The Fall of Mortimer: An Historical Play

J. Millan, 1731 - 63 páginas

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Página 2 - Mortimer Began to lord it o'er us by the Queen's vile Favour. He ftalks as on a Mountain by himfelf, Whilft we creep humbly in the Vale below, And eye, and curfe, what we're afraid to reach at. Sir R b.
Página 5 - And change their Shirts of Hair for Robes of Gold: Thus Luxury and Intereft rule the Church, "Whilft Piety and Confcience dwell in Caves.
Página 34 - Perfons, that ftand upon their Privileges becaufe they are Peers, and you muft know are very unmannerly both to the Queen and myfelf. Now they w.ere ordered to be profecuted with Mountacute, and the Knaves in Scarlet refufed, pretending they were above their Cognizance.
Página 10 - Reafoii to blame his Management of our young King; but what of that? Becaufe he has been black, do you think he muft always be fo? You fee he mends apace; let me tell you, he has taken the right Sow by the Ear this bout:— This...
Página 11 - Pho! often times as much in the lieu. Felt. So between them both, I find the King and the Nation are finely bubbled. Bumper. Why, you muft know, Mortimer's fo very complaifant, he fcorns to ftrike an Enemy that's down, tho' they only laugh at him for't.
Página 11 - Enemy that's down, tho' they only laugh at him for't. Frame. Nay, for that matter, the Scots had fcarce left Nottingham, when it was faid among my Journeymen, that they derided our Princefs with the Title of Joan Make-Peace. Felt. And is all this owing to Mortimer ! My Blood begins to boil. Bumper. Nay, that's not all neither, .you fee he has given them up the Ragman Roll too, as tho' I fhou'd give you upwhatbelong'd tome and mine, time out of mind, meerly thro' fear the French, I warrant, will have...
Página 4 - For when th is haughty, clamorous Mortimer, At any Time wou'd make the Publick Good The Tool to work his Ends withal, oh, then! He calls fome fmooth-tongu'd Prelate to his Aid, Who, with elaborate Text political, Spic'd up and down with grave Divinity, Preaches his Medley Dodrine to the Crowd.
Página 20 - Entertainment be fplendidly magnificent — fpare no coft — . I muft gain my Point ; and eating and drinking will do't, if any thing can : for thofe I have to do with are great Belly-Mongers. Turr. My Lord, I obey your Orders. [Exit* Enter Sly. Sly. Sir Maiden Battery dtflres to kifs your Honour's Hand.
Página 27 - I'll be with them They are above bribing, they fay ; let us fee if we cannot eat and drink them into better Underftanding. And when I have difputed 'em, I'll repair To fnljl) Matters with the imprifon'd Fair.

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