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WE* regret the necessity we are under of noticing, before w« close the present Number, the conduct of the Rev. John Scott, in reference to our review of his Essay on Baptism. Neither the ministerial character he sustains, nor the justly venerated name he inherits, ought to shield him from the reprobation which is dtie to an act of deliberate baseness. As a pretext i'or not noticing the Article in the Eclectic, which related to his Tract on Baptism, this gentleman has recourse to another Article in fhe same Number, by a different writer, and on a subject wholly unconnected, in order to attesnpt to give a political com; lexion to our conduct in the discussion of a theological question, With this view, he selects an extract in which the Reviewer points out the national expenditure as the simple cause of this present exhaustion, affirming that, * the miracle is, that the * productive powers of the country have so long kepi pace with 4 the destructive powers of Government.' The words productive and destructive are here evidently antithetical; but it suits Mr. Scott's purpose, to endeavour to conceal this by printing the latter only of these words in capitals, as also the word Government, whenever it is used by the Reviewer, in order to affix to them, if possible, a meaning which in the Article they do not bear. The only use of printing them in capitals,, is obviously tp produce an effect, thnt, without this expedient, they would not have. The passage however, Jhus disconnected and misrepresented, contains nothing that is false in assertion or injurious in tendency; but Mr. Scoit follows it/up wilh declaring his resolution to have 'no communication with peisons who seemed 4 equally wi II prepared to preach rebellion against " the Go44 verninent," and virulent animosity against the Established 4 Church .

We have received a Letter from the Author of the Article in question, in which he justly remarks, that 'To object to the 4 phrase " destructive powers of government," is at once, and 4 without subterfuge, to preach the old and detestable doctrine 4 of passive obedience and non-resistance; that so long as 4 governments are imperfect, so long will they have the power 4 of committing abuses; that surely the power of committing 4 abuses is a destructive power; and if we must not speak of 4 such a power under its true name, and express our desire that 4 it should be taken away, we are in the foul embraces, assuredly, 4 of passive obedience and non-resistance.'

* See page 229 of the Present Number.

'The very principles of the British Constitution infer the 'right which every man possesses, to point out wherein the

* practice of Government departs from the proper path, and 'to call upon his countrymen to join with him in petitioning for 'amendment. Persons, therefore, who, like this John Scott,

* try to calumniate the exercise of this right, do nothing more 'than betray the constitution, and what depends upon them 'to deprive it of those principles of liberty in which all its

* excellence consists.'

The writer authorises us moreover to affirm, that he is not a Dissenter. He belongs tethe Established Church of Scotland.

Mr Scott's letter is, in other respects, highly discreditable to his understanding and to his temper. But the charge wiiich he has the temerity to insinuate against us of sedition, is either so weak or so wicked, that we can only regret it should have proceeded from a man who has the least pretensions to truth and honesty. Its ready insertion in the Christian Observer, will serve to illustrate the principles and the spirit with which that work is in future to be conducted.

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*#* We are much obliged to an intelligent Correspondent for his remarks relative to the Aiticle on Clarke's Travels in a former Number. His letter has been forwarded to the Reviewer.

"The Nonconformist Directory," was reviewed in the Number for March 1814. The « Village Pastor,' will obtain further information of our Publisher.


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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its plan.

The B- anticsof England and Wales, which have been for so many years in a course of publication, are now brought to a conclusion. The work consists of 45 Parts or Volumes, and contains upward*, o 700 Engravings. Subscribers are earnestly recommended to lose no time in completing their sets.

In the press, and nearly ready for publication, The History of Ceylon, from the earliest period to the year 1815; with characteristic details of the religion, laws and manners of the People j topographical notices; and a collection of their ancient proverbs. By Robert F. Howes, A.M. of St. Mary's Hall, Oxon.

The Rev. Thomas Rees will shortly publish a Translation of the Racovian Catechism: to which will be prefixed, a Hist, ry of the Un tarian Churches of Poland.

Preparing for the Press: a Secies of Letters addressed by a Dtssen'ing Minister to a Friend, containing a Memoir of his own Li'e, ou the principles suggested bv Mr. Foster, in h.s Essay on a Man's writing Memoirs of Himself.

In the Pnss: The Search another Poems. By James Edmeston, Jun.

Spi'.dilv w.ll be published; A Diary of a Jouney into North Wales. By the late S- tree 1 Johnson. LI. D. Printed ,from the original M.S. in his own hand writing: together with a foe iitnile of a part «• ihe MS. Edited by R. Duppa, IX. B.

In the mon h of October will appear, anew and enlarged edition of the Rev. Sir Adam (inr :on's Sermons on the Homilies, in 2 Vols 8vti.

In a few days will be published in 8vo. a limited impression of I.owman's Ra« tior.a'e of the Hebrew Ritual. This much esteemed Work his for some time past become so scan e, as to sell for seven times its orig nal price.

