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But now I'll come to rescue man,

And make the blind to see ; That when my Kingdom doth come down,

You of one mind shall be.
As I've begun I'll now go on,

Till all are of one mind.
And to the sealed letters comem

My. Kingdom there I'll bind.
So now ye see the mystery,

How I shall draw you all;
Ye that don't come, it shall be known,

Must die in Adam's fall.
For there's not one I will redeem

From Adam's fallen race,
That do not come with me to join,

And plead my SAVING GRACE.
So by the Seals, I'll now reveal,

'Tis there your Names must stand, If you will be wedded to me,

And gain the promis'd land;
For there's no man that is not found

For to be seal'd below,
That shall possess this earthly ground,

When I my Kingdom shew,
For to come down, and rescue man

From Satan and from sin,
And give you all the promis'd land,

That I for man ordain'd.
“I know them not” shall be their lot,

When I to man appear;
My Kingdom you have all forgot,

And you're forgotten here,
To have your names enroll'd above,

As you've refus'd below;
You all despise my PERFECT LOVE;

And how will you appear?
I said on earth you must be seal’d,

Before you were in heaven ;
And now the mysteries I'll reveal,

And I my Seal have given.
The second Star doth now appear,

And to the Bride is come;
If for the BRIDEGROOM you'll prepare,

Then let your faith be known;
To give your names that I may come,

For to deliver here
From Hell and Sin; my Kingdom win,
And let your namesappear ;

Or else your lot, w I know you not,”

You'll find is then my cry;
The BRIDEGROOM you have quite forgot,

And let your lamps grow dry-
That is, your faith is wither'd here,

And all your oil is gone.
I told you I should so appear ;

But lamps in every hand
Must then appear, when I come here;

I ask, what lamps must be
It is a faith for to believe

That I shall rescue ye,
From death, and hell, and Adam's fall-

The promise there was made ;
And so I said, I'd rescue all;

Oh, men, be not misled!
What's seald on earth, the scripture saith,

Is surely seal'd in heaven;
Therefore your names I know them not,

Where you no names have given.
But those that give, and then deceive,

And say their faith was wrong,
They're loosed here, and shall appear

For so their lot must come.
So now you see your destiny,

The hours of all went wrong;
And twenty-four, now judge ye,

For so the day is crown'd;
And so 't shall end, 'tis my intent;

The names must all appear ;
By my command the names must stand

And so I have ended here."

This communication was given to Joanna, in 1795, concerning the Sepulchre of our Saviour, and the Sealing up of her Writings.

" When in the Sepulchre I soon was laid,
The stone was roli’d and the seals were made;
To guard my Body, it might not arise,
Or my Disciples e'er deceived their eyes.
This was the wisdom first begun by man;
Now change the lines, and to the other come:

I said a Bone of him should not be broke ;
Read o'er the chapter, see how it was spoke,
That all the Bible it might be fulfill'd;
And every thing according to my will.
Without a Searn my garment it was made,
And interwoven; but by man betray'd.
But now the niystery I've explain’d to thee ;
Or fatal now for all men it would be.
But as my Coat was interwoven through,
My CovenANT I make with Man is new :
I tell you it shall be without a seam,
When I do come all men for to redeem.
For now the Bone it must to all appear ;
It is not broken they may see it clear.
For all my Covenant is sealed up:
Three seals together are in every stamp;
The FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost, these three
Combin'd together in the TRINITY.
Bone of the Man the Woman first was made,
And by the tempter she was soort betray'd :
And in the garden I did find the same
It was the Devil then in Judas came :
So like the Woman I was then betray'd ;
Now in the Woman I will break his head.
Thou know'st how Judas did himself condemn:
Therefore I pity now will have on man.
'Tis well for Satan had he ne'er been born;
Or the proud waves confin'd him to his doom ;
Because on Satan doth my anger burn-
V'll save all souls, that now to me will turn.
My arms are open all men to receive;
The water flowing will the fountain give :
And let my GOSPEL sound from pole to pole ;
And free salvation must be preach'd to all;
Whoever will I bid them now to come
My Promise is,'I'll never cast out one,
That doth my fav ur now begin to seek :
The time draws nigh that it will be too late.
I spar'd the hig-Tree but one single year;

Tis in my Gospel, let all men beware.
My feast's preparing, and my servants £o,
To know if they will sup with me or no.
The BRIDEGROOM's coming, let them oil prepare-
It is too late when I have shut the dour:
For when the axe is laid unto the Tree,
The Root cut down, the Branches dead must be,

Now glorious days, I say, are coming on
To such as don't my favours proudly scorn;
But they that do my favours now despise,
Go with their masters, whom they do more prize ;
Because this earth l're chose it for niy own;
And in my charict I am coming down.”

In December 14th, 1795, Mr. Kidner dreamed that the corn was ripe unto harvest, in some fields; but one was green, and could not ripen for want of sun. All on a sudden he thought the sun burnt so much, that he felt the heat, and was warmed thereby. The field of corn was ripened at once by the burning sun. There was some corn, however, green, and they were forced to cut it down, and carry it into another field to ripen ; as the eaves of the trees shaded the field, so that the sun could not come to ripen it.

The Answer of the Spirit.

«And now these lines thou hast read o'er to ME,
I'll answer every single line to thee.
The corn in other fields did ripen'd stand-
Why art thou puzzld? it is in this land.
This is the field he dream'd it was so green :
In all thy writings plain it might be seen;
For by the leaves the corn was shaded so;
I say, the leaves do shadow all the corn,
It was not ripe, ror fit for any barn,
Until the burning sun did there appear;
And now the mystery I will make more clear: .
The leaves that shaded it is men's wisdom so;
Do not thy writings tell thee how to go?
For now I tell thee 'tis the leaves of men
They sew together and do shade the corn.
Therefore no fig-leaves let them sew at all;
But cry we're guilty, we are guilty all ;
And let your fig-leaves all be thrown away;
And all shall burn to the most perfect day.
For unto harvest must the corn now come;
Because the tares I surely now shall burn;

But to the purpose I do bid thee come.
The field he dream'd of it is Westley's room-
The corn is green I'll make it to appear :
Because, I say, themselves they so do trust,
Thinking they are so wise, so good, and just-
And as they're cleansed, now they want no more :
But go the very way they went before :
And 'tis their righteousness they do commend ;
And on their wisdom they do all depend.
But here thou’rt puzzld, and thy pen's put down;
And by their prayers they do thy senses drown:
As in my merits thou sayest they do plead ;
And what thou'st written I well know is true.
And now I'll make it plainer to thy view :
To make it plainer and to make it clear,
They do not act according to their prayers;
For if they did, they would inquire to know,
Whether the things thou speak’st of, they are so.
Therefore, I say, the corn will still be green,
Until men's wisdom it is all cut down;
And in another field to ripen there.
Why art thou puzzled? I shall answer here:
The burning sun did ripen soon the corn,
And bring it fit to put into the barn ;
The burning sun it surely will appear-
But for the present thou hast ended here.
For what he dreamt he did not understand-
'Twas I permitted it to come to thy hand :
And they will better know another day,
When I shall shew the true and perfect way."

February 22d, 1803. I dreamt that I was on an amazing large Tree, with such large branches and trunk as never was seen. There was a great number of people on it, like a flock of birds. I thought I stood on one of the large brauches, and held by an UPPER BRANCH.. When I came to the end of the branch I stood on, I left my footing, and held fast by the UPPER one ; and that branch lengthened ont like the water from

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