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them to their bibles, and they will see in many places, particularly in the 13th chapter of Jeremiah, 4th verse, what a simple type is used there; but the meaning was to a great purpose ; and all the bible shews the same :--and yet, the Lord says-" In me there is no variableness, nor shadow of turning.


Dec. 6, 1802.

The Second Edition, printed by W. Marc!.ant, in July, 1815.

- (Price Sirpence.)

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Communications given since the Writings were

opened on the 12th of January, 1903.

T Shall now lay before the public suine parts of the sealed 1 Writings, which were given into the hands of three Ministers and four other Gentlemen, that came from different parts of the kingdom to Exeter, on Deccinber 28th, 1801, to examine into the truih of what they had heard; and as the Clergy of Exeter refused to join them to scarch out the truth, I was ordered, by The Spirit, to give into the hands of these gentlemen my sealed writings, on the 5th of January, 1909, who had acted with Soloinon's wisdom - as it is “ the wisdom of a king to search out a matter." This advice was given to bim who asked wisdom from the Lord, and the Lord granted his request : - but, as some say, there are wiser men now in the world than Solomon was, let them produce a uiscr. Solomon had his wisdom from the LORD; best tow“ every man's ways are clean in his own eyes ;” and, like Babel's builders, so divided in their faith and belief of the Scriptures, that one pulls down what another builds !!P, and they have thrown Religion into confusion ; but God is a God of order, not of confusion and his command is, that every thing shall be done “ decently and in order.Therefore he hath commanded my writings to go forth to convince mankind of the folly of this age, which is now come, as is foretold in the Scriptures. Men are departed from the faith once delivered to them by the prophets, apostles, and from the Lord of life and glory, bringing in false doctrine, heresy, and schism. I must call to your remeinbrance what erroneous doctrines and blasphemy have been published against the Bible within these few years past, denying the LORD that boug!t them, and how full our land is of Doists and Atheists. Numbers I am well informed have burnt their Bibles in so shocking a manner, that I tremble to relate it. So all that is foretold in holy writ is now fulfilling by the different classes of men in this age. And as Satan has worked in the hearts of the people to fulfil one part, so the LORD, according to his promise, has sent his Spirit to fulfil the other action that he may not destroy the whole race of inankind in his anger,

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