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A communication given to Joanna, June 13th, 1797, in answer to Mr. Woolland (at whose house Joanna lodged) and a Mrs. Minifie, disputing about having a peace at the end of that month; Mr. Woolland saying it would be so.

.“ Now Joanna this I'll clear:

Wondrous news may sure come here,
When that

does return.
On the seas, I say, I am ;
Seas of sorrow do abound;
Every nation compass'd round,
Full of sorrow and of sin.
Now to reason I'll begin.
I have dipt my sword in blood;
Where's the man that knows his God?
Or these fatal days discern?
Judge if I should alter one?
In thy heart thou answerest, no;
Then what swords shall I let go,
If the Spirit's sword don't fight,
For to make you sons of light?
Still my glittering sword must ily,
Till the rebels do comply.
Have I drawn the sword in vain?
Shall I sheath it up again,
And my work left now half done?
No! I say, I will go on :
I to conquer have begun :
The Pope his pardon bought of mana
If his life that he would save:
Sure his money he did give.*
Lewis he hath lost his crown;
Holland in that state is found;
Every Nation is perplex’d.
Now, I'll tell thee what comes next :
If I stop the raging war,
See my bible and be clear;
From the Gospel draw your sword;
Sound the coming of your LORD;
Let my thunder sound that way;
For my wheels shall not delay;
Perfect as the crown doth stand,

Now's the sceptre in my hand. * This alludes to a bargain between the Pope and the French at their onky inte Rome about tbis time.

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That my Crown may surely stand;
And my BIBLE now command.
Let his forehead be like thine,
See the truth and make it shine.
I will make his face like brass :
Who shall now the man disgrace,
That so wisely did appear
Tojudge from whence thy writings were?
Then now to challenge he may come;
His armour-bearer must be known;
For when Taylor doth appear,
I'll prove his armour-bearer's here.
In the balance they were weigh'd.

Over-balanc'd by thy head;
.' And they were not wanting there:

Soon the mysteries I shall clear."

I was ordered to stop the printing of this book, of the Sealed Prophecies, at the fifty-eighth page; and I must inform my readers, that there were tifty-eight persons, whose faith was clear that mỹ calling was of God; and who signed their names to this truth, on the 19th day of January, being the last of the seven days when my writings were proved.

Now I must draw the attention of my readers, and desire them to weigh deeply what is written in each separate page. Let the two first be answered. by those who say the Calling is not of God. And let it be answered how fifty-eight niet together of one mind--and let the fourth and fifth page be: weighed deeply, and answered with judgment; and not like children, who blame a thing because they do not understand it. Now I shall call you to the sixth page and the sixth day of the creation, and answer, why the Lord should not finish that happiness for man at last, which he created him for at first? Weigh the seventh day in the creation with the seventh page. Who will disannul that seventh day of rest for man? And one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Here Christ has promised according to his Gospel, to bring in that one thousand years of rest to man; and here he has promised to triumph over Death, Hell, and the Grave; as you will see in the eighth page. And now I shall call you to the ninth page. Let the leprous men return, unless they wish to abide in their spots, and perish with their Leader; as you see it is continued on in the tenth page. Now weigh deeply the eleventh. Quit yourselves like men and be strong; that Satan may be cast and man be freed. Mark deeply the twelfth page; and see how strongly Christ hath promised to pay the debt of man's transgression, if we now.

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trust wholly in him, as a child trusts to his father. [com And now go on to the thirteenth, and see the line threatenings pronounced against those whose faith tha will not be to believe, to rely upon his words. The For now, see in 14 page the Lord will do as he did wito in the days of old, when he saved Noah in the il ch ark, and destroyed the world through unbelief. On And consider deeply the 15th, 16th, and 17th pages; swi and see if men are not become as dry as the eggs all, that were boiled: and deeply weigh the 19th and stic 20th pages, and mark the 20th ; particularly, what ? T a body of stars was collected together when my sisi! writings were proved ; and who all joined toge- og ther as the heart of one man. Weigh deeply the 4408 22d and the 23d pages. Remember this was in the 1796; and now I am come to the City, according the to my dream; and the seven stars, were joined to with seven more, making fourteen; one seven went fer el down to Exeter to inquire into the Truth; and the now seven more have joined them: And I must som beg every one to join with me in my prayer, in the 27th page, if you wish to bring the day of vengeance on Satan, and not on yourselves. Then see what is continued on to the 30th page; and there see the beginning of the letters sent to mi.' BOXE nisters; which is continued to the 37th page; and. Nin seven years I have been warning them without any con effect; and must compare them to the boiled eggs. shi Here I shall begin from the 26th page, and give them the explanation given to me by the Spirit. "As the 26th page has the circle in it, so will I encircle to the all that come within my compass: for there is the mystery of the circle that was seen in the heavens.

The three stars on one side in the form of a compass denote the Three-One-God, that placed it and commanded it to be drawn-and so will I encircle the names of those that believe ; that I may know every name which signs for Satan's de


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struction, and for the coming of my Kingdom, to list when I come to take possession of the earth. But and st. let no one sign it, who does not wish it, or does not e whose of believe that I have commanded it by thee, who art

his the single star, standing alone to accomplish my do as he Will, with three Shepherds, in my stead. ThereVoah i fore I chose three, and no more, to begin and gh unbe carry on my work with thee; and my Sheep are 17th pe joined with my Shepherds, and so am I joined to as the cos them all, that join with thee in prayer for Satan's me 1910 a destruction; as thou prayest for it in the 27th ularlv, v page. There is a prayer for all to copy after : - whes T

and I will encircle such; as the four stars are en

circled within the compass. Now let the learned deep's it world answer how there came to be three ministers,

or three shepherds, and no more: and they of the established church, to whom my promise was made. Let this question be answered by man, and I will answer thee again. But let it be known unto all men, I have compared these three shepherds as à .

Shadow of the Three-One-God, and invited the prayer,

the ministers both privately and publicly to taste of my supper; but all refused: and this I foretold would happen at my second Coming; and let all men know it is now fulfilled. Now let them an

swer how the women came all with wedding garand), ments, in robes of white, as tokens of innocence.

-Two came without and went away. This is close panel to my bible, as I shewed thee in the 28th page ;

but men have placed their bibles wrong, and so

they continue to do; but now they must call back circle all to their remembrance that I compared the

shepherds to-Dumb dogs that cannot bark: and there was not one that appeared to condemn thee.

was in the house, as thou wast the day thou didst not appear (see 29th page and that every soul shall know. Now let no one blame my shep. herds who were present; for I tell thee and all

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