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DISC. away with a great noise, and the elements xv. Doli

Thall melt with fervent heat; the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burnt up.

Nor indeed can we proceed far in the fa. cred history, before we meet with an awful exemplification of this great truth, a stupendous prelude to that final destruction which awaits the world, and to that complete salvation which is then to be wrought for the church. When the earth was defiled by the abominations of it's inhabitants, when the sins of men had burst the fountains of the great deep, and opened the windows of heaven, and called forth a deluge to cleanse her from her corruptions; when neither the riches of the wealthy, nor the power of the mighty, nor the wisdom of the wise could save them a single moment from the hand of death ; -- then appeared the inestimable privileges of the faithful, the incomparable pre-eminence of the church. Small and contemptible as the then seemed, being reduced to the holy fa

mily in the ark, yet, fafe in the protection disc. of her God, the weathered the storin which *V. laid the world in ruins, and rode in triumph over the wreck of universal nature. New heavens, as it were, and a new earth arose, for her fake, out of the confusion of the old; the covenant was renewed; she was bid to look upon the rainbow, and remember the promise ; the morning stars once more fang together, and all the sons of God houted for joy.

In the dispersion of the nations from Babel, regard was had to the after disposition of things in the Israelitish church; for which reason Moses begins his song with it. " When the most High divided “ to the nations their inheritance, when he “ separated the sons of Adam, he set the . “ bounds of the people according to the “ number of the children of Israel.”

Who can read the lives of those fathers of our faith, the ancient patriarchs, “ when • they were but few men in number, yea

“ very



very few, and strangers in the land,” without perceiving how highly they were accounted of in the fight of God?' " He u suffered no man to do them wrong, yea, “ he reproved kings for their fakes; saying, « Touch not mine anointed, and do my

prophets no harm.” They were honoured in the kingdoms through which they passed as mighty princes of God: when injured, they put to flight through faith the ármies of aliens; they were suffered to intercede for finful cities, and such as belonged to the holy family were sent out of the overthrow, when the destruction of those cities, by the enormity of the crimes of the inhabitants, was rendered inevitable: they were made instruments of preserving whole nations alive in the time of dearth, of informing princes concerning the will of heaven, and teaching senators true wisdom they were revered by crowned heads, and Pharaoh disdained not to receive a blessing from Jacob.

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Egypt, at that time one of the most re



nowned and mighty kingdoms of the earth, DISC.
was appointed to be the scene, first of the
chastisement, and then of the deliverance of
the people of God, by a series of the most
astonishing miracles that ever were wrought
in favour of Israel. A new king arose, who
knew not Joseph, but looked with an evil
eye on the prosperity of the church, as
likely in time to prove detrimental to the
state, forgetting that God protects those
who protect her. Worldly wisdom chose
rather to risk his displeasure by oppressing
her, by setting over her taskmasters to afflict
her with burdens, and by making the lives
of her children bitter with hard bondage.
But the fighs and cries of the afflicted
church came up

before God, and the ven-
geance of Heaven foon demonstrated the
folly of the Egyptian politics. The Lord
awaked as one out of sleep, and made bare
his arm in the defence of his people. The
wretched monarch still withstood the

power which controlled all the operations of nature, and hardened his heart against the goodness which by so doing called him to


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DISC. repentance. The event was, as it ever will

be in the end, that the church was delivered, and her oppressors destroyed. The Egyptians fank like lead in the mighty waters, while Israel, standing triumphant on the opposite shore, sang hallelujahs to the Lord God omnipotent.

Israel thus brought out of Egypt was conducted through the wilderness, the same Lord being her light and her salvation, her support and refreshment, and came to the borders of Canaan at the precise time when the iniquity of the Amorites was full, and the harvest ready for the sickle. The judgment therefore determined was executed upon them by the sword of Joshua, or rather the sword of God in his hand. For as it was Jehovah who “ overthrew Pharaoh “ and his host in the Red Sea,” and “ led “ his people through the wilderness,” fo was it he who “ smote great nations, " and flew mighty kings, Sihon king of “ the Amorites, and Og the king of Basan, " and all the kingdoms of Canaan.” The


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