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To free the woMAN, or condemn,
For saying I AM IN HER FORM, yw
And prove the FULNESS now is come. S. E. of F. 175.

- From the Gentiles now the Herr nus! come;
And let the generations to appear:
The third and fourth are pronounced here.

For all will find the heiress now is comem .
» Look to my Gospel, and you may discern,
The BARREN WOMB doth to you all appear.- .

Here's a Hannal that obtain'd by prayer, .
And for the Gentiles now has got an HEIR,
For to possess the PROMISE that first was made-
The womAN'S SEED to bruise the serpent's head.

S. E, of F. 21
Men are stumbled
To find me present in the WOMAN'S FORM;)
The time nor fulness no man doth discern. S. E. of F. 220.
Then here's the EVENING STAR-
But 'tis the MORNING STAR must in her rise.

S. E. of F. 222. '12
For men and devils thou wilt laugh to scorn,
When once thou find'st the Man-Child is but born.-
Then Satan's malice it may rage in vain,
And thou wilt smile at all the sons of men.
$o love and anger will together burn; .
And 'tis for men alone that thou wilt mourn;
For thou'lt rejoice to see the MAN-CHILD born.

S. E. of F. 225. .
Christ is compared to the second Adam ; then a
there must come a second Éve, to bring the GOD-
HEAD and MANHOOD to a perfect likeness. For
as the BONE was taken from MAN, and made
WOMAN, in man's likeness; then Christ, who
is the second Adam, must have a Bone taken
from him also, to fulfil the law of God and the
Gospel of Christ.

S. E. of F. 277.,
But by my bone I'll prove it here,
I am the living head.

'S, E. of F. 278.
I bid you persevere-
So cast on me your destiny,

To give the woman here;

Improve your call, I tell you all,

i'll act like Satan there,
Who claim'd my word, condemn'd his Lord,
. For to bring on the fall;
For Man must die was his reply,

And Death was pass'd on all;
Then now 'uis Life brings on the strife
* Behold an INFANT cry,
The mother's pain doth all remain,

When it is brought so nigh.
Ye sons of men, could you discern.

The lives that here go deep,
You'd see what Birtu must bring you forth,

And all like children weep.
But now be wise betimes to rise, .

The FULNESS now is come,
That in disguise, before your eyes,

I'm in the WOMAN'S FORM. S. E. of F. 230.

I ask, when was this vision seen, of the WOMAN travailing in birth and crying to be delivered? Was it before our Saviour was born, or since ? Your answer must be, since.. Then I ask, if Satan could appear in heaven, to Christ, to destroy him there, or the Virgin Mary could be travailing with child after Christ ascended into glory, and all was finished? Then, if you cannot make it good that it is past, it must be to come. You will then be ready to ask me, who is the MAN.CHILD that is to rule all nations with a rod of ironi?

S. E. of F. 284.

In the woman I stand here:
So with the woman let them stand,
And every promise now command:
For every mystery I shall clear,
And place them in the seven here;
It is the Mother and the son,
And Abel's vengeance now must come;
And Abraham's promise must appear,
And Isaac next-
To raise a fallen David's throne. S.E.of F.Continuation,67,
Men now as gods they may appear;
· But I shall fully answer here,


Till they are joined to their Bone,
And with the woman do agree
To take the FRUIT held out by she;
And then I'll join them to the VINE,
And all shall know the root is mine,
Who took the partner from my heart,
As I at first the MAN did part,
So let the BARREN WOMB appear,
That I pronounc'd so blessed here; .
And see the paps, that ne'er gave suck,
So full of every perfect milk. S. E. of F. Cortt. 73.
Awake, awake, O all ye sleepy race,
And see your HELPMATE stand before your eyes,
Which soon in wonder will you all surprise,
Much more than Adam was surpris'd at first,
And more than Adam shall your glory burst, .
To see your heLPMATE then for to appear,
And bring such news as you did never hear,
And bring such knowledge to the sons of men,
And see the GOOD FRUIT to be banded down.

