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The Deists Complaint against Christianity for mt recommending .^particular 'Friendship, inconsistent with ibtir own Principle of Benevolenie \" 67 Reference lo the End stx'd by the IVdl of God, is -ibt Standard to the Agent both of the Reasonableness, d\md Morality of bis Actions •».' - 70 And the Criterion of the fnoral Taste, Fimess, Relation, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Obligation, •'v-Approbatiaira.ftvi' J-4 The Will of God rightly understood in fixing the End of the Action, and likewise the Me-ans to that End, .'is the trueOriginof Morality and Obligation 77 Regard to private Good and our Concern in future . Rewards and Punishments gives God his Authority over us, in his Laws, .".! JLl

Glory of God and our Happiness coincident 91 That we are obliged to love God; and Virtue, for their own Sake, a dangerous Poftion, if not understood in a qualified Sense. What is the true Meaning '.'. •' 92 The Deists Method tf rewarding Virtue supplants God, and sets up Fate ». - .**'.•....•- *m *i ST j6 The Deists Ridicule recoils upon themselves 100 A true Character of Characteristicks 103, 108 Modern Deist compounded of the Epicurean, and Stoick . v -107 The Love of Virtue for its own Sake, in the Deistical Sense is Enthusiasm '« 109 Deism founded in the Ignorance of the Nature of God, and Man 113 No Difference, as to a future Slate, betzveeh the Deist and the Atheist i 16 The Deists Notion equally destructive of natural Re< v ligion as the other ibid. &c. 122. ib. &c. . The Counter-Balance of worldly Passions 36, 128 . , - »•»'

:. A 2 CHAP.


Of Helps and Inst;rpmbnts.

pblick Worship- founded inn.Uural Religion, as
me are sociable Creatures i . .--: B.iqm>'( .' 130
>anger'-of-fprJ»king the Assembling ourselves to-

Reason why general Rules oniylaid down- in 'Scripture for publick Worship W&>k$&» 134 The' best Reply-to the Deists Contempt of 4l.e Clergy r? .' 1 138, &c.

.$ea£ity os publick Preachers proved from Charac- terilticks Scheme of destroying tlem 141

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Deifm, produce each other in (be Nature of Things

3{i*\Hi-,0 212

The latent Danger io the Protestant Religimr, and

present happy Establishment detected'' 216

Sollfidians-V ci V/V..,-.;wj 10. r;«v«20

$.S Deists; their Wickedness and Follyshewn at large
'Wafer the Obligations of Faith, as a moral Vir-
r,ituc -. Which is proved against theft ^ !«V : -.'£1

9tfc»- Objections answer'd-KY -v— > V. V.iv *. jgjd.

.¥arth in God as a Rewafder, tbefirjf Principle and

? {-Æafis of natural Refigion. . ThfDeijls- in rejecting

•y t/, effectually subvert all natural-Religion 232

'Sttt-also the greatest Part nf^tht taft^btopttr

The present Bishop 'of SalistAry'* affirming the Gor

pel the Republication of the Law of Nature,

irue in a quite different Sense than the Author•' of

Christianity as old asserts it in *' ;233

Deists bad Subjects to the present Government 237

The Deists grand Objection to the Christian Faith
solved lo their own Conscience, and proved to be

.blthe Subversion of natural Religion ;". 239

The true Causes of Deism displayed, ItsWandv 40, &c.

The Coirupters of the Faith-, intreatedto consider

}\ihe Immorality they areguiUy'of•. • '?,"2c6

The true Design of that Corruption shewn ibid.

The Use and- Necessity of Faith''-proved against-the

Sociiuantf • \.. ^ .... n .«v'.\..-a^^

An Address to the Scepticks, or: Doubters'of the
Faith, to consider the Immorality and Folly they

. are guilty as '' ':."-•""'; '264-

Their Objections answer'd, by proving that the Evi-

dence of our Faith is built uponmoral Certainty:

And that That Certainty does not in the least dimi-

nish by Progress of Time 270, 278

When the Son of Man cometb,shall he find on Earth,
explain'd - ty-, .v \ -2#i
The Neglecters of the Faith intreated to consider

thein Immorality 283

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