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www kind, great is my promise, and great shall : osobeir reward, if they follow on to know the LORD, as they have begun : but severe would be their punishment in time and eternity, if either of them should fall back, for fear of the anger of men; as my word is gone out against the carelessness of my shepherds, who I told thee in the beginning would be careless for their flocks. Therefore, I said, weep ye ministers, mourn ye priests; let the ministers weep between the porch and the altar, when the destroying angel goes through the land. But how could they weep, if they had been faithful shepherds to a faitl:less flock? Then the flock might weep and the shepherds rejoice, to think they were clear from the blood of all men, as they had obeyed their Lord's command; and the blood of the sheep must be on their own heads. And now let the call to the ministers be marked by all men, from the 30th page to the 37th. Seven years thou hast been warning them: But who hath believed the report? or to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed! I was found of them that I soughtnot after; but was rejected of them whom I had called; for like Adam they hid themselves from my Presence : and now let all men weigh their letters deeply. And now I tell thee, if there had not been found these three shepherds, to be as a Moses in the gap, as a Joseph in Egypt, and a Noah to build the Ark of the New Covenant for man, your land must be destroyed by fire, as the world of old was by water: for I would not spare horse nor rider; but would have brought the day of vengeance on all flesh, for nailing me to the wood; that wood should kindle a fire in my anger, and wrath in my fury, that should burn to the nethermost hell, if I had not found men to bring the Woman's guilt on Satan's head, as man brought bis guilt on me." So now, O men, judge for your

selves, and tell me on whom the day of vengeance shall fall. Will you say on sinners? Then he that is without sin let him cast the first stone. But .. here must every tongue be silent, and every mouth be stopped. I am a swift witness against inankind. If I tell you the truth why not believe me? If I tell you lies, why not reprove me? Weigh my letter to the Rev. Mr. Tucker? and let it be known he was a Curate to the Rev. Archdeacon Moore, and often came to the house where I resided : yet no man reproved me; but privately said they could not believe the LORD would reveal his secrets to a woman. Then, ye should never have believed the fall came by a woman. “So now man stands to plead bis trial alone; why he refuses the good, and chooses the evil; why he hath turned the past judgments into gall, and righ. teousness into hemlock. Or how can be run upon these rocks? Or how will he plough there with oxen? How will he break this ground, that is made as firm as the pillars of heaven? Is it good for the man to be alone? For as the woman hath borne the pains of hell, to bring in her natural children, so now she shall bear the joys of heaven to bring in her spiritual children. And as she hath borne pain ever since the fall, that was never cast on inan, to bring forth the fruits of the womb, so she shall have that light given her, which never shall be given to man, but through the woman, to bring in the spiritual children.

Then now I tell you one and all,
When you the race of inan can call
Without the woman to appear,
Then say you do not want her here.
If you without her can be born,
I need not visit in her form,

To bring a spiRITUAL race to man; Because the woman was my PLAN, To have mankind be born anew. Now bring my Gospel to your view; I said, ye must be born again. Look deep, ye simple sons of men ; And tell me how that man was born, You say,“ from Adam 't might be known; " Without the woman he did appear; “He was the dust that perish'd there. " And so the dust doth still go on; " And putrefaction's still in man." But of the woman I was born, (A mystery deep no man discerns) To putrefaction did not come : Then now like me be born again, And from the woman all appear; And then I'll make you sons and heirs; For heirs of God you now shall be, And, as I said, joint-heirs with me; And of the Spirit now be born. You know 'tis written, in her form, That God would surely send his Son, When the FULL TIME was surely come; That as in Adam all men died, Even in me, it is applied, That all I'd make aliye to be Appear vain men and answer ME, How you my Bible so deny? The Holy Ghost, I then did say, My Father would send in my Name, And all to your remembrance bring; And all together is brought here, What men by learning cannot clear, No more than they can make a race: The Sodomites must men disgrace. I ask what children there did come? For men's inventions all are wrong; And so 't went on from Adam's fall; I came as man unto you allAs man I lived, as man I died: As very man by you applied ; And yet you say I'm very God; Then sure the woman must be know'& To stand before you like my Bone; For God and Man alike to join. The second Adam must appear, As in my Gospel you see clear,

How helamo urinys can arracar WAh out the doman. Who can clear


For to redeem you from the first;
And there the serpent must be cast;
Because he came to tempt the bride,
As he did Eve, it is applied ;
But she like Eve did not submit;
And him I'll chain beneath her feet;
And she shall surely tread him down;
And all men's wisdom I'll confound,
That do like Adam now appear,
Condemn me for the woman here,
As Adam cast the blame at first;
But man shall find I'll cast it last;
Because no more I'll bear the blame,
But put the sons of men to shame.
My second COMING is begun,
I tell you, in the WOMAN's form;
And I'll go on and make an end;
I died to be the woman's friend,
And as her friend I'll now appear,
In every page that's written here.
And so I'll end it with the Crown;
As fifty-eight their names were found,
To sign their names, as doth appear-
Satan is cast, the Woman's clear'd.
And I'll go on to clear the whole ;
And now's your time to stand or fall.
So here's the Bone shall not be brokes
The SECOND Adam is your lot,
For to redeem you from the fall-
Appear vain men; and answer all,
How Adam's likeness can appear,
Without the Woman? Who can clear
Or how you'll cast the blame on hell,
Without the Woman? mortals tell.
Let all my Bible to appear;
More blind now than the Jews you are :
Yet they of wisdom did proudly boast;
And by their wisdom they were lost.
And all men's wisdom is the same;
For dead to knowledge man I'll name
He was pronounced by the fall,
And now I'11 prove you are dead all,
To every knowledge of your God;
Confirm the lie which Satan said,
That a true knowledge you should gain;
But soon I'll make you know you're men ;
And no more knowledge have of me,
Than a dead corpse has eges to see,

When he is buried in the dast;
So wrong your wisdom you do trust;
And so I'm come to prove you're dead
To every knowledge, as I've said.
It is by faith that some believe;
But learning doth men all deceive,
Wherein their wisdom they do trust;
The natural branch that way was cast
And the wild olive is the same,
And so high-minded are become.
Then now 'ris time to stand in tear;
The natural branches perish'd there.
Then sure the olive will the same;
No man by learning knows my Name ;
So to your learning do not trust;
I tell you all there man is lost;
Because my Bible none discern,
Nor in what manner I do warn ;
For how could I pronounce man dead,
If that his knowledge was not fled ?
And now I am come to try them all,
And down their wisdom it must fall :
And all as new-born babes become,
Confess that ye have all to learn ;
And then I say I'll make you men ;
And the GOOD FRUIT to all shall come,
That will like Moses now appear;
Put off your shoes as he did there-
That is your wisdom all put off;
Weigh deep these lines—I've said enough
And to the sealed now I'll come,
And tell you how I'll join all men.
For how can man his talents boast,

And prove his wisdom shines,
When all his wisdom it is lost?

Another lies behind,
And then condemns what he hath done;

Then where's the man can boast,
To say his wisdom bright does shine?

No, every man is lost.
In wisdom here no man can clear,

To prove his wisdom's good :
Because another does appear

And say that it is bad.
And so 't went on, I say, by man,

Ever since Adam's fall;
And every century trace you back;

Then prove the truth of all.

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