Mr. Charles Bell will soon publish, in octavo, Surgical Observations on Cases in Cancer.

Abraham Lockett, Esq. captain in the East India Company's service, is preparing foi publication, Travels from Calcutta to Babylon; including Strictures on the History of that ancient Metropolis, and Observations made among its Ruins; illustrated by engravings.

The Rev. Thomas Maurice, author of Indian Antiquities, has in the press, in quarto, Observations on the Ruins of Babylon, as recently visited and described by Claudius James Rich, Esq. resident for the East India Company at Bagdad,

Mr. J. Wardrop will soon publish. Essays on the Morbid Anatomy of the Human Eye, Vol. II. illustrated by coloured engravings.

The Edinburgh Annual Register for 1814 will soon appear, in one thick volume.

Mr. J. W. Lake is preparing a volume of Poems for publication.

Mr Ellerby, ot York, has issued proposals for publishing by subscription, ■ in I Vol 8vo. President Edwards's Treatise on Religious Afftctons, somewhat abridged, by an attempt to render the style more concise and perspicuous.

The New E'lition of Neuman's Spanish and English Dictionary is in considerable forwardness, but the extent and variety of the Additions are such as to occupy much time and care. It will contain above 20,000 new articles, and several thousand modern words, many of which are not to be found in any English or Spanish Dict'onary hitherto published. In this Edition the names of articles in commerce, the terms used in manufactories, and the most popular terms in science, have been introduced, it is believed for the first time, in a Dictionary of two languiges. It has also been attempted to make the work something more than a mere book of words. Mr. Bowcu has added a great number of words used in conversation and in periodica) pablications, not inserted in any of our Dictionfcries, ,and hal; indicated the Spanish <>iig II of seveial English words which l;avt either eluded the sagaeily of etyotologists or been erroneously at. tribtitiil to the French. Sinhor Peres 1iKs subjoined many useful terms familiar in Spanish ca.

A Nm Poini, (-milled Emigration; or,'E >;iH11■ * -mi Paris, will be published lil a ti w days.



A Memoirof Major General Sir R. K. Gillespie. Knight, Commander of the most honourable Order of the Bath, &c. 8*o. 10s.6.1. bds.


The Botanist's Companion; or, an Introduction to tin Knowledge of Practical Botany, an i the Uses of Plants, eitht r giowng viilii ii, Gieal Britain, or culm and f r the Purpose* of Agriciiltuie, Mid.e ue. Rural Economy, or the Arts; Hi n nm Plan. By William Salisbury, g Vol. I2iii". lite. bds.

Ill Fioi B'.'s Manual ; or, Hints for the Cons ruit.oii of a Gay Flower Garden: w Hi * ibsenatimis on the best Method o! pr v< tiling the Depredations of Inwcis. Jic. by the. Anlliuies's of Botanical Dm ngues, and Sketches: of the Physiowgy ot Vegetable Life. 12mo. is. 6(1. hds.


The Architecture, Antiquities, and Landscape Seeuciy of Hindoostaii. By Thoma- and William Dai i II. R,dueeo from their fofo etbt.on of the same work. 3 vols, imperial 4to, containing 150 pr.ins. -181. 18s'.

■Pari VJl, containing 28 Views in Cumberland, ot Biitannia. Uepicta; being a Si i es ol Vu»s of ttie most interesting and pie-iuiesqite Objects in the seveial Countiesof Great Britain; engra^e<l lioin Drawings by J. Farington, Esq. R. A. designed to accompany Lysons's* i.iilanma. 31. 15s. proof luipie si' lis, 61 6s.

^*# Tin io'lowin.' Counties are already publtslied, and may be had—Bedford ,11. Is.—Birks,II. Is.—Bucks,II.Is. —Cambridge, 11. Is. Cheshire, II. lis. —Corttvall, 31. 15s.

Mr. Pope will shortly publish a new Edition of his Abridgement of the Laws of the Customs and Excise, brought down to the present lime.

A new Edition of Mr. Harmer's Observations on various Passages of Scripture, with many mpoitaut Additions and Corrections, by Adam Ciarke, LL.D. F.S.A. will be pimligrM-d in a few days, elegantly printed, in 4 vols. 8vo.

A Graphical Illustration of Canterbury Cathedral, in 20 highly finished Pla;es, accompanied by a History and Description of that venerable Fabric., By VVilbam Woolnoth, royal 4to. 31. 3*. and imperial 4.0. 51. 5s.


The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham. Vol. I. By tiobert Surtees, of Mainslorth, Esq. F.S.A. folio, with 20 Plates, 61. «s. bds. large paper 101. 10s.

The History and Antiquities of^the County of Hertford. By Robert Clutr ttrbuck, ol Wailord, Esq. E.S.A, folio, with twenty Plates, 81. 8s. bds. and on large paper 151. 15s.

