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and burn them up in his sore displeasure. But know first, he will make up his jewels; and these are his jewels, who shall say one to another, “ (Vhat hath the LORD said? And what hath he spoken concerning us ?These are the People who shall tread down the wicked as ashes under their feet: as you will see in the fole lowing book, who is the wicked one, and how he is to be trodden down. For now the Lord is coming like Jehu — “who is on my side? Who?" For Jezebel is a type of the Devil; and Satan will be cast down as Jezebel was, and no more left of him than was of her. Therefore I must entreat my readers to weigh deep my books with the Bible, as the fulfilment of both is even at the door.

Survey your land, sec how all stands,

And how all men appear;
Then you must know, a God must go

For to reclaim all here.
For there's no man on earth can stand,

If he in fury break;
They've burnt the Bible in this land;

Where must the ashes sink?
If Abel's blood for vengeance stood,

And CHRIST's doth stand the same,
A day of vengeance in his heart;

Then tremble at the flames.
When men begin the whole to burn,

Shall not the LORD awake?
His vengeance on the tempter turn,

Or, our Land stands at stake,
To suffer men for to go on

And burn the WORD OF GOD:
Against our Land, their guilt must stand,

And fear his flaming rod.
The world by water once was drown'd,

But fire it now must come;
The way the Bible men destroy'd,

Must all turn back again.
So all weigh deep, the LORD doth speak-

For all's before his throne :
And for to know, that it is so,

His Spirit is come down.
So I'll end here, and say no more ;

Let Solomon be found,
For to appear and try all here -

It is the law of God;
And if you now refuse to hear,
Then tremble at his rod.


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The Second Edition, printed by Marchant and Galabin, in December, 181%,

from the First Edition, printed in March, 1803.

Eplered at Stationers' Hall.

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THIS is the Beginning of JOANN A's Book, after the Proving the Truth of her Writings, which commenced on the 12th, and finished on the 19th of January, 1803, being Seren Days, having TuE UNANIMOUS Decision of Twentythree Persons, appointed by Divine Command, as well as Thirty-five others that were then present, and who all signed their Names, that her Calling was of God.

HEREAS the learned, and self-righteous, have
condemned me for an impostor, for saying, “THE
LORD SAITH,” when they affirm lie has not spoken;
now let them bring forth their arguments, and
shew their strong reasons, why they pretend to
judge of a thing they know nothing about, and
why they judge in the dark, when they were in-
vited to judge in the day-light, and have the
perfect truth laid before them. Such judgment
is throwing aside both the Law and the Gospel,
Let men capable of reason attend to reeson.
Should a man condemn the Bible who never read.
it throughé forming his judgment upon a few pages ·
of it, and condemning the whole? Would you not
be ready to condemn such a one? You would answer,
yes: you was in duty bound to blame him; and
I answer I am in duty bound to blame all men,
that condemn my writings, without coming to the
clear light, truth, and knowledge of them. Ye
have judged the Lord another such as yourselves:
and was your judgment true, all men must perish
for ever: and your Bibles must be denied, if you

SOUTHCOTT December, 18t!


deny the promise of God made at the creation. In the 3d chapter of Genesis, there is the promise of man's redemption: and our Saviour said, “ Lò, I COME TO DO THY WILL, O God.” Now let them tell what was the will of God when he created the man and the woman; and then I will answer all men. Now let it be known to all men, that near twenty pounds were expended in advertising in the public papers, to invite the Clergy to come and judge for themselves and their flocks; but this invitation was refused, and no one came forward but such who wished for Christ's Kingdom to be established, and Satan's to be destroyed, and his power to be taken from the face of the earth, and receive the curse pronounced against him in the fall. This was the truth of iny writings in 1796 and 1797. And in 1794, the promise given to me was, that Satan should be cast, but that he must first receive his sentence from .men; and that the woman must first BE MADE FREE FROM THE FALL BY MAN, before man's redemption could take place, or the promise made to me be fulfilled; for men must be workers with God, and God with men. And the promise of the Lord was then made to me that he would work in the hearts of his people to do it,--as you will see in this book. Every page was written according to the dates therein mentioned. Now, tell me, o ye worldly-wise men, how this came to pass, that no man appeared to condemn me ? and the fifty eight persons who were then present all joined with me in hand and heart, to claim the promise for Satan's destruction ? As I was foretold, in 1794, he would not have one person present, when my writings were proved, who would befriend him as Pilate did our Saviour; for PILATE sought to release the Son of God; but here was not one present, who wished to release the devil by keeping silence, or refused signing their names for his destruction. Now will any

Ikers with to me be could take

man, endowed with a grain of reason, say, that Satan is come, as Judas did, to hang himself? Then I am happy to say, there was not one present who would cut him down, and thereby attempt to save him. Here I may seem to be jesting with those who are so simple as to imagine that Satan ha's brought on his trial, for his own destruction. But some may say, if Satan's sentence is past, and this calling is of God, he must be immediately cut off from the face of the earth. I answer, no.- Read the 12th Chapter of Revelation : after he is cast, who is the great accuser of mankind, he is there described to come down in great wrath against the woman; because he knoweth he hath but a short space to gather in those who will not turn to and unite with God, but have the image of the beast in their foreheads. It is in the 20th Chapter of Revelation he is mentioned to be chained down.-And now I shall give you the meaning of our dear Redeemer's words, Luke xxiii. 31. "If t?is be done in the green tree, what shall be done in the dry ?"---beginning from a parable of a child being left in a house by his parents and forbid to open the door to any; but a thiet prevailed over the unsuspecting innocence of the child to open the door; so he entered and robbed the house. Perfectly so was it with our first parents : for, like the child, they were betrayed-and like the child they acted; and thus they were robbed of all true happiness : but help was laid upon one that was mighty, to bind the thief, and free the child. June 6th, 1797 : the GREEN AND DRI TREF..

“ Now here's the type, for it is great;

This was the state of Man:
There nothing was, I did create,

But I gave to his band.
The Woman free I gave to he,

As perfect as a child :
Because that she did come froin he;

Till Satan there did her ensnare,

For to unbolt the door,
To pluck the fruit, she simply took,

And gave to Adam there.
The Child he blam'd, and me he sbam'd,

When he saw all was gone:
I said no more I'd trust him there;

But to the purpose come :
I'd turn the key another way,

As my estate was there;
No Child I'd trust, till paid the Cosi

And Manhood must appear.
So Manhood see, and wediled be;

For I've not lost the whole;
The Child shall gain the victory--

The Foe shall stand the poll.
Let Men appear, as fathers here,

And now behold their Child.
The mystery now I mean to clear;

For I did Man beguile;
Till wonders here do so appear,

As it in Heaven begull.
Then wonders see, for so't will be

The Mother and the Son.
Then Cain must come in Abel's form,

And Satan come in Cain's,
And then relent, like Cain repent;

The mysteries lie behind.
If he will not ; now see the stroke

Close to the Woe there's three ; *
The wonders were in Heaven wrought,

And down to Earth must be.
For this I say must pass away,

And a new earth begin:
'Tis time for men like Fathers stand,

And paradise you'll win.
Your Daughters see your Wives to be,

The partners of your souls ;
The woman see now stand like she,

Then you may sure stand all.
Like you I'll blame, like you I'll shame

The simple sons of men ;
Until you say another way,

'Twas Satan laid the gin.
Then he that laid may be dismay'd-

And draw the Circle there;

• The Woes produced are, 1st, the Deluge; 2d. the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Dispersion of the Jews, which followed the Death of Christ; and they rest Woe is for the Powers of Darkness and their Adherents on earth,

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