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List of Subscribers,

Introductory Essay,

i. to xcii.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, representative signification of,

227.- Accuser, 123.-Adultery, degrees of, 124, 128.-Age,
consummation of the, iii.-All that we have to be surrendered for
heaven, 389.-Alabaster, description and correspondence of, 469.-
Albumen, 114.-Aliment, natural, 190; process of conversion of blood
into, 191; spiritual, 194.-Alms, signification of, 143 ; alms, prayer,
and fasting, connection between, 146.—Alphæus, 2.-Amen, its sig-
nification, 154.—Ancients, who they were, 122.-Andrew, description
and martyrdom of, 254.-Anise, or dill, description of, 435.-Angels,
appear as men, 18; angels, guardian, 40; angel of the Lord, 42;
angelic ministrations, 74.-Animals, clean, lix.; destructive, 233;
correspondence of man with, 233.—Apostles, calling and description
of, 253 to 262 ; apostles and disciples, distinction between, 252; sent
forth two and two, 253.- Appetite, 101.-Ash, poplar, and peach,
correspondence, 210.-Ashes, correspondence of, 303.-Ass, significa-
tion of, xlvii., lxxxvi.-Ass mill-stone, signification of, 369.- Assimi-
lation, 190, 198.-Atmosphere, what it consists of, 113; great
treasure house of food, 116 ; its wonderful power, 117.

Babylon, history of, 12; representative signification of, 13.-

A symbol of the Romish Church, 13, 14.-Baptism of Jesus,
confirmatory of his Supreme Divinity, 64.–Baptism of John, 63.-
Baptist, John, life of, 292; representative signification of, 293 ;
greatest of prophets, 296.-Bartholomew (Nathaniel), description and
martyrdom of, 256.- Behemoth, Jewish traditions of the, 342.- Beauty
and goodness; distinction between, 210; beauty, how to obtain, 287.-
Beds, oriental, 240; correspondence of, 241.-Bethany, description
of, 469.-Bethsaida, anathema against; description of, 302.-
Bethlehem, description and representative signification of, 23, 24.-
Betrayal of the Lord, 470.—Birds, correspondence of, 275.-Blessings,
to whom they relate, 97.-Blind, healed by the Lord, who they repre-
sent, 247.—Blind, leaders of the blind, 344.-Blindness, frequency of,
in the East, 344.—Blood, its correspondence; circulation of, during
sleep, 35; issue of, healed, 245.--Blush, correspondence of, 371.-
Body, right and left sides of the, 129; substances converted into the,
115.-Bond of conjunctio not be loosened, 121.-Bones con-
tain much lime, 114.–Bottle in the smoke, explanation of, 244.-
Bottles, ancient, 243.-Boys in the markets, 302.-Book of the Church,


extract from, 17.-Books in Scripture, containing an internal sense,
121.-Bread alone, man cannot live by, 198; bread, stones cannot be
made into, 198.-Bread, shew, 311; unleavened, 470.-Brother, rep-
resentative signification of, 373; delivering brother to death, 277.-
Bruised reed, 313.-Builders, prudent and foolish, 214.
C Co