A History of Hartlepool. By Sir Cuilibert Sharp, Kt. F.S.A. 8vo. with numtrous Embellishments, II. Is.

The History of Crowland Abbey: digested from the Materials-collected bf Mr. GoU£h, &c. By Benjamin Hofdich. 8vo. with t«o Plates, 9s.


A Full and Complete Abstract of all the Public Acts, of Parliament, passed in the last Session of Parliament 56 Geo. 111. with Motes and Comment*, and aso a copious Index. By Thomas Walter Williams, of the Inner Temple, Esq. Editor of the Quarto Digest of the Statutes, &c. &c.


An Essay on the Principles of Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations. Containing an introductory Section on the Motion of Water in Rivers, with practical Deductions relative to the Application, Construction, and Security of the different Nature of Bridges; and some Observations on Fords, The Work contains Plans and

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Descriptions of the Duke of Wellington's celebrated Rope Br dges across the Tagus and the Adiuir. By Cul. Sir H. Douglas, Bart. I'.R.S. 8vo. lis. bds. Illustrated by 13 Plates.


An Intro diction to Comparative Anatomy and Physiology; being the Two Introductory Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons, 011 the 21st and 25th of March. 181G. By William Lawrence, F. RS Professor of Anatomy and Surgery to the College, &c. 8vo. 6 s. bds.

A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of • Gout; comprehending a General View of a Morbid St ite of the Digestive Organs; and ol Regimen: with some Observations on Rheumatism. By Charles Scudarnore, M.D. Member of the Royal College of Physicians. 8»o. 12s. bds.

Summary Elements of Physiology; translated from the French of F. Mi[ gendie, M.D. bv a Member of the Me

dico»chirursrical Society.


Observations of a Russian, during a Residence in England often Months; of its La<vs, Maimers, Customs, Viri tues, Vices, Pol ley, Legislation, &c.

Translated from the original Manuscript of Oloff Napea, Ex-officer of Cavalry. 8vo. 8s. bds.

Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining ; alphabetically air-inged, I and interspersed with a variety of useful

Observations. By the late Rev. Charles Buck. Volume the third and last, l'Jmo. 5s, bds.

Anecdotes, Medical, Chemical, and Chirurgical; collected, arranged, and transmuted. By an Adept. 2 Vols. 10s.

The Auctioneer's Pocket Companion, and Complete Ready Reckoner; comprising Tables for readily ascertaining the Amount of Duty on any Sum of Money at 7d. and Is. in the Pound. By Thomas Luvell, Huntingdon. 2s. 6d. half-bound.

The Royal Military Calendar; containing the Services of the Generals, Colonels, and Lieutenant Colonels, from their entrance into the Army, &c. In 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 13s. 6d. bds.

Genlis' Manuel du Voyageur; or, 'Dialogues on Travelling, in English, French, and Italian: new Edition, improved by P, A. Cjgnani, 6s. 6d. neatly half-bound.

Ditto, in six Languages, viz. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, aud Portuguese;; new Edition, improved by P. A. Cignani, °s. fid. half-bound.


Conversations on Poli'ical Economy; in whieh the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained. By the Author of Conversations on Chemisiry. 12mo. 9s. bds.

The Emigrant's Guide; or, a Picture of America, exhibiting a V ew of the Uuited States, divested of democratic colouring, taken from the original, now in the Possession of James Madison and his Twenty One Governments. Also a Sketch of the British Provinces, delineating the r native beauties, and superior attractions. By an Old Scene Painter.

A View of the Present Condition of the States of Barbary; or an Account of the Climate, Soil, Produce, Population, Manufactures, and Naval and Military Srengtli of Morocco, Fez, Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis; also, a description of their mode of Warfare: interspersed with Anecdote-' of their cruel Treatment of Christian Captives, By W. Jaiismi. Illustrated hy a new and correct Hydro-Geographical Map, drawn by J. J. Asshelon. 5s. bds.


The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem as connected with the Scripture Prophecies, By the Rev. George Wilkins, A.M. Vicarof Lowdham an I Lexington, Notts, royal 8vo 11.

Unitarianism incapable of Vindication: A Reply to the Rev James Yates's Vindication of Unitarian sui. Bv Ralph Wardlaw, Author of the D seourses on the Socinian Controversy, which occasioned the Vindication. 8vo 10s. 6d. Ms.

The Fourth Part of Dr. Marsh's Theoiogical Lectures relating to ihe Interpretation of Prophecy. Pr ce 2s. 61.

Considerations on the Do -trine of Regeneration: in the Sense in which that Term is used in the Church ot England, in her putil.c Fnnuu! 'lies; respectfully addressed to the C ei-j.y. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, A cle'eacon of Sarum. Price 2s. 6d.

The Duties and Dangers of the Christian Ministry considered: A Sermon preached in Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh, on Monday, June 24, 1816, at an Ordination held by the Rt. Rev. Da

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