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their boasted wisdom: as the Church allow their Psalms to be right; then now come to the Psalms :

“ God in the great assembly stands,

" Where his impartial eye
“ In state surveys the earthly gods,

" And doth their judgment try.”

But how could I try the judgments of men, if I came in heavenly language, superior to mankind, and in prophecy more plain than before; or, than ever I yet spoke to man, as a fool may understand them But, if men have wisdom to discern them, and understand what they read, thy prophecies go deep to the fulfilment of the Bible--the destruction of the heathen nations, that do not come to the standard of the Gospel--the call of the Jews the fulness of the Gentiles—and their tumult to arise—the wild olive that was planted in, not to be high minded, but fear, lest they are cut off, as the Jews were. Thy prophecies foretel in what manner my Kingdom will be brought in, if men are judges of what they read; and foretel who are the people that will stand, when I appear to be as a refiner of silver; and who are my jewels that I will make up in the day that I come to destroy my enemies, who would not that I should rule over them. But were my enemies ever yet destroyed ? Now, let it be known unto all men, the Lord of the vineyard must come to claim his vineyard. Oh, ye blind leaders of the blind! Is not the ditch before you all? What did I say should be done to the husbandmen who would not give up the vineyard to the Son, and reverence him? Where is your boasted wisdom, if ye know not the Lord of the vineyard must come and claim the vineyard ? Then every branch that abideth not in me the True Vine, must be cut off. But every branch that abideth in Me beareth fruit : but what fruit do ye bear that deny the fulfilment

of my Bible? Now, look to the self-confident Jews, and tremble for yourselves, ye self confident Gentiles. For, as by your mockery, ye are fulfilling one part of her prophecies ; so will my anger and indignation fulfil the other. And now let men weigh deeply the pages he mocked, and judge the sense of the words, and not look to the fineness of the language. For, now I shall answer from what they call the fine language of men

“Let Jews and Gentiles stop their mouths,

Without a murmuring word:
For the whole race of Adam stands

Guilty before the Lord." So if men will not bow to words spoken to thee in what they judge a contrary verse to man's, spoken in foolish language, as they judge it, let them bow to the language of men, whose hearts were prepared by ME, to give spiritual hymns, that I shall prove them in the end. For the preparation of the heart, and the answer given to thee by the tongue, are both from the Lord. Now, let men answer, why they mock Me by their prayers, psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs, saying-

" Almighty God, cut short his reign,

Let him in darkness dwell:
And that he ves the earth no more,

Confine him down to hell." And now I have told you, I am coming in might, majesty, and power, to cut short his reign, and contine him down to hell, rage and fury, malice and anger, are kindled in your breasts, saying, you want me as a Saviour to save you; but do not want me, as your Prophet, Priest, and King, to reign over you, and have the government to be on my shoulders, to reign and govern over all. But know, ( vain men, the government must be mine, to govern the earth I died to redeem--and he that will not submit to my government shall be trodden down as ashes under my feet. Therefore, the day is coming that shall burn as an oven, because I am despised and rejected of men. And now let all men judge for themselves. Is not my eye every where present, beholding the evil and the good Then do you judge your God another such as yourselves, calling good, evil; and evil, good ? Shall I call them good who mock my coming, despise my warning, reject my invitation, and doing despite to my Spirit, that I have sent to testify of my coming? And shall I call them evil, who are looking for, and hastening to, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? And their desire is to have Me to rule over them, and in them, that I the Lord may be all in all, and the power of Satan to fall from man. Judge for yourselves, ye wordly wise men, if you are not placing light for darkness, and darkness for light; bilter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. For the bitterness of Satan's reign, ye are calling sweet; because ye have loved the sweetness of your sins, that will end in the bitterness of your souls; and the sweetness of my Kingdom, that is life and liberty, joy and peace, when righteousness and truth shall meet together, love and peace shall kiss each other : this you have placed as bitter things. Then judge for yourselves, ye men of this world, if I should bring in my Kingdom to such men as ye, to have my deliglit with the sons of men, what delight can I have with you, who judge yourselves wiser than your laker, and are coming to direct my hand, placing my wisdom as foolishness before you ; but how could I prove men before I tried them ? And how could I try them without warning them of my coming, and prove who is for me, and who is against me? And he that is for E will rejoice it my coming; but they that are against sie will be full of the wrath of bell; for there will Satan work as an angel of light; as he did on the selfrighteous Jews-and so they will say, they are righteous to trust in my blood for their Salvation, but have no righteousness in them for my Justification, to say I am just to have the Kingdom I died to redeem with my own blood, to reconcile the world unto God, and destroy all the works of the devil. This appears wrong in your eyes, whom the God of this world hath blinded, that in seeing you cannot see, nor in hearing you cannot understand, that the day is coming which shall burn as an oven, and all that do wickedly shall be burnt up like stubble: and what greater sin can a man commit, than to oppose the Kingdom of his God?"

Fourth Edition, April 28, 1808.

LONDON. Panted by W.MARCHANT, Greville-Street; and sold by E. J. FIrld, No. 139,

near Bloomsbury Court, High Holborn; W. Tozer, Lambeth Road, St. George's Fields: also by W. Symonds, Gandy Lane; and the Miss EveLeigus, St. Sidwell's, Exeter; S. Hirst, Leeds; J. MIDDLETON, York; and JAMBS Light, Coventry Street, Stourbridge, Worcestershire.

(Price One Shilling and Three Pence.)

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