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Because 'twas I who made man at the first, ..
And like the serpent then you say I burst,
With nought but poison in my mouth appear;

Then now I tell you, you shall feel my spear.
If like the devils, now, you judge your God,
Then like the devils you shall feel my rod
With indignation on your heads to turn;
For like an oven shalı my fury burn,
If you do not confess the Woman true.
I left the man the devil's words to shew,
How he by every art doth work in man.
Had I not gave the Woman to his hand,
Satan would sought out man, and found a way,
His innocence, like her's, he'd soolo betray;
And then upon his God he'd cast the blame,
And said from me he knew the voice did come
And so the man could not be good alone,
And now I ask you how I could atone
For any crimes so artfully laid on me?
And by such arts they nail'd me to the tree.
Then for such arts I never could atone;
It is the Woman's innocence alone,
That cast her guilt upon the serpent's head,
And so I died, her innocence to piead,
That from the serpent I would set her free,
And he should bear his blame as well as me.
But will men say, that I betray'd at first,
And like the serpent I to her did burst?
Then like the serpent I must now become,
And Satan claim ihis kingdom all his own;
And you, like fallen angels, must appear
Join'd with the devil now, I tell you here :
Because the serpent you have now made me;
The second time youde nail'd me to the tree !
And all my wounds you boldly open here.
You say I am the serpent and the spear,
So full of poison that did come to man!
And like the devil now you've laid your plan ;
To have the kingdom, and call it your own,
And me and all my heirs for to unthrone !
Because the serpent now you make of me,
Where the great curse was then pronounc'd to be:
And so you bring it on my guiltless head!
For like the devil now is all vour plead :
And so I see man is not good alone.
I'll save the woman, and I'll save my own,
Tnat with the wonian they do not agree,
To cast the serpent, and their Maker free;
And say, the poisonous serpent came from hell ;

And from the devil every lie tlen fell; And now the woman's seed do strong appear, To prove the serpent was the devil there; And now I see the enmity is plac'd ; . By Satan's arts the woman now is cast; And, by my wisdom-man is cast the same, ., To prove that wrong his Maker he does blare; Because I let the devil speak in man, To shew you Satan, and his every plan, How with such arts he does mankind deceive ; And therefore madly do mankind believe'; Nor of their judgment they do not discern, Nor in what manner I to thee do warn. But now his mad believers do appear, In words of madness they no way can clear; Unless they now will turn the woman's friend, Confess their folly, - to mů sceptre bend; And with the woman's seed they'll now agree. No other wou presented man cun be; Because high treason they've pronounced here ; Made me the serpent for to feel my pear! Because the roice by whi: von were betray'd, I tell thee now must tak up in his head : Or else your bibles you must give the lie. The woman's seed will bruise his head this way; And with the woman's seed I now shall join. I see old Adan now appear in man, Upon your Maker for to cast the blame; And that's the way I'll put you all to shame; And if that way the prophet do appear, I tell you, soon he'll feel the furious bear : For that's the way he never shall turn back ; The bear shall meet him, and his bones shall break; And he shall ner er see the promis'd land! . The woman's sced must every bliss command, And 'lis by her that you must all be free: She cast her blame on S.ATAX, not on ME: And in the end she now hath done the same. Here's Eve and Adam, as at first they came : And now I tell you to weigh deep the fall; For now the woman's seed shall conquer ali! For now my HEEL they've surely bruis'd it here, To say a serpent I at first appear'd: Then now I tell them I shall bruise bis head. You say my prophet did so wrongly plead ja Then súre like Balaam he does now appear; The simple ass reproves his madness here, To tell you all, my sword is in the way, I'll send my angels, and your prophet slay,

If in this manner you do still go on.
And now. I tell thee why I threaten'd man:
If that the prophet they no way would free,
Parlakers of his sins they surely be ;
And on their heads I say will fall his guilt.
A Jonah's anger is in Brothers' felt:
For unto anger he hath provok'd his God;
· Because that nian hath laid on him such rod.:
Su all together this will fall on man.
Once more I tell you all, the sword is drawní :
Therefore to justice he ought to appear,
And answer for himself, the whole lo clear :
Whether such writings e'er came from his hand,
And in what manner he did the command.
For prophecies can in no way appear,
But by my gospel, as I've told you here;
That as the rustling of the winds do come,
Ye bear the sound, but never can discern .."
From whence it came, nor whither it do go:
But try the spirits, and the truth you'll know;
And here the spirit I do bid men try,
And then you'll know if it came from GOD on high !
But thieves and robbers you must all appear,
If you another way will enter here,
Than by the touchstone of my perfect word;

