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when was it done? Thou answerest, never. Neither was it ever done; for sin hath covered the earth, as the waters cover the sea; but the knowledge of the Lord was never yet known to man; neither was my glory known over the whole earth; neither have I established the throne of David; neither have I yet been the wonderful Counsellor, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace: for unto them a CHILD was born, unto them a Son was given, and the government was on my shoulders upon the CrossJesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews;" but when did I establish my reign? The Jews have no king nor governor, nation nor city; they are driven, as I said, into all countries, and become a prey to

their enemies: My APOSTLES were destroyed; the MARTYRS burnt; and my BrBLE is now become like an old worn out coat, that is no more fit for wear: for what is not fulfilled, they judge never will: but now I will make it as a garment to men that is interwoven through, to be fulfilled throughout. For this was my knowledge when I made Man at first, to take the Man and make him two, the man and WOMAN: and here I knew it would begin with the Deviland the IVoman: and so he overcame the Man; by the Bone, that was taken from him, Satan made an instrument to destroy that happiness I promised him. When I camegi first it was like man alone, and Satan attacked me as he did the woman, but I did not avenge it on his head, as I knew I could defend myself; but left it for my second coming in the woMan. But, as the perfect Manwas parted, to make the Woman, to complete my FATHER's will; so must I come in the Body as the perfect man at first; and in the Spirit at my second coming, I must come made of a woman, made under the law to redeem those that were under the Law. Perfectly as theydied in Adam, perfectly so they shall be made alive in me; for, as the Serpent, that is the Devil, overcame the Woman by arguments at first; so, let all men know, thou hast overcome him by arguments at last. And this was the

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knowledge of the Lord, when he created the MAN: The Lord knew that Satan would lie as close to him as he did to the Angels in Heaven: therefore hc parted the Man to make the Woman. Now, as Man fell by the Woman, he must rise by the Woman, by my power, as he fell by Satan's arts; and she must overcoine the Devil as he overcame her. This must be known throughout the world, how the knowledge of God hath preserved Man at last : for now I will preserve all Men that join with the Woman, and ascribe the glory and honour due unto my name. For however ignorant mankind be of thy disputes with the Devil, there is no man living could write or act like thee, without my being with them, to keep and direct them. Let those ignorant fools invent such a book themselves, and say it was a Dispute between the Powers of Darkness and them; and then forge the Answer of the Lord to it; and see how long they would live and reign. • I tell thee they could no more do it, than they could work the miracles I worked here upon earth,

So let Jews and Gentiles stop their mouths,

Without a murmuring word;
For the whole race of Adam stand

Guilty before their Lord,
The Gentiles here do now appear,

With all their boasted pride,
Blind as the Jews did then appears

My Bible's so applied.
When I did come, 'twas judg'd by them,

All this I should fulfil;
And then establish-David's throne,

And them with joy should fill.
There's not a promise that is made,

But they did then expect,
That Israel I should then redeem,

And give them David's seat.
The Mighty Counsellor become,

My Prophet did foretel,
The Prince of Peace--then wars must cease ;

But mark how wars did swell;
Invasion round their City came,

And they were forc'd to fly;
And where's the Peace that he did name?

The Jews tbey still do cry.

Tbe increase of my Government

He said should be in Peace;
And there's no end should be to it,

And David's throne increase.
With Judgment I should set it forth;

For so it sball be done;
And from henceforth for evermore,

The Seed it so shall come ;
Even, the Seed shall ever be

The zeal of God was so!
But now I say, look back and see

If I the ibings did do?
No; simple people and unwise,

These things are all to come!
I will no longer blind your eyes,

But call you back to Man;
The Woman here must first appear,

And I her Counsellor be;
And prove to you my Spirit's here,

And plainly now tell ye,
I see the Gentiles and the Jews,

How they do both appear;
For many then did hear the news,

And so my Followers were;
And now the same, a few are come

Who seek the Truth to know,
And now I'll give them David's throne;