S. E. of F. Cont. 76.
In heavenly raptures men will stand and gaze-
" With transport joy we see the harmless DOVE,
“ Bone of our bone, and flesh like ours to be!
" Is this the hand that Satan did betray?
“ Is this the hand our Saviour did redeem ?

Then now we see the fountain and the stream,
“ As from the WOMAN he did come at first,
“ And in the WOMAN doth his GLORY burst."

P S . E. of F. Cont. 76.
“Blest be the fruit now given from her hand!
“We see thy wisdom in the woman stand,
" That all alike we may be perfect men,
“ And 'tis by faith we must perfection gain :-
“ So by thy wisdom we'll receive our BONE, :
" And then these promises are all our own
“ And plain we see we are not perfect men,
" Until our Bone is join'd to us again
" For sure he wisely then did lay his plan,
" To raise the HouSE OF CLAY as he began."

S. E. of F. Cont. 77. It is now said to me, as the sign is mentioned in the 11th verse (Isaiah vii.) I shall ask a sign, and


it shall be granted me, to the convincing of you and all mankind. S. E. of F, Cont. 84.

Since earth's foundation ere was plac’d,

And I created man;
I ne'er so much unveil'd my face,

To shew you all my plan. Like Adam all will stand,
In his amaze you all may gaze,

To see the BONE appear,
Took froin your side, in haste apply'd

Then say-what fall is here!" i Buok of Letiers, 6.
To find that his Spirit's in the WOMAN'S FORM,
It may be a mystery you cannot discern;
Unless like the wise-men you come from afar,
Anil say you'll see clearly if this be the Star,
That now in the evening begins to appear.

i B. of Leters, 12.
Dur heirship we may now command-
Like very man he now does bring,
That first the WOMAN must appear
Before the King can gain an Herr. 1 B. of Letters, 17.

When that the woman is your helpmate here,
Then to complete your bliss you need not fear;
For the GOOD FRUIT will then be handed down.

1 B. of Letters, 28.
And know the me that must appear :
I am, I am, I tell you here;
And now I tell you who I am,
To prove the FULNESS now is come.

1 B. of Latters, 43
For sure as brothers all must come
The Prince or GLORY then to crown,
To be the King then of the Jews. i B. of Letters, 46.

And then the mystery all shall see:
The woman's wonder soon shall be,
To see the man awake from sleep:
“ We see our BON E that makes us weep.
« Jn heaven the wonder did appear,
" And here's a wonder, we see clear:
“ She must be clothed with the Sun,
“ And CHRIST be present in her form."

1 B. of Letters, 46,

You'll find the anchor and the hope, "gi
You'll find what peace is sealed up ;.
And then I bid you to prove kind, : 1' .
The Child and charity you'll find,
And many seals that will appear; “rini
You'll find the first and second STAR; , .
You'll find the C, you'll find the I, i.
The Spirit and the BRIDE are nigh.

1 B. of Letters, 47. 1. So Adams here you now appear,

The woman you withstood ;
And she the serpent conquer'd here,

Then I'll pronounce all good
That now is done-Behold my Son !!
Now's in the woman's form :

Dispute, 91.

To convince mankind that he was the Messiah, he said, at his second coming, when the fulness of time was come, he would send his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem those that were under the law. Dispute, 105.

This is done to shew the man

How I must first appear;
And must be in the woman's FORM,

To make my Gospel clear.
Now I shall come to answer man,

How the creation stood:
The first I did create the man,

And there I shall allude,
As 'twas from him the woman came,

Then see, the MAN was two;
The man and woman first was one

And bring all to your view;
So now the same, ye sons of men,

As Adam stood at first,
The woman surely from him came,

And here the truth must burst;
For I am come, be it known to man,

The second ADAM found;
And from me is the WOMAN come-

Perfect like Eve's the sound.
So now regain, ye sons of men,

P'll make your mountains strong:
The sword I left in paradise
Shall bring you back again.


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