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You say you're tainted by the fall; . .
But if that taint I take away,

And make her perfect free,
And pour lhe HOLY GHOST on MAN,

Then perfect heirs you'll be ;
Made heirs of God, it must be know'd,

And joint heirs with the Son. 2 B. of S. Pro. 39.

I said the Holy GHOST should come,

The COMFORTER, it must be known,
And all to your remembrance bring,

When I as prophet, priest, and king,
Do in this lower world appear,

As very MAN I will be here. 2 B. of S. Pro, 52.

From Adam's fall, be't known to all,

The PROMISE is foretold ;
It was to Eve, let them believe,

The mysteries I'll unfold :
When they their reasons have assign'd,

That this can never be ;
My wisdom always stands behind,

And that you all shall see.
For blessed is the BARREN WOMB, :

That never yet gave suck;.,
Because the time is hastening on,

They'll find in her there's milk; ,
For milk 'twill be, they all shall see,

Although the breasts seen dry;
For as I made the water wine,
I'll bring it so this way.

... 2 B. of S. Pro. 81.

Like a travailing woman in sorrow did Eve begin-and perfectly so, I teil thee, like a travailing woman the whole will end. Foley's Answer, 29.

Eve travailed in pain, in child-birth, to bring on man's destruction; so it must be in like manner, of pain and child-birth, to bring on man's restitution.- Foley's Answer, 36.

He persecutes the woman which brought forth the MAN-CHILD. Now I tell thee of this mystery, concerning the MAN-CHILD, it will not be cleared up till the end; and then will every one see clearly

the perfect mystery of the MAN-CHILD that is brought forward to man, to rule the nations with a rod of iron.-Sharp's Answer, 78.

I am the Joseph that was envied by my brethren, and it is MY SEED must come to inherit the PROMISE.-C. with Carpenter, 177.

It is by faith that you must obtain the fulfilment of the promise that was said-In Isaac all the families of the earth should be blessed: and that promise I am now come to fulfil, and to free the fall of women.-Full Assurance, 49.

When I the BONE return,
You all will see the mystery,

And tears of joy will come. Full Assurance, 56.
No more you say, the despised Galilean,
But in his Father's kingdom HE is seen :-
No more the INFANT will be had in scorn,.
But joyfully receiv'd where he is born :-
No more in swaddlings doth the INFANT lie,
But now he'll come in glory's bright array.

Full Assurance, 57. I must create a NEW THING in the earth-a WOMAN to compass a MAN at last, as she compassed Man at first ; but, let them know, the first was under the influence of the devil, when she gave the fruit to man, and he did eat; then he was compassed in her transgression; but know, when I create anew, the WOMAN must be drawn by the influence of my SPIRIT, and compass MAX another wayThat as in ADAM all died, even so in ME might all be made alive.-A. to Smith, 66.

Isaiah xlii. “Behold my SERVANT, whom I uphold ; mine ELECT, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him : HE shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.” Here my Son is called my SERVANT; then marvel not, in the other, that he is called the RIGHTEOUS MAN, to

be ruler over kings, and to destroy with the sword all his enemies. - False Doctrine, 38.

Mark what is said of my SERVANT: " A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall He not quench: He shall bring forth judgment unto truth; He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth; and the isles shall wait for his law." Now, from this, it is mentioned my SERVANT; in the other, the RIGHTEOUS MAN, that these things are to be done by; then know, these promises and their fulfilment must be accomplished by the Son of God. Here the SON is called the sERVANT, - that shall set judgment in the earth, and the isles shall wait for his law. I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light to the Gentiles.--- False Doctrine, 40, 41.

“ He shall set up an ENSIGN for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah, from the four corners of the earth.” Now, from these words of the prophet, let them see how the Jews are scattered, and how they stand; and let them discern my proinises to gather them together in the end, when they begin to look unto me. whom they have pierced.-C. with the Worldly Wise, II. 24.

The witnesses spoken of are but two; the one was fulfilled when our Saviour shed his blood for the transgression of man, that they might look unto him from the ends of the earth and be saved ; and his coming again in power to cast out the adversary, that betrayed the woman, is the OTHER; and these two must be joined together, to bring the olive branch of peace to man.-A. to Paine, 49.

“Then shall they see the sign of the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, theri look up, and lift up your heads ; for your redemption draweth nigh.-1 B. of Wonders, 37. :

Here were things spoken of Cyrus, as a SHADOW then to the Jews; but the SUBSTANCE remains for the end.-L. to the Clergy, 57.

Í speak to Gentiles and to Jews: The MOTHER she must first appear To bring the ISAAC,-men, see clear. L. to the Clergy, 64. As the year ended to thee, with a sparkling lustre round the sun, too bright for thy eyes to look into ; and as the sun arose the next morning with a sparkling lustre of light; perfectly so thou wilt find the event of this year will happen to thee and true believers.--Wisdom, 3. .

For what at first was lost by Adam's fall, Look deep to Abraham, and behold the call, The promise that I made I'll now fulfil; And so in ISAAC évery land shall feel The promis'd blessings I have now in store. Wisdom, 34. They will find the ensuing year such a year, as I told thee before, as was never seen in England, since it was a nation, to have the true meaning of the Scriptures to be brought forward and proved to men. ---ÍVisdom, 46.

I shall set this sign to the Jews, whereby they shall know whether my Gospel is true or not. For, like Joseph, was niy life sought by them, and, like Joseph, I was separated from them, but now, like Joseph, will I make myself known unto them, by signs and wonders that I shall set before them. This year, in the sixty-fifth year of thy age, thou shalt have a Son, by the power of the Most High, which if they receive as their Prophet, Priest, and King, then I will restore them to their own land, and cast out the heathens for their sakes, as I cast out them when they cast out me, by rejecting me as their Saviour, Prince, and King; for which I said I was born, but not at that time to establish my kingdom.-3 B. of Wonders, to

The concluding passage has been inserted as be. ing the subject whereon the whole of the foregoing collection depend, and have reference to; being also the key to unlock the scripture prophecies concerning the restoration of the Jews to their own land, and the re-establishment of the throne of David, preparatory to the glorious appearance of our Saviour, to cast out the prince of this world, and to establish his kingdom of peace upon earth for one thousand years. But for further information upon this point, the Third Book of Wonders is particularly recommended to all candid inquirers after truth, as furnishing topics worthy of their inost serious attention.

REMARKS. Having brought together the principal prophecies concerning the CHILD that was to be born, but never understood till this revelation was given, in what manner he should be born; I shall now bring forward some of the prophecies, which were given to shew how great the rage and fury would be in men when this was made known.

“ The living waters are the living stream,

That like a fountain will come from on high;
But yet the sinners will it all defy ;
And as 'tis flowing, sin will sure abound;
They'll froth with fury for to hear the sound.-
So with the wicked it will certain be:
They'll foam with fury, and the truth you'll see."

S. E. of Faith, 162. How, true I have found these words by experience! as I am now compelled to flee, not only from the face of my enemies, but from my friends likewise, to conceal myself in a place of safety, where I am not known by any person; and my name I am obliged to conceal, to preserve my life

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