Then try the spirit for to know your God. “Now I shall come to the purpose with all men. Prophecies have ceasel, in the manuer they were given to the prophets of old, ever since my coming into the world. For then I told them they should be warned by the inward moring of my Spirit: and by words being given, like the sound of the wind, that ye know not from whence it cometh, or whither it goeth; so would the Spirit visit those to whom he is sent. But it is written, by my apostle, “ believe pot every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God or not.” Then ve must try them by the touchstone of my WORDS; for be that comethi any other way, than is said in my gospel, is a thief and a robber: and like a thief and a robber hath le put this last 'book in print; for they have robbed ME of my honour, and wrested the scriptures to their own condemnation, and all mankind. If they make

ME the serpent, all men are lost for ever; and there can be no redemption for man. The promise was made for man's redemption, when the woman's seed shall bruise the serpent's head; and the curse fall on him above every man. The curse pronounced on the serpent, as a beast, is but a type and shadow of the devil : having no feet, meaneth, Satan shall have no footing liere on earth, after his head is bruised by the Seed of tire Woman.

For 'tis the woman's conquering seed
Must break and bruise the serpent's lead;.
And all his footing take away,
That now so close to man does lay;
For like the dragon now he's found,
And fast his feet to man abound,
I say, to tempt to every ill,

To lie, to murder, men to kill;
• To pride, to envy, and debate.

He now hath got the dragon's feel;
But when his head is bruised here,
And I turn back on him his spear;
Then like the serpent he'll become,
And have no foot to stand upon;
Because his feet I'll take away.
And now, O man, hear what I say:
The serpent he does lose his skin,
And here's a shadow deep for him ;
For so he now shall lose the whole;
The serpent's skin fortells his fall.
To circumcision next I'll come,
A thing I order'd to be done.
For man his wisdom he must lost,
When I begin to pay the cost;
And his fureknowledge take away;
In circumcision all will lay,
And say their knowledge was not good ;
They lost their wisdom as it stood;
And then the mysteries you'll see clear.
The type's in nature placed here:
The moon is turned into blood,
And Satan's drowned in the flood;
The serpent's skin is Satan's fall;
He lost his footing, skin, and all :
For all this kingdom he will leave;
His skin behind shews he deceiv'd,

But like the skin, I tell you here,
You'll see his body to be lost,
And say the serpent now is cast.
As from the Woman does appear,
Men's wisdom hath deceiv'd ihern here ;
For circumcised they must become,
In heart and life, their wisdom gone,
That they profess'd to have before.
Weigh deep the words, I'll say no more;
But with the Woman make an enil;
Because to nature all must bend :
And I have told you, by my blood,
l'll cleanse all nations in the neod :
That on the serpent all is cast,
And here's the end, for all must burst.

“For as the serpent has no feet, and loseth his skin; he is a type of the devil, that shall lose his footing and power here on earth; and shall run away, leaving nothing behind that can hurt; only shewing to man, by his works, that he hath been here; as the serpent sheweth you by his empty skin, that he hatlı been where it is found, but no appearance of his body near it :- this is a clear type of the Devil's destruction. Circumcision is a clear type to man: he must be circumcised in heart and life, leaving all the foreknowledge he had before of his own, and come to the second resurrection from the dead: the first dyeth, but the second quickeneth. Circumcision in man is a sure sign to him that the fall shall be taken away from man, and he shall be quickeneil by my Spirit. Circumcision is a type of man's redemption; the serpent is a type of Satan's destruction; and the WOMAN is a type of Je, whose blood was shed for all men, to bring the fruits of the spirit to man; for as it is in nature, so it is in grace. The woman's seed must bruise the serpent's head. Now the enmity is placed between the woman's seed and the man, who is under the influence of the devil, to cast all on his Maker, as Adam did: Lut know, that in Adain ail

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