For what I've said I'll do!
A David's Throne must now be known,

The Keeper of the Sheep;
And so l'll now advance my own,

That do my Kingdom seek !
That is, I say, to raise you high,

As David was at first; And you my Friends that judge me nigh,

Will find your crowns to burst. So do not fear what Sauls are here;

For I shall raise the Throne; As Jesse's Son did then appear,

Just so I'll raise MY OWN. For David's Throne must now be known,

It is to raise you high;
But if I do exalt but one,

Then all the rest may lie ;
As Subjects here you may appear;

Then where is David's Throne ?
But as I did advance that Man,

Just so I'll raise my own,
That now will stand like valiant men,

Like princes in the fight;
For the Goliah he is slain

Now by a Woman's might;

But sure in me her might must be,

Or she I know must fall;
So now I'll gain the victory,

And bring in Peace for all;
The Heathen Nations I'll destroy,

And let my SEALED coine;
Because my friends I'll now enjoy,

And give them David's Throne."
The Answer of the Lord to Page 92, where the

Seal stands. MARK, the second Star stands close to the second Psalm ; and as the I is meant for Jesus and JOANNA ; so is my Spirit come to thee; and as the Morning Staris a type of Man, and the Evening Star of the Woman; so now I am come as the bright and Morning Star, to reveal my coming to the Evening Star : and all men shall know I will set to my seal, and fulfil all that is in thy writings and this book that is now printing. For here are the Prophets that prophesied of ME, what I was to fulól: and now I will fulfil them ; so put thy Seal to every book in print, with wax by the side of the Seal: let not one go out without being sealed with wax, and all Men shall find the printed Seal

Is signed and sealed by my Command;
And both together let them stand,
And they shall find I'll now appear,
And every chapter uow I'll clear,
And every word I'll now make good,
And to the Woman now allude:
For Adam said, by her he died :
Then here's an ADAM now applied,
That bids you all to live again
Obey her voice, I'll not complain :
She says, the Serpent all must kill,
As he did broise HER SAVIOUR'S HEEL;
And she's begun to bruise his Head,
By every Word to bim she said ;
And for her Master did contend;
And all shall find I'll stand her frienb,
So much in power like her word;
Her Friends I'll bless, and send my sword
Her every foe for to destroy;
And all her FRIENDS I'll now enjoy.
So let the Woman's Seed appear
In Hand and Heart to join with her,

And then the BRIDEGROOM they shall see
Welcome her Friends ; they welcome be
To see the coming of the LORD,
And Paradise again restor'd;
As Adam was cast out that way,
The Woman's Hand, he then did say
Gave him the Fruit, and so he died;
But here's the ADAM now applied,
That bids you all turn back this way;
Mark ye the Serpent where he lay,
And say, you all agree to kill,
Because the Woman's blood he'd spill,
Which you confess was part of Man;
Then how can you retiuse her Hand,
As she was taken from your side?
Part of the Man must be applied,
And so you must together stand,
I tell you all, both heart and hand,
If ever you will be redeemid,
Just like my Coat without a Seam.
For how can your Redemption come ?
The Man and Woman both as ONE
Did join together in the Fal;
And so again, I tell you all,
That both together you must join,
In heart as one you must combine,
Before your Bliss can be complete.
My Father's words are no deceit;
And I shall prove it in the end ;
I died to be the WOMAN's Friend,
My Father's promise to fulfil-
I said I'd come to do his WiLL."

An explanation given to Joanna, in answer to a person's saying that the whole of the 24th Chapter of St. Matthew was to be fulfilled at the second coming of Christ. The reader is desired to examine the 24th and 25th chapters together, with great attention; they may then discover the events that befell the Apostles and Disciples of their Lord, which he told them would happen to them after his death :the destruction of Jerusalem ; the false prophets and impostors of those days, &e. By an attentive reading of the two chapters, any person who searches for the truth, may know how to separate the two chapters, so as to discover the calamities that fell in those days, distinct from the blessings that will attend true and faith

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