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his feet. Yet have I set my KING upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. 2 Ex. B. 118.

Let men see clear what's written there,

And trace the Psalms like thee,
And then I bid them answer here,

How they the whole can free?
What vision first can they now place,

That did of me foretel?
That help on Me should surely be,

The mighty one excel?
Or what FIRST BORN was judg'd by men

To be exalted so,
Higher than earthly kings to come,
Above them, you do know?

2 Ex. B. 119. While I was yet with them, I plainly told them what should happen in the end. But did the other COMPORTER come then, to abide with men for ever? I tell you, no: the other COMFORTER is the fulfilment of my word, at my second coming in power to destroy all the works of the devil; but that COMFORTER must first come in the SPIRIT, whom the Father sendeth in my NAME.--3 Er. B. 210.

-No promise didst thou claim,
Until I bade thee in my name
To ask a favour then of ME,
That now your joy fulfill'd might be;
Because thou ask'st the very thing
That now the COMPORTER will bring. 3 Ex. B. 236.
And now the PROMISE I shall clear,
The WOMAN'S SEED shall bruise his head ;
And therefore in her I shall plead.
Until her SEED do so appear
To join with me and join with her,
And then my words you all shall see,
You'll dwell in God, and God in ye;
For theu in Me you will abide-

the w


and the

And mark from Pilate what he said :
He ask'd me if I was a KING;
Tben know the words I answered him ;
His words I did repeat again-
Thou sayest that I am a KING ;
And for this end I did appear-
I came the every thing to clear,
And of the WOMAN I was born,
That at the end it should be known
That as a KING I shall appear,

And so my kingdom I'll bring here. 3 Ex. B. 237. The SPIRIT and the BRIDE are come to warn all men of my coming. Now let the world answer me, how I could be the beginning and the ending, the first and the last, without I accomplish according to my words? Was I not the beginning in the creation, to form MAN in my own likeness, and make the woman for his helpmate and happiness? This was my plan in the beginning when I made man at first, then I must accomplish it in the ending, if I am the last.

:. 3 Ex. B. 261,
· He that doth overcome,
His God l surely will appear,

And make him as my SON.-3 Ex. B. 264.
The Law before no man could clear

The way that I should come,
· Till I in Bethlehem did appear,

And of the WOMAN born
But none did sec the mystery

Why I that way should come;
That when the Law I did redeem,

And free the FALL of MAN,
I must appear, I tell you here,

Because 'ris she the end must free,
To have her promise known.-

3 Ez. B. 276. Thou know'st the Jews believ'd in ME,

A ROOT that should appear;
A BRANCH of David they should see,

To bring their kingdom bere;

That is, I Israel should restore,

They'd see a conquering king
That unto them there must appear,
And honour great to bring.

4 Er. B. 329. In the full time, call all to mind,

The whole I must redeem.
Under the LAW you all must know,

The PROMISE stands for men ;
The WOMAN'S SEED must bruise his head,

Then I must sure be here,
And in the WOMAN strong lo plead,

Your great Deliverer here. 4 Ex. B. 355.
If you discern how I do warn,

In HER.I must appear,
In SPIRIT strong, and I am come-

But could you all see plain,
That God has so sent forth his Son,

In SPIRIT to redeem,
And you went ou to mock her hand,

More fatal now 'twould be
Than for the Jews, that did condemn,!1: ,
And nail'd ME to the tree.

4 EX. B. 356. The FULNESS of the time is come

That my avenging heel
Shall bruise the head, as it is said :

4. Ex. B. 361. The PROMISE shall be found,

Till I have worked all through ;
The different faces now command,'

I unto all shall shew;
The faces here I now shall clear,

The CHERUB men shall see,
That now do come in heart to join,

And wish to dwell with ME.
The face of men may now come on

To turn which way they will,
They'll find the LION now is come
The EAGLE for to kill.

4 Ex. B. 369.

“ He shall build the temple of the Lord, and He shall bear the glory, and rule upon his throne; He shall be a priest upon his throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.”

Your Father which is in heaven, hath the power to build the TEMPLE of the LORD ; that meaneth to build the TEMPLE in MAN.-5 Ex. B. 453.

If Abraham obtained the Son by faith, which was but a shadow of the promise, how much more by faith must ye obtain the full promise of your redemption.-6 Ex. B. 481.

If I made the first vessel unto dishonour, as man dishonoured me thereby, have I not power over the clay off the same luinp, to make one ressel unto honour, to shew my wrath, and make known my power upon the vessels of wrath ?-6 Ex. B. 483.

Let men answer what the FULNESS of the GENTILES means, that it is written, that at the fulness of the Gentiles there shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, when all Israel is to be saved ? Now will men answer me, that that Deliverer meant when I came to establish my Gospel ?-How then was it written, to wait until the fulness of the Gentiles was come in, if it was to come at that time? ---6 Er. B, 493. . . .


How will men answer these words, to say, the WORD was made flesh ?-But know, if the WORD was made flesh by my coming in the flesh, to dwell amongst men, in the likeness of man, then the word that was spoken in the creation, of making Man in my own image and likeness, must become flesh in my likeness, for MAN to dwell with ME, as I dwelt with him.-6. Ex. B. 547.

Know, the WORD that was in the beginning, that the evil power should receive his curse, and his head should be bruised, as my heel was; then if the First WORD became flesh to dwell amongst mien, to have my heel bruised, açcording to the words in the beginning, then according to the

words in the beginning, I must bruise Satan's head, and take sin out of the world.–6 Er. B. 548.

These parables shew my firm decrees in the creation-what I said when I created the WOMAN at first--the promise that was made in the fall my being born of the VIRGIN-my promising to come again as the BRIDEGROOM, to free the fall of the WOMAN; or how could I bring in the redemption of Man?-Ex. of Parables, 28.

How can she be saved through child-bearing, from the transgression of the fall, if the PROMISE is not fulfilled ? And let men mark the words that follow the transgression -- " Notwithstanding she shall be saved in child-bearing:" but how do men ‘understand the words? Do they suppose that no woman is to be saved but such as have children? Then let them remember the words of the Apostle

"The SINGLE WOMAN is to the LORD:" then if the single woman be to the Lord, let no man vainly imagine that this chILD-BIRTH means temporally ; but I tell you all it means spiritually ; for if I that was of the SPIRIT, born of the FLESH, and yet conceived by the Holy Ghost of the SPIRIT of God, to be born of the WOMAN; know all men, through this CHILD-BIRTH the WOMAN shall be freed from the transgression of the fall.-K. of Christ is at hand, 23. ..." As ye are born, it must be known,

You say, of bondmaids all;
Then the TRUE HEIR cannot appear,

'Fill I have freed the fall. K. of C. 39.
- Much like Herod I will do:
If by wise-men I am mocked,

Then my fury fast shall go,
And like Herod I'll pursue it
3. Bring the Child, or kill them all:

In all hearts I bid them bring him,
. .. That he now may worshipp') be.

2 B. of S. Prophecics, 9.

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