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Of the Appendix little need be said. It is rather bulky, but, I hope, neither prolix nor irrelevant. The articles are from manuscripts never before published; and a reference, as to authenticity, is made, in each, for the reader's satisfaction.

To the descendants of Mrs. Savage, and also to Mrs. Ireland, of Wem, I embrace this opportunity of renewing my acknowledgments; as well for their repeated kindness in furnishing informa. tion concerning their revered ancestor, as for the liberal use of many manuscripts which enrich this compilation.

Nor can I omit to mention Mrs. Savage's granddaughter, the late Mrs. Brett, of West-Bromwich, in Staffordshire-my venerable and lamented friend-as having contributed essentially to the present volume.

The undertaking was commenced not only under the auspices of Mrs. Brett, but of various esteemed friends, both among the clergy and laity; and has been prosecuted, at intervals, in those moments which a laborious profession furnishes for relaxation. My object has not been to gratify a blind partiality, to extol human nature, or to satisfy captious criticism; but, by illustrating the blessedness of religion, to encourage early piety, to edify aged christians; and, in short, to ani.

mate and confirm all who love the "truth as it is in Jesus." Female virtue is repeatedly exhibited by inspired wisdom, for the imitation and guidance of succeeding generations.

Now, see the Saint immortal; her I mean

Who lived as such; whose heart, full bent on heaven,
Leaned all that way, her bias to the stars.

Observe the awful portrait, and admire;
Nor stop at wonder: imitate, and live.

SWAN HILL, Shrewsbury,
February 12th, 1818.


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