Camel, description of, 60; Bactrian, 61 ; Arabian, 62; corres-

pondence of, 62.—Caiapbas, 469.-Cain's offering rejected,
why, 462.-Canaan, situation of, 347.-Capernaum, ruins of, 90 ;
representative signification of, 303.-Carmel, mount, 90.–Caseine,
114.-Caruncle, lachrymal, its use, 163.—Cæsarea, Pbilippi, 353.-
Centurion, 224.—Charity and faith, must remain in union, 198; the
law of, 202; true, 202 ; hypocritical, 433.—Cherubim, representative
signification of, 403.-Cheek, correspondence of, 371.-Children, re-
presentative of innocence, 369; all go to heaven, 371.-Chimney of the
fire, 330.--Chorazin, 302.-Christ, the Son of God, 353 ; proofs of the
Deity of, 234, 241, 293, 294, 338, &c., &c.—Christian life, rule of,
201.-Christianity, a final revelation, i.; diffused by human instru-
mentality, ii.-Church, Jewish, judgment on the, 182.-Church, com-
motions in, and unsettledness of, vi.-Churches, Romish and Protes-
tant, contrast between, 449.-Church, the, how it should be nourished,
200.-Church, members should not be admitted into, without prepa-
ration, 200.—Church (the New), why slow in progress, 200.-City, of
Judah, 249; of the Samaritans, 249. Cities and villages, 249.-Cloth,
unwrought, 243.—Clouds, correspondence of, xlii.--Colors, 166.-
Combat, Christian, 138.-Commandments, what they contain, 119,
168; why written on two tables, 374; summary exposition of, 167 ;
how and by whom violated, 425.-Compassion, the divine, 249.-Con-
ception, miraculous, 18.–Consummation of the age, iii.-Conversion,
what it is, 368.-Corban, its signification, 343.-Correspondence, sci-
ence of, denied by some persons, xxx.; well known to the ancients,
xxxiv.; correspondence and metaphor, distinction between, xxxvii.;
correspondence defined, xxxiv., lxxxii.; proofs of the reality of, xxxi.;
rules for studying, xxxvi; correspondence illustrated, lxxxiii.; corres-
pondence between everything on earth, and everything in the spiritual
world, xxvii., xxxiv.; correspondence of beasts, birds, fish, lix.; of
clouds, xlii.; of garments, lxxxv.; of oil, lxxxiv.; of water, ibid; of
soft clothing, 296.-Councils, apostles delivered unto, 65.-Cross, on
taking up, 286.--Cross-way, explanation of, 420.-Cummin, 435.-
Cup and platter, signification of, 437.

in light, 279.-Darnell, 326.-David, how is the Lord the
Son of ? 427.-Dawson, Mr. George (A.M.), testimony in favor of
Swedenborg; his view of the “ Principia," “ Animal Kingdom,” bis
examination of the charge “visionary” against, sc. to xcii.-Dead,
spiritually, who they are, 233.-Death, its source, 231.—Degrees, con-
tinuous and discrete, xlix.; of life, lx.-Delta, the, 44.—Devil and
Satan, distinction between, 70.-Desert, Lybian, 44.- Dew, corres-
pondence of, Iv.-Digestion, 198.Diseases cured by the touch of
Jesus, 246.—Diseases, spiritual, the Lord the healer of, 293.—Disci-
ple, not above his master, 278.—Disciples, calling of the, 252 ; the
mediums of truth and goodness to the multitudes, 94, 278.-Dispeusa-
tions, Christian and Jewish, lxxxix.-Dispensation, New, xc.-Divine
sensual, the, 269.-Doing, every man recompensed according to his,
216.-Dog, description and correspondence of, 184.-Dove, bistory
and signification of, 65.-Dreams, 33, 41.-Duality, where there are
two, there occurs a third, lxxxv.-Dumb, who they signify, 248; see
mouth, as the organ of speech, 94.–Dust, its signification, 265.-
Dyspepsia, its correspondence, 199.

Ebal and Gerizzim, mountains of, 90.-Ear, description of,

297 ; correspondence of, 300; what ye hear in, 279.-Earth,
good seed that fell in, 324.-East and west, signification of, 226.-
Eat to live, 199.-Eating and drinking, correspondence of, 302.-
Egypt, brief physical history of, 43; the cradle of science, xxxv.;
exodus of Israel from, 45; representative signification of, 48; why
Josepb was commanded to flee into, 52.-Egyptians, the, divided into
castes, 46.-Elements, how converted into the human body, 115.-
Elisha, divine protection of, 76.-Elobim, its meaning, 20.-Enemies,
how to be treated, 138.-Enoch, extract from the book of, 260.-Essen-
tials of salvation, 216.—Evil, degrees of, in anger, raca, and fool, 122.
-Evil, hereditary, what it is, 387.-Evil, resist not, 137.-Evil, states
undergone by the, before descent into hell, 278.-Eunuch, correspon-
dence of, 380.-Eye, description and uses of the, 159.

Faith, the true, 364.– Faith and love, 347.-Fall of man, what

caused it, 269; illustrations of, 271.-Fasting, 73; in Eng-
lish and Romish churches, 154; spiritual signification of, 156. -
Father and God, explanation of the terms, 147; the Lord's promise
to sbew us plainly of, x.-Father, suffer me to bury, 233.-Father
delivering son to death, 286.-Father and mother, command to honor,
343.-Fear, spiritual and natural, 280.-Feet, washing the, 264.-
Fever, 230.-Fibrine, 114.-Fig-tree, the barren, 410.-Fire, chimney
of the, 330.--First to be last, 389.–Fish, correspondence of, 330.-
Flax, smoking, 313.-Food, spiritual, 73.-Footstool, the eårth, the
Lord's, 201.-Fox, 232 ; see Dog, 184 to 187.-Forty, signification
of the number, 72.-Fourteen, signification of the number, 5.-Frag-
ments, overplus of the, 336.-Frankincense, description and corres-
pondence of, 29.-Fruits, man known by, 208.

Galilee, description and representative signification of, 82, 84;

sea of, 83.-Garments, correspondence of, lxxxv. ; garments
worn by the Israelites, 263; garments denote truths, 296.-Gate,
straight and wide, 203.—Genealogy of the Lord, 3; analogy between
and Jacob's ladder, 7 to 11.-Giants, 15, note.-Girdle, description of,
263; gold, silver, and brass, not to be provided for, 263.-Gluttony,
spiritual, 199.-Goat and camel, contrast between, 436.—God, spirit
of, 68.-Goat, description and correspondence of, 461.–Gold, descrip-
tion of, 28 ; gold, frankincense, and myrrh, correspondence of, 31, 32;
gold, its correspondence with the external sphere of the Lord, 32.-
Good earth, seed that fell into, 324.-Goodness and beauty, distinction
between, 210.-Grass, clothing of, 176.—Green, correspondence of, 176.


description, 281; of the head, numbered, 284.—Hand, power of
the right and left, 129.-Head, correspondence of the, 283.-Hard-
ness of heart in the Jews, commandments accommodated to, 379.-
guished, xiv.-Infants, representative signification of, 304, 371.
-Innocence, true, 379.—Insanity, its peculiarities, 229.- Instrumen-
tality, human, the Lord always works by, xix.-Instruction according
to states, 382.- Intoxication, spiritual, 199.-Ishmael, his mockery of
Sarah and her son, 49.—Israel, great sin of, 48.—Invisible world,
possibility of beholding, xiii.
J ,

Healing the sick, 334.-Hear, he that hath ears, 279.—Heart, pure in,
103.—Heart, its correspondence, 197.-Heart and lungs, the foun-
tains of general motion, 199.-Heaven, like good seed, 325 ; like lea-
ven, 327 ; like hid treasure, 328; like a merchantman, 329; like a
net, 330; like a grain of mustard seed, 327 ; like a householder, 392;
like a man, a king, 420; where it is, 99; mind forms its own, 131;
exists before the Lord as a man, 201; is unity, and how, 201; how
formed in man, 213; approaches as hell recedes, 286; kingdom of,
at hand, 328.--Hereditary evil, not sin, 271.—Hermon, mount, des-
cription of, 89.-Herodian family, description of, 25.—Herodias, 334.-
Holy Ghost, sin against the, 314.-Holy Supper, institution of, 472.-
Horn, its signification, 120.-Horse, correspondence of, xlv.-Ho-
sannas of children, 408.-House, the, founded on a rock, 213; salu-
tation to, 264; void, 317.-Houses, Word to be preached on, 279.-
Hydrogen, its derivation, 114.—Hypocrite, reward of the, 228; when a
man becomes, 205 ; description of, 206; who like, 207.

I . -

- James the less, description and martyrdom of, 258; Jericho,
description and correspondence of, 398.-Jeremiah being named by
Matthew instead of Zechariah, a proof of his inspiration, 484.-Jeru-
salem, description of, 394; view of the circumstances preceding its
destruction, 442.-Jesus, deity of, confirmed by John, 65 ; attested by
Demons, 235; the bridegroom, 243; compassion of, 305 ; confession
of, 284 ; denial of, 285 ; divinity of, 305; the one true God, 328.-
Jesus, omnipotence of, in stilling the tempest, 234; in forgiving sins,
241; Omuiscience of, 241 ; worship offered to, 246; touch of, gives
life and health, 245.-Jews, costume of, 263; religious ideas of, vi.,
note.-Jewish dispensation, the, a limited one, lxxxix.—Jod, one tittle,
120.-- John the Baptist, representative signification of, 293 ; sketch of
the life of, 292; greatest of prophets, 296; baptism of, 410.-Jonah,
notice of, 316.-Judas the Iscariot, 261.-Jude's testimony to the
divinity of the Lord, 259.-Judea, wilderness of, 56.-Judgment, ac-
cording to works, 458; hasty, warning against, 180; last, ii.; and
justice, distinction between, 435.-Juice, gastric, its correspondence,
196.-Just one, receiving a, 288.—Justice to fulfil all, 63.

Kingdom, children of the, cast out, 228.

Lachrymal caruncle, its use, 163; gland, the fountain of tears,

162.–Lamentation, weeping, and mourning, 54.–Lamp of
the body, 158.–Lamp, its signification, 455.-Last to be first, 389,-
Laws, divine, God cannot act contrary to, 198.—Left hand, not to
know what the right doeth, 144.—Leaven, parable of the, 327.-Leba-
non, mountains of, 89.—Lebbeus or Thaddeus, the apostle Jude, 258.
Leprosy, disease of, 222.—Life, losing and finding, 287; rule of, 201 ;

spiritual, 167; voluntary and involuntary, 199.-Light, correspondence
of, liv., 112; gives to vegetables their power of growth, 116; how it
reaches the eye, 160; regulated by the iris, 161; black bodies absorb,
161; the garment with which the Lord clothes himself, 112; measure of,
in the latter day, i., ii., xviii.; raiment of the Lord, white as, 362; trans-
mitted better than reflected, 166 ; Word to be proclaimed in, 279.-
Lily, description of, 175.-Lips, correspondence of, 196.-Little ones,
not to be despised, 370.-Locke, John, his piety, lxi.--Lord, all invited
to come unto, 305; confession of the, 284; change in the, but an
appearance, lii.; denial of the, 285; mother and brethren of the, who
they are, 318; name of the, not to be profaned, 134; the, came eating
and drinking, 302; revealed as Immanuel, 19; speech of the, 97; why
he assumed the humanity, 270.—Lords, no man can serve two, 166.

- Love of the Lord, the delight of heaven, 107.-Loosen, its spiritual
application, 121.-Lucifer, 16.-Lungs, their correspondence, 197.


constitution of, lix.; fall of, 207, 414; an inhabitant of two
worlds, li.; map of the mind of, lxiv; mind of, lxiii; three degrees of
life in, lix.-Markets, Jewish, 301.-Marvelling and glorifying, dis-
tinction between, 242.-Marriage, heavenly, 70, 242; institution and
view of, 124; of the King's son, 419.—Master, disciple to be as,
278.-Mastication, 195; correspondence of, 196.—Matthew, de-
scription of, 2; oall to the apostleship, 242; martyrdom of, 257.-
Medicines, external trials, operate as, 198.-Melancboly, its origin,
103.-Mercy, the Lord wills, 223.-Merciful, blessedness of, 102.-
Meek, blessedness of, 100.—Millennium, xi.--Mind, principles of the,
originally good, 269.-Mint, description of, 434.–Miracle, of healing
the sick; of the loaves and fishes, 335; of the Lord walking on the
sea, 336.-Miracles, not to be expected in the latter day; not the test
of truth, xii.-Mount of Beatitudes, 91; summary of the sermon on
the, 216.–Mount of Olives, 403.-Mountains in Palestine; Carmel,
Ebal, Gerizzim, Hermon, Lebanon, Tabor, 89.–Mountain, supposed
symbolic meaning of, 92; spiritual meaning of, xxxix., 93.—Moon,
correspondence of, xliv., liv.--Mote and beam, signification of, 183.-
Mother and daughter, variance between, 286.-Mourn, to, its blessed-

100,-Mourning, lamentation, and weeping, 54.–Mouth, as the
organ of speech, 94; its spiritual signification, 96, 194.-Multitudes,
many, meaning of the phrase, 222.-Music, its correspondence, 473.
-Mustard seed, parable of the grain of, 327.--Myrrh, description and
correspondence of, 29.

Names assumed by the Divine Being, 363; signify divine

N all

Nature, three kingdoms in, xlviii., 1.--Nazareth, description of, 405.-
Nazarite, signification of; why the Lord was so called, 283; vow of,
406.-Neighbour and enemy, 138.–Nerves of motion and sensation,
224.-Newton, his humility, lxi.-Night and morning, explanation of
the terms, 408, 475, 481.-Nile, valley of the, 43.-Nineveh, descrip-
tion and representative signification of, 317.-Nitrogen, its derivation,
113.—No man hath hired us, illustration of the passage, 394.-North
and south, their signification, 227.-Nourishment, spiritual, 98.-
Numbers, spiritual signification of, 373.

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