the woman as my friend,
My Mother for to be.

P. on the Fast, 30. Zion that travaileth to be delivered shall be delivered; for I have brought to the womb, and I will not shut it.--F. of Sheep, 45.**

I know that some will now beginni

Thai way for to appear. "
“ We judge our God is in the sound,

" "Fis time to tremble here."

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Now. we sçe plain we are but men, i n
.." Our Bibles did not know,
« This way the Lord would ever come;

“ We ne'er discern'd it so,
“ So ji is said, we are misled,

“ We ne'er did understand
“ That perfect in the woman's FORM

“ He'd come again to MAN.
To free the Law, we all do know,

“ We judy'd it at that time,
“ When to the cross he sure did go

“ What folly fill'd our minds !
“ To judge it then, as simple men,

“ We cannot make it clear.
“ Under the Law, we all do know,

“The Jews do now appear:
“ Under the Fall we do see all

" In Adam's guilt to stand.-Flock of Sheep, 58

So now see plain, ye sons of men,

How these two women stand.
This very thing I did ordain,

To bring it to the land.
Because that here you can't appear

? To prove the fable wrong;
i, For see the noise the Jews did make,

When I to them did como;
But now again the second time,

Like serpents you appear;
And I have tried you every way,

No noise in you I hear,
But silent lie, that all may diepte

And thousands you will kill,
I tell you, by your silent spears.

Now judge ihis as you will,
Your footing's lost, and you may boast

Like the deaf aduers here,
No other way, to thee I say,

They ever can appear;
Unless they see the mystery-

The WOMAN then uith CHILD.-F. of Sheep, 68. Here I know thy heart is puzzled, thy mind is confused. How can I bring the likeness of that child to myself, when I was destroyed, and the child was preserved ? No; I tell thee, there stands

but the shadow ; for I must come again in the WOMAN to fulfil the substance.-Flock of Sheep, 84.

So now in print let this appear,

To try the heads of men,
And with their bibles this compare,

And like the knight become,
That heard the cry, as he did say

The MOTHER and the CHILD.
He view'd the planets for to see

What fortune on him smil'd:
And did discern in her his own,

Which he did first reject;
Till heavenly stars made her his own,

By wonders to protect.
So wonders here do strong appear,

Much greater than the child
1. " Which in the end you'll all see clear,

Bless God you all were foild. F. of Sheep, 91. Men have always sought MAN to be the DAVID established upon the throne, and always made ME to be the URIAH, that was slain in the front of the battle ; but now, I tell thee, for this the sword never shall depart from MAN, till a SOLOMON doth appear, that will ask wisdom of God; then shall my throne be established, and the house shall be built in my name.-Jos. Southcott's Book, 48. · Kiss the Son, lest he be angry.--Ask and receive thy full demands, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, and dash them in pieces, like a potter's vessel. Now let them tell me, who is my Son? or to whom that promise was made ? or whom that SPIRIT of the LORD was to be upon, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive, and the opening of the prisons to them that are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all that mourn

Jos. Southcott's Book, 57, 8.

: I plac'd the shadow there,
Then in the CHILD, when so he smil'd

Upon my every friend;
And now you'll find the time's at hand

I shall the SAME descend;
But first they'll see, I now tell thee,

Me like the CHILD appear. W. M. of C. 39. My Isaacs shall be unbound: no longer shall they invite men; no longer shall they intreat them; but they shall stand valiantly in their faith, and wait till men shall invite them; wait till men shall intreat them, to let them stand the trial, that they may see the NEW CREATED BEING--that they may see the NEW COVENANT that is making with MAN.-W. M. of C. 45.

Trial, 86.

But no one knows what lies behind,
That thou another day may'st find,
Nor in what manner I shall come
To shew my power IN THY FORM.
The woman's fall I now must free,
Ere man's redemption he will gain;
For now to all I speak more plain,
While she is bound, can MAN be free?
The BONDSWOMAN, you all do say,
Must be cast out, when I do clear
To make the free, the perfect HEIR.

Trial, 87.

If you weigh deep the TRINITY,

The WOMAN must be given;
To free you all from Adam's fall,

Her promise she must claim.
I made a MOTHER for you all,

And called so to man;
'Then know, the BRIDE must be applied,

That I have known so here,
To claim the promise as I've said,

And then the perfect HEIR
She makes of me-all flesh shall see

A MOTHER then for all!
So I'll appear the Son and Herr,

And now my brethren call. i Ex. of the Bible, 89,
The MOTHER here they must see clear,

The TRUE MOTHER is come

To claim the Son to be the HÉTK,

And free the whole for man, i Ex. B. 92.
Then see the chain that must remain,

The MOTHÉR and the Bride,
To bring in MAN with Me to stand,
For so't must be applied. -

I have rais'd her here
To be a MOTHÉR first to MB;

And so must men appear
To say " the BRIDE must be applied

“ Á MOTHER for us all; Í Ed. 8. 95.
My SPIRIT here is comie,
As at the first, it must be known,

When I the VIRGIN Warn'd.
IN PERSON here I might appear,

But now it is not so:
It is in SPIRIT I am bere,

That every soul shall know..
Then judge ihe two before your view.

The MOTHER and the BRIDE
Came both from me, you'all shall see,

The HOLY GHOST applied,
As at the first, 'uis now at last,

Though 'tis a different way. 1 Ex. B. 94. Let them answer me, why I made the WOMAN my MOTHER, if I never designed in the end to make the woman à TRUE MOTHER for MAN.1 Ex. B. 96.

I fell to rise again, to throw down all Satan's power, and cast the cor'n'ER' STONE on him: for all men must know that that CORNER STONE meaneth the promise that was made in the fall. 2 Ex. B. 106.

Thou spakest in vision to thy' HOLY ONE, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people. I will make him my FIRST BORN, higher than the of the earth.--2 Ex. B. 116.

Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and ho. nour